Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Response to Futility

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady on Facebook, who was having a hard time reconciling the meaning of her life when faced with the inevitable outcome of death.  She feared that if her loved ones were to pass away before her, then wouldn’t the bonds of those relationships lose their meaning?  That is, why do we care so much for others when inevitably our relationships would be ruined by the spectre of death?  It admittedly made her very anxious and concerned that life – in the grand scheme – didn’t have much meaning when it would eventually come to that inevitable end. 

I can understand her dilemma.  In a universe that we’re being told all happened by “chance” or “accident” and that when it’s all over we just rot in the ground, then life does take on a sense of futility.  What’s the point of such love when it all will vanish and disappear and was only by “luck” in the first place?  Or – perhaps even more torturous – our loved ones die, move on to another dimension, and yet we are here left alone?   What does all this mean and why do we do it?

Having been working with the spirit world for over fifteen years (and with spirit events stretching as far back as my early childhood), the best I can do is assert that, first, we do not die and therefore there isn’t an “end”; and two, we can still communicate with our loved ones after they have passed.  Of course, the next natural question is “how?”

The way I explained it to my friend was that our loved ones in spirit are really only a thought away (you might have heard John Holland use this phrase).   Granted, to me that sounds like a somewhat “pat answer,” but it is literally the spiritual truth.  When you can make yourself available to your loved ones in spirit as a vessel of love, they will return the favor – through thoughts, dreams, and occasional “calling cards” of physical events in your everyday life which demonstrates they are still bonded with you and care about you.  We’ve all heard stories about the coins which mysteriously show up after a loved one has passed.  Or – a story I heard more recently (and the photo to prove it) – of a butterfly that landed on the memorial program then alighted to the mother’s hand during the memorial service … with butterflies being the deceased’s favorite token for collectibles ... Spirit will find a way to make themselves known, so long as we are open to them.

But it is natural to fret over our time apart.  My grandmother did this with the loss of my grandfather.  To me, it is normal to feel this type of grief as the years grow longer in the empty space left from our loss.   However, as I explained to my friend, do not worry about the time of “physically being apart” for that is only the result of our vibration in the physical world, and Time is only relative.  That is, the energy of our beings only allows for certain wavelengths of energetic frequencies to be filtered by the physical body’s senses.  Our loved ones in spirit vibrate a bit too fast for our physical senses to typically register them, but they are still there, and with practice, you can alter your mental awareness to become somewhat “in tune” with them, for the mind is not bound by the confines of the body, time or space.  This is what mediums do in order to make that link to the spirit world for their clients.  Granted, the context of the relationship has been altered due to the “veil” created by the dissonance in frequencies that the body is somewhat stunted in fully receiving from the domain of Spirit, but that does not mean the relationship itself is severed and that our loved ones have disappeared from our lives, nor that the relationship was meaningless.  That hasn’t happened at all.  To declare the relationship “dead” “over” and “meaningless” would negate not only every emotion and action taken with our loved ones while they were alive, but also theirs towards us.  The truth is, they have not left us – so we should not leave them.       

Of course, this does lead to some of the deepest questions we ask about life:  Why are we here?  Why do we go through this journey (if our relationships and loves are to be separated from us by death)?

These are questions I have pondered for years.  Fortunately, again my work with spirits – both in sittings and ghost research – has helped pull out some possible answers.  What I have learned from the spirits is that why we need to be here (as well as transition to the Other Side) is because each place offers opportunities for expression and growth of the Self and the God-force within us.  Spirits have told us that the purpose of life is to experience the magnitude of our probabilities – to unfold the nature of our unique, individual spirits.  Each dimension of existence offers a multitude of avenues in doing this, to unfold and realize our innate sense of “value fulfillment” (a term coined by “Seth” through Jane Roberts, early 1980's).  “Value Fulfillment”, upon closer inspection, makes a lot of sense to me in regards to the evolution of our spiritual lives.  It offers life meaning.  That life has purpose and meaning is made manifest by the complexity of a single cell and its cooperation with all other cells to ignite gestalt mechanisms for the expression of a soul’s intentions.  That is, the complexity of cellular structure to create tissue, bones, organs, intake and excrete waste (both at the micro and macro levels), transmit data between cells and organs, heal, and move us simply by the expression of our spirit’s willpower – without our real conscious left-brain understanding of it – demonstrates that we are multidimensional, filled with the power and vitality of divinity and purpose; able to create equally with love, compassion, and joy as we do with hate, jealousy, and destruction.

So many people think that their purpose must be “one thing” and one thing only, such as “I am supposed to be a mother; or a nurse; or a lawyer.”  Those are just occupations.  Your purpose is to express your divinity.  What you choose, in order to do that, is boundless, and you are not at all confined to one single avenue or occupation.  Consciousness (spirit) is unlimited, and so are your options; you need only choose which one you wish to experience and begin moving your intentions, emotions, and beliefs into its actualization. 

Let us never forget that we were first born of Spirit, and then came into flesh (so you can leave behind all that nonsense of being born “sinful” or “less than perfect,” as you are a spark of the Great Spirit, and it all depends on what you choose to focus on for your divine expression).  It is by our very design that we are eternal, everlasting, and ultimately loving – even beyond Space and Time.

So live in the beauty of your Light.  Your Spirit.  Have a Spirited day!