Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ever Spacious Present (And The Nature of Seeing into the Future)

(Starting next week, my blog will be a transcript of my interview with Carol Geiler and the INSIGHT group from last Tuesday, May 25, about my experiences of being a psychic medium. The transcript will be broken up into 3 or 4 blogs, depending on length. I invite everyone's comments and questions regarding my answers. Hey, you might have more questions yourself! Thanks, everyone!)

Now - onto this week's subject ... It's kinda deep.

On April 15, 1912, over 1500 people lost their lives in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic as the RMS Titanic plunged into the sea. What most people don’t realize is that there were at least 19 predictions the ship would sink, arguably going all the way back to 1898, when the author Morgan Robertson wrote about a fictional ship in his book “Futility,” calling his vessel Titan. His description eerily matched the Titanic’s dimensions, crew capacity, its moniker “unsinkable” and, oh, yeah, hitting an iceberg and falling to the ocean floor.

On a much lighter note, every so often I am asked to deliver packages to City Hall. The City Hall building has ten floors, accessible by a bay of three elevators in the lobby. For the last few months, as a game, when dropping these packages to upper floor departments, I have been seeing if I can predict which elevator door will open first. Surprisingly, my success rate has been in the 90% range. I do this not only on the ground floor lobby, but also on the upper floors where I deliver the packages. Say I have packages to deliver on the 5th floor, 9th floor, and 10th floor. Right there, that’s nine different possibilities for which elevator door would open (three elevator doors, multiplied by three floors). Then I have one last chance on the way down, returning to the lobby from the final floor, so add an additional 3. During my last two excursions to City Hall, I have only missed once out of the 9 to 12 different possibilities available to me. Most recently, I knew from my approach on the street which elevator would open for me in the lobby before I walked in. It was a distinct, impressionable, and undeniable image showing me which door was going to whoosh open.

How is all this possible? How could this happen?

Welcome to the Ever Spacious Present.

It has been my experience (and there have been some scientific experiments in consciousness research) that suggest Time as we know it is not something linear at all, but happening all at once. This means we have access to not only the future, but also the past – which raises some startling implications. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that we will be able to physically travel through Time in any sort of mechanized machine any time soon). I realize this concept may be hard to fathom, but imagine, if you will, floating out in space staring down on planet earth. Then realize, there are 40 different time zones occurring all at once. For instance, if it’s 1 p.m. on the west coast, it is also 4 p.m. on the east coast, and it may also be 3 a.m. in China – yet these same times are occurring simultaneously from the viewpoint of space. It’s a simplified example, but one that I think people can grasp, showing the simultaneous nature of Time.

Accessing this field of the Eternal Now has always been wrought with mystery. However, we must admit, that if people can have premonitions, predictions, and the ability to see ahead (either by seconds, hours, days, or months), then this gives us a glimpse into the magic of one’s eternal nature – one of the inherent qualities within the Soul. It is not something to be feared or considered paranormal, just not a facet we give much focus to, but is a natural ability couched within our psychic (mental) framework nonetheless.

This lack of concentration, or rather because of the concentration in the Now and current experience, is why we don’t spend much time being “spread out” through our individual histories.

We are all engaged in acts of experience, and the fullness of experience could never be completely appreciated without being fully immersed within the dynamics of the conditions and situations being examined by egoic consciousness. It is a function of the ego to break experience down into distinct and minute thoughts and feelings that can be assimilated within the spiritual body of individual life in order to grow, express, and learn. In other words, the ego is a wonderful lens that we use to focus our experience, and when we focus, we begin to take the available field of energy and circumstances and fine-tune them to a here-and-now perspective. This is what keeps us from continually being bombarded by having 24-hour knowledge of every future experience and also from being caught within a whirlpool of re-conditioning the past.

Now, this concept of simultaneous Time may leave one wondering: Is there free will?

Absolutely. This is the wonderful facet of existing within a quantum universe. Quantum mechanics has revealed that particles (which we are all made of) exist in all possible states until an observation is made. When that observation occurs, a domino effect results, collapsing into the experience of reality. Existing within a moment-by-moment experience allows the observer to effectively alter the course of the next moment by the sheer fact that he can “slow” and “stop” the perception of simultaneous Time and interject a new “course.” This is one of those traits that make you such a magnificent creator of your existence! Once that new thought, that new emotion, that new sense of observation is made, its components “rearrange” the energetic components of reality, which then result in a different “view” of a simultaneous future, as well as a simultaneous past, but I won’t get into that in this post. (I will just mention that scientific experiments have shown that once an observation has been made in the present moment, it really cannot be changed by a different thought from a future moment, because by that time, conscious observation has already determined the outcome. The caveat to this: we don’t always have a conscious observation of everything going on in our present experience, which means these unseen and unobserved variables can be altered from the standpoint of the future, which can have a marked impact on the nature of our individual realities – weird, huh?).

Could future predictions also be a Future Now Moment reaching back through the expanse of Eternity and grabbing our Present Now Moment observations? I think the answer to this could be “yes.” This may be the reason for some of the Titanic predictions. Does this mean the tragedy of the cruise liner could not have been avoided? Was it fate? Absolute Destiny?

Is this some sort of bizarre Star Trek scenario?

I believe the answer is – yes, it is a bizarre Star Trek scenario, and yes – it could have been avoided. All possibilities are available, and in like some weird science fiction television episode, in one reality the cruise liner collides with an iceberg resulting an incredible loss of life; in another, the Captain, either on a “whim” or simply better judgment, decides to take a different course and all reach New York unscathed. Remember, in a quantum universe, all possibilities exist simultaneously (like Time), until an observation is made via some aspect of a person’s consciousness. With the ego’s ability to “slow” and “stop” Time, to break it down out of the Ever Spacious Present, it grants that awesome capability of reorganizing energy (remember, it’s all energy), into manifesting into different forms, potentials, and realities. This gets even weirder with the concept that all experiences are somehow “realized” and explored somewhere within the greater body of consciousness – meaning that we haven’t “changed” the course of events (that is, the ship will still hit an iceberg in one reality), we have simply changed the course of the “observed” experience within egoic consciousness (everyone reaches New York safely -- This harkens to the fascinating concept of parallel universes).

You have the right to define your experience, both as an individual and a mass society. Yes, it is still considered “magical” or “mystical” in terms of the left-brain “how it works,” and thus, it may not always be easy. However, if you choose not to recognize this wonderful aspect of yourself – to letting go of your egoic mind focused here in the minute-by-minute Now and seeing on occasion the Ever Spacious Present, or that you don’t realize you can inject different outcomes and mold the Eternal Now – then, indeed, you may be walking down a road called “fate.”

And sometimes, it’s just fun to play in front of the elevators.

Remember, you are a PERFECT being. Ponder your perfection with how you can play within All Time.

Until later (pun intended),

- Jeffrey

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sensationalism in the Psyche

“Don’t sensationalize the objective.” That was the message which popped into my brain during my usual morning meditation last Thursday. Immediately after hearing it, my mind was filled with informative descriptors: a large mountain that grew even taller, needing to be climbed (and feeling the summit getting further away and tougher to reach); an eddie in a river that enveloped me which, had I been paying attention, I would’ve noticed the river was still flowing me in the right direction anyway.

This was a message to realize: I sometimes take a particular goal and stare so intently at it, that it begins to take on the look and feel of something gargantuan. We have heard over and over again that what you think about most comes to pass. I tend to agree with the statement; yet this directive pointed out an angle which I think we sometimes miss: How you think and feel about something can either help or hinder the journey in reaching it.

When we shoot for a goal, naturally we must focus on it and become one with it in order to move energy and magnetize events. However, as intimated by the message, if we sensationalize it, what are we doing? We are making it psychically larger and more intense in our minds and bodies, and that feeling oftentimes can result in an unexpected side-effect: being overwhelmed, anxious and fearful – when such thoughts and emotions really aren’t necessary.

Think of that television news crew who singles out the one loose brick that fell off a building – one in a million – and makes the multiple camera angles of the brick look and sound as if the whole building were coming down. But in reality, it’s really not that huge at all!

We may, in ourselves, inadvertently do the same thing when it comes to looking at our lives and our perceptions of the past, present, and future. We take small bits of things and focus so much attention that we lose objective perception and begin to sensationalize within our imaginations. This sensationalism then results in sensationalized feelings, which then arrest our psyches and any movement we may hope to gain.

This is not to say there aren’t events in life which do give rise to legitimate thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed, and hence sensationalism – for instance, the death of a family member, a sudden break-up or divorce, or (on the other end of the spectrum) the birth of a newborn child. But, as was pointed out to me in meditation, let’s face it – those events are sporadic and only happen every so often during the course of a lifetime; they are not everyday occurrences. So when moving forward throughout the day, if I am feeling anxious or suspect the feelings of being overwhelmed are coming down the pipe, the message given to me was simply to realize my own imagination acting like that news crew – making something larger and greater than it may actually be. At that moment, I have to remind myself “Don’t sensationalize it.” And when I accept that moniker, the inflation gets completely sucked away, like air being released from a tire. My mind, then, feels so much more at ease and my consciousness accepts the situation as being something much more manageable – and subsequently freeing. The feeling of the difference from just that little mental switch is remarkable.

The experience of life is a psychic one – it all comes through the filters of the psyche (hence ‘psychic’) – and those filters will, in turn, affect our emotions and ultimately the decisions we make in how to react or move forward. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or frightened in your experience, ask yourself: Are you sensationalizing the condition?

I am learning that becoming “conscious” means not just being aware of what I’m thinking and feeling, but also how I, on some level, am contributing to the creation of those same thoughts and feelings by my own psychic (mental) processes, which will ultimately determine the nature of my experience and unfolding of my life.

Remember, you are all Perfect Beings, experiencing your perfection one day, one moment, and one thought at a time.

- Jeffrey

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Okay, this has been a long time coming. Some of you who know me might say it’s been too long. But anyway, here it is, my first blog. I do love to write, so it isn’t that I have bad feelings or trepidation about doing such a thing. I guess what concerns me is being consistent in producing the blog – can I continue to post and keep people interested? Hmmm … Well, I know I have control over posting, but whether or not people are interested, that could be another thing. So at the outset here, I will commit to posting something at least once a week (I’m far too busy with other things to pull this off daily, unless people are simply interested in a short paragraph or two). Only your comments and feedback can determine the interest level.

Which brings up another question: What is a good length for a blog? Too short and it’s “why bother?” Too long and one just passes by, thinking “This is way too much.” So not sure about that.

To introduce this new endeavor, I would simply like to tell you what I envision it to be like. Most of you know me as this guy who has an interest in paranormal and psychic phenomena (or at least someone who has always been “a little weird.”) For a few years, I was the president of the Washington State Ghost Society. But more so than that, I have been a practicing psychic and medium for 11 years now, doing private and group readings to further develop my skills and help people connect with those they’ve lost. Additionally, I have a thirst for scientific research into the topic and what quantum physicists are discovering about the bizarre nature of reality (I have often told myself, my life mission is to discover how “all this” works and what it means). I would like to use this experience of blogging to further explore and talk about all these subjects. I hope to learn just as much from my readers as my readers might from me. In a way, I would like this to be somewhat of a dialogue. Please … Ask questions and offer insights.

Also, for those of you who are interested in my work as a psychic and are curious about how to develop your own abilities, or just have general questions about the nature of phenomenon as I have studied and experienced it, I would like to use this forum for that as well. To that end, next Tuesday (May 25) I will be a guest speaker at Vision Quest in Everett from 6 to 8 pm, doing just that. This Vision Quest gathering has been going on for quite awhile for people curious about intuition and psychic phenomenon and maybe developing their own skills. I was approached last month by the group’s host, Carol, who has been to a couple of my own group readings. She’ll be interviewing me and then opening up questions from the audience. I will also be giving small demonstrations. It’s my goal to at least audio record this event and transcribe it into a post for this blog, as some of Carol’s questions may be ones that you might have (and it guarantees something for me to write about, as this thing gets up and running).

Occasionally, I get inspirations regarding the nature of reality and the observation of personal experience that I will write about. I have posted some of these on my website ( as musings – for they definitely get my blood pumping like a good muse would. I will probably post some of those here as well (though they can get quite long).

Well, I think that’s it for now. I hope people will be interested and that, as always, I can help in whatever way I can. I also look forward to growing and learning from you, too.

Remember – you are all Perfect Beings!

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Jeffrey

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