Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Light in the World

Thank you to everyone who responded on my last post! I received a lot of great responses via email in addition to the comments on the site.

I focused a little more on this strange new sight this week. And though I didn't walk away with any major new epiphanies as to what it means, I did discover that everything "out there" seems to be permeated with light, or rather is radiating such light or is somehow “encased” within light. Now, this may sound simplistic or somewhat "common" in terms of metaphysical jargon, but it doesn’t appear so simplistic when you start to become aware of this all-pervasive field. Now when I look out at the world, I can at first intuit this omnipresent luminescent ocean, and then upon sensing it, begin to “see” a portion of it. I honestly don’t believe I am peering very deeply into it, but am rather striking only an outer “edge” of it. I also noticed I need to be relaxed in order to really perceive even the small amount I am currently able to witness.

When this “auric radiation” first happened to me a week or so ago, I noticed it as being a glow that appeared to emanate from the objects surrounding me. This week, when I decided to experiment with it, I began to notice it was much more than that. I noticed that even the space between objects had light going through it – light of all different colors blended together. For instance, a few days ago I stared at a white wall that was broken up with three or four pictures. It was my hope to glimpse the picture frames glowing a little “hotter” than just what my normal eyes would see. Instead, I noticed that the wall, though painted white, was not reflecting that plain surface back to me. I was seeing hues of reds, yellows, and even faint bursts of purple.

Out of curiosity, I looked all around me and noticed that the space between all the objects hummed with this mixture of colored light. Even now as I write this at my desk at home, I can look all around and see this mixture dancing everywhere. Again, it is so subtle that if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even notice it. But now that I’ve been witness to it, it’s very easy to see it between things, but not so simple to catch a living object’s aura.


You would think that would be easy, right?

Like everything, this is probably going to take some practice. At the suggestion of one of my readers who has learned to see auras, she said to stare into the forehead of a participant, clear the mind, and then notice what pops into the peripheral vision. Though I didn’t have a human participant this week, I did try this with a plant. I must have focused on that thing for about 2 or 3 minutes. I didn’t see any colors, but I could see a rapidly moving energy field around it. To me, it was slightly murky but mostly transparent, and its movement created a kind of air current that was just on this side of being “visible.” The leaves of the plant were a dark hunter’s green, bordering on the edge of blackness, so maybe it was because of the depth of natural darkness on its surface that made it difficult for me to ascertain any other colors? There were a couple of other plants that I glanced at, and one did appear to show me for a brief second a yellow glow mixed with tiny strips of light blue. Of course, then I wonder: Is the plant glowing a yellowish aura hedging on blue? Or is it glowing yellow and the blue that I’m also seeing is but a mixture of the light-field passing between me and the plant? It can all get very confusing …

Our minds are always looking to latch onto objects when we peer out into the world, in order to identify and give us perspective of what is physically before us in our travels. We wish to see what’s physically ahead of us, and so we peer out and say to ourselves “hallway, with bench at the end; a decorative statue standing alongside.” Very rarely do we ever look, acknowledge the physical constructs, and then ask “but what else is between me and these objects ahead?” It is when I ask that question and watch with detachment and relaxation that this colorful field reveals itself. It’s certainly not that this field all of a sudden blurs vision and makes everything disappear; not at all. But my brain suddenly notices, the air between me and the objects isn’t filled with nothingness, it is rather quite the contrary. It is filled with varying fields of light.

I hope you will challenge yourself to see if you can perceive it. It does require some relaxation and sense of detachment. Don’t get too hung up on whether or not you can do it or will see anything. It’s in that “getting hung up” that you will stifle yourself. No, just relax. Then find an object to look at. You don’t even need to stare intently at it, just notice it. Then ask yourself “what’s in the space between me and this object” and just pay attention.

To me, it’s like a fish swimming in the ocean. Because the fish is so used to its environment and seeing from one object to another – such as to another fish or the sea floor – is it even aware of the water surrounding it? Or does it perceive the water as simply “air” as we perceive our own “air”?

We know that the air between objects is teeming with atoms, molecules, etc. etc. So let us not take for granted that there is nothing between you and the objects you perceive.

Of course, someone could make the argument that perhaps all I’m witnessing is something going on within the construct of my own retina – that I’m not witnessing anything “out there” at all, but rather something within the architecture of the rods and cones that allow for the eyes to see in the first place. At this point, I’d have to say that I cannot rule that out. All the more reason to continue and experiment.

The real test will be if I can start to see colors radiating from the objects, as one does with seeing auras, and if someone else sees the same colors I do. At least through the act of collaboration, there’s a little hope that it’s not just the wackiness of my retinas.

Let me know if you see anything!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Development or Something Else?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been following the events in Japan with passionate interest and my being has been ripe with empathy for the survivors and their woes, or maybe it’s been because so many thousands (if not millions) of others around the planet are being psychically (mentally, soul-fully) mobilized within their own consciousness because of the events overseas and in turbulent Middle Eastern nations … Being “sensitive” and swimming around in all this energy, has maybe affected me in ways I am not familiar with.

All I know is that earlier this week, my sense of “sight” has to some extent changed and I can only think it is a result of deeper sensitivity to the planet and everyone around me.

It was around Wednesday as I was heading back into the office that I suddenly realized I was “seeing” a radiating glow around everything. This aura bursting from the ground, trees, and people was not too incredibly bright or intense, and were it not for the fact that my brain wasn’t preoccupied with some random thought-process, I might have missed it. What was also interesting about the phenomena, these emanations didn’t appear to be light striking my retina, but rather from what I would term my “psychic sense” -- or at least, from the right side of my brain. You know when you wear those funky red/blue 3-D glasses, how the two colors combine in your head to give a somewhat freakish “extra layer” visually to what the outside world looks like? That’s kind of what this was, but oh so subtle. Though I could not detect any colors to the fields, my body was aware that the fields surrounded the objects and I could see them in my mind’s eye superimposed over the images being received by my retinas. At one point, I noted to myself “the dullness of earth suddenly just got brighter.” I was reminded of stories I’ve heard from people who have described the Other Side after a Near Death Experience that everything “glowed with a brightness not seen on earth.”

At this point, it’s certainly not something that has taken over my usual sense of sight. As mentioned earlier, if I had been distracted mentally, I most likely would never have noticed it in the first place. It’s not a distraction, but is definitely a curiosity.

There’s a feeling associated with this newfound view, too. It’s a feeling of commonality, communion, participation. If some of you are wondering whether or not I might be “psychically seeing” radiation infecting the area from Japan’s Fukushima plant, I would have to say “no.” Such radiation was not present in the US earlier this week, nor does the feeling associated with this sight come with a sense of “warning, caution” or other message. My sense of precognition also doesn’t work in the same way this sense of sight appears to. Precognitive events in my experience reveal themselves in quick bursts, like a two second sound bite. This “auric sight,” once I become consciously aware of it, stays with me for the duration of my desire to witness it. Again, since it is so subtle, it is easy to “turn it down” and let it go.

My next step is to test if I can “see” colors coming from the fields. I have a couple friends who can see auras on occasion, so it will be interesting to determine if this is what is happening. If I can “turn the sight down,” is it also possible to “turn it up”?

Or am I simply losing my mind? Hey, we have to leave all options open, right? J

At this point, I have no idea how this has happened. Maybe it’s always been there and I just never noticed? Or maybe it’s because I have been feeling more sensitive in my focus in regards to the planet and all that’s happening? I have a hard time believing it’s occurred simply as a random act; to me, there has to be a trigger.

When it comes to uncovering or dwelling with anything new in the “paranormal” realm, I choose to take it slow and methodical, versus jumping in and getting too dirty (that comes after a certain level of trust). I am going to continue “turning it on, turning it off” and seeing if it just happens to grab me by chance again. When it does happen, though, there is a shift inside my consciousness, not unlike the shift between left-brain and right-brain functioning which I have been getting to know better through various exercises. I’m also curious to see if whether or not it gets “clearer” or more “distinct” in presentation. Like I said, as it stands now, it’s not too intense or vibrant, but it is noticeable. I have recognized it is more “intense” around living things than inanimate objects; though when it first struck me on Wednesday, I could see even cars as appearing brighter than normal.


Wednesday night into early Thursday morning I was struck by a very peculiar dream. In the drama, I was running around a winding parking lot, heading for where I thought was an exit out into the world. When I reached the exit, it had been barricaded. Roaming near the barricades was a wolf. In the dream, I “opened up” and psychically saw a new exit and headed in that direction. When I reached the new opening (which appeared as a one-lane passage), I encountered another wolf; this one a bit larger and scarier than the last. It stepped aside as I approached the new exit. Then it raced towards me as if it were going to bite me. At that point, I woke up. I committed the dream to memory because of its vividness, and for the simple fact that I generally don’t dream about animals, and certainly not wolves.

My meditations this week have been about sending energy to the people of Japan. On Thursday morning after the dream, the course of my meditation morphed into one of my guides informing me that my abilities were going to evolve and heighten a bit more. As is typical with this kind of communication, I acknowledged and honored it, and then did my typical “I’ll believe it when I see it” response, not considering anything about the auric experience from the day before. (I’m surprised my guides haven’t kicked me to the curb for how often I disregard or disbelieve their announcements).

When I came out of the experience, I consulted a couple animal totem books to find the meaning behind “wolf.” Of course there are many traits associated with this powerful animal in terms of group dynamics, but one of the more subjective traits of the wolf totem was its heightened state of senses, many times more than humans. The books declared that these heightened senses from the wolf totem point toward enhanced psychic abilities. An interesting parallel from what my guide told me, I thought. Of course, only time and experience will tell. My guide told me a couple other things, but I’ll keep those to myself to see if they come to pass naturally and organically.

Is it possible the announcement from my guide and the dream of the wolf were powerful enough to begin a new set of circumstances and abilities related to my sight, reaching backward into the past and motivating the optic centers of my brain on Wednesday instead of Thursday? I don’t know, but it’s certainly not out of the question. I was not told exactly what evolution was going to take place with my abilities, only that they would be heightened.

With all that’s going on in the world, I would not be surprised if a good multitude of us gain a heightened sense of awareness and inadvertently develop unforeseen psychic abilities, as it seems we need to continually be on the lookout for social uprisings, political turmoil, devastating earthquakes, and annihilating tsunamis. The closer we inspect these conditions within the context of our consciousness, the more we stretch our senses in an act of self-preservation – of being more aware of our surroundings and attempting with all our senses to glimpse what we can the nature of the future.

In the end, we shall “see” …

Until next time,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Consciousness in Today's World Events

Three earthquakes, all within the same week, culminating in a massive tsunami and billions of dollars in property damage, and now the spectre of looming nuclear disaster ... I stared in utter shock at watching the apocalyptic scenes on YouTube of what appeared to be the end of the world in northern Japan on Friday, as the massive sea wall picked up everything in its path – houses, cars, boats – and just tossed them asunder like toys. Civilization, it seemed, was being inundated not by just water, but with an event that requires everyone – participant to observer – to take a much deeper look at what is truly of value in life. What was once something you only saw in a Hollywood movie (but eerily reminiscent of the 2004 Asian quake), coupled with all the protests going on in the Middle East … One could reasonably surmise: the earth is going to Hell in a hand-basket.

Or is it?

Somewhere in all this lies a message of compassion, camaraderie, and recognition of our union with the rest of humanity. Religious background doesn’t matter; geographical location doesn’t matter. In these massive uprisings, incredible psychic events are unfolding. I don’t mean ‘psychic’ as in paranormal ESP stuff, I am referring to the dynamics of the event and how it shapes the psyche of everyone involved and how it may be an outer result of inner strivings – which includes all of us. Though we are not smack right in the middle of rebels being blasted by tanks and aircraft, or seeing the foundation of our lives being shaken by the rippling earth and then dragged out to sea, I for one cannot help but be affected in many ways by these events. Consciousness is engaged in something awesome and powerful through the eruption of these circumstances, all clustered at this time. To what the ultimate outcome will be, I cannot begin to speculate.

At times like these, when seeing so many lives and lifestyles challenged (and in many cases broken) we always grapple with the unanswerable question: Why? To try and pinpoint or imagine a single logical explanation for such devastation and turmoil is simply impossible, as each person frames their reality uniquely unto themselves. Though each person may be involved in the same outer event – such as a massive earthquake, tsunami, or political revolution – the overall meaning and dynamics of the events will carry a unique perspective and response by each individual. However, there does seem to be an overt message being played out upon the earth: our sense of communion with each other; one that does require us to have more love and compassion than what we have heretofore ever known. Those in the Middle East are screaming for it from their governments and other Middle Eastern neighbors; and now those along the Pacific, starting from New Zealand going all the way to Japan and beyond.

In watching these worldwide events unfold over the last few weeks, I have become acutely aware of how trivial my own problems seem in the face of what much of humanity is dealing with elsewhere in the world. When I hear news of the stock market crashing at 200 or 300 points and investors are worried, I cringe. Not for the fear of the value of money, but rather because the devaluation, in my opinion, is pointless in comparison to what others are going through at this very moment. Is it really that important if Starbucks shares rose or fell while a family in Japan races to cope with witnessing the destruction of their livelihoods? As they see their future dreams and sense of security completely destroyed? Or those friends and families in a foreign land, regardless of their hatred for the West, battle for a sense of freedom – not knowing if they will even be alive to experience it?

Even with the downturn of the economy and many struggling on unemployment, and then factoring in the raging snowstorms that halted the Eastern US throughout the winter in several states, and now the political battling and crippling earthquakes elsewhere across the globe, the message is clear: Consciousness is crying out to reveal that we’re all connected. It’s not “all for one or one for all” but rather “all for all.” It appears on the surface that every person is single and distinct – and in many ways we are, mainly mental in our psychological framework – yet we also know that beyond that framework, consciousness is a unified mass. Just review some of the research of the Global Consciousness Project and you will see a glimpse of that. Is that unified mass being informed from within to create these events to express a much greater purpose or revelation in the outer world?

We cannot say what the ultimate outcome is going to mean individually for everybody when these circumstances arise … From the direct participant to the far-off observer … But I believe it will be something that is in direct relation to what each of us have been asking for – which is not pain, suffering, and death – but a chance to really engage in the deeper aspects of life; to encounter those deep portions of our beings and move in directions which only a mass event like what we have been witnessing can do. For some, the catalyst for this kind of inner engagement is to be a direct participant in the turmoil; for others, just being an observer will strike the areas in that individual’s consciousness that they have been working on (either consciously or unconsciously).

On a planet inhabited by nearly 7 billion people, our consciousness is starting to reveal itself on a grand scale. With 7 billion minds locked together – an ocean of collective consciousness energy – the dynamics are being played out all over the globe. All for all. Compassion. Understanding. And perhaps even other aspects we have not yet considered. We often ask ourselves: who am I? Why am I here? What am I capable of? The ramifications of these events provide a plethora of answers.

The portion of consciousness alive on the planet right now – this time and this place – is revealed in the minds and hearts of every individual – again 7 billion. And the events speak to what the nature of our overall consciousness is about, on many different levels, and what it is seeking.

In the realm of metaphysics, physical events come at the bottom of the scale – everything begins as a stirring of energy in consciousness. This becomes evident as events are revealed precognitively in dreams, intuitions, or bold inner feelings before the disaster strikes. And these premonitions can occur days to weeks to months in advance. That means on some level, everyone is given information about what is physically coming down the road, and the inner being of the individual either heeds the warning or ignores it – that is, they participate directly or through observation. There may be legitimate internal reasons why someone would choose to flee or choose to stay. Most often, this is not for the ego mind to decide or figure out (though some premonitions directly address that portion of the self), but rather that portion which understands our greater strengths and abilities, just below the threshold of the ego, which directly engages the spirit in the evolution of its life and expression.

Some may dread what is happening in the world. Some may cry “It’s the biblical end times!”

However, in the greatest turmoil also lives the greatest seed to a much brighter life of understanding and expression; of engaging a person’s soul and expanding it to levels before unknown. Sometimes that greater seed cannot be sprouted without the germination of certain events; a message cannot be revealed without first reading all of the words strung together.

Is it the end of the world? Or the steps to a new beginning?

Without a doubt, with the collective consciousness of 7 billion people … You can definitively say we are living in interesting times ...

Meanwhile, my heart and spirit go out to the people in Japan and the people in the Middle East, and to everyone else in the world.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Psychic Awareness Through the Work of the Government's Remote Viewers

In my last blog, I talked a small bit about what those in the government-sponsored Remote Viewing program had learned about the nature of psychic functioning. They believed it was a process of linguistics from the subconscious into the normal-conscious brain, with the psychic information coming through the right hemisphere.

Additionally, they discovered that symbolism was a major player in the imagery they received. This is not much different from regular psychics. For those of you who have seen me, whenever I view in my mind’s eye the image of an arm, about 85% - 90% of the time it means the deceased was cremated; running water oftentimes denotes alcohol use. Much of my symbolism came spontaneously during the course of my sittings. That is, I learned over time of when a certain image flashed in my mind, it usually meant one or two things. Late in 2009, I decided to take a proactive approach to the phenomena and started devising my own library of symbols. I drew a wheel-chair and labeled its meaning: leg problems, mobility issues, disabled. I also drew a rope and labeled it “suicide.” Three weeks after starting the symbol project, during the course of a sitting some of my newly drawn symbols appeared and were indeed correct for the deceased that was coming through.

Believe it or not, the remote viewers took this approach decades ago.

In his book “The Seventh Sense,” Lyn Buchanan mentioned how the viewers would draw up their own symbols. They would create a general image – say a straight line, for instance – that would represent “land.” Then they would come up with another basic image – say a wavy line – that meant “water.” You could create as many symbols as you wanted, denoting as many things as your mind could come up with.

But the work is never as simple as creating an image and then expecting it to appear. No, the real task was to memorize the meaning of each symbol until it bored you to tears. This could be done through a flash-card type setting. For Lyn, he described having a friend mention the symbol’s meaning, “land,” to which then he would draw the symbol. The point was, rightly so, to get as nauseated with the act of repetition as possible. As he put it, once you realized you weren’t paying any more attention to thinking about how to draw the symbol – when it became a thoughtless reaction to the mention of the symbol’s meaning – at that point you knew it had been transferred to the subconscious mind. In this way, since the psychic information came through the subconscious, by having such symbols firmly implanted in that area, when the psychic signal provided a landscape of a remote viewed location, the viewer’s left-brain didn’t have to struggle with wanting to insert itself into the process for the need of identification. Rather, the viewer’s drawing hand was led by the right-brain, following the submerged symbols implanted in the subconscious, to simply draw the symbols as they bubbled up. Here was an excellent example of linguistics between the subconscious and conscious mind.

It’s something any of us in this field of psychic development can do. When it comes to mediumship, it doesn’t mean every deceased person will use your pre-defined symbols, however. There may be several reasons why, such as – you haven’t firmly memorized them yet, or they feel they have a much better symbol.

The other trick is not to get hung up on symbols either. What do I mean? Since psychic functioning is an evolving communicative process, though you may have a decent sized library of symbolized meanings, you wouldn’t want to place a box around your consciousness which only allows the pre-defined symbols as a valid means of information. You have to be completely open to learning new symbols, processes, and techniques which can evolve the linguistic process, even during the course of a reading itself. Honestly, there really is no “safety cushion” so to speak, during the course of a sitting to define the parameters of what is acceptable in terms of communication and what is not. Symbols, feelings, the sense of texture, smells, etc., are all possible and can contribute volumes of information when you become aware of them. So it certainly doesn’t do the process any good to say “I will only use information that arrives in the form of my pre-defined symbolism.”

The other part the remote viewers discovered about the psychic process is something we all feel when it comes to doing important subjective work: pressure. And what can come with it.

For Joseph McMoneagle, remote viewer #001, for years when he first started out, even during test sessions and not actual assignments, he struggled within himself and his mind for as long as two hours before feeling comfortable enough to do the viewing. In other words, he was worried and afraid. It didn’t matter that he had made incredible hits in previous sessions, he still struggled whether or not he could pull it off again. When I read this, it reminded me of how I have always had a tendency to get antsy before sittings. McMoneagle refers to these times as being stuck between “I believe” and “I know.” He finally made his way to the “I know” side of the bridge by writing down everything; keeping track of all his viewings and why he felt some were successful and others not; remaining open to learning all he could about the process; and kept practicing. Eventually he noticed his “cool down” time prior to doing a viewing went from an hour to 5 minutes (he utilized a meditation tape to assist as well). At some point, he realized he no longer cared about having to “prove” remote viewing worked (either to himself or to other people). Through his documentation and continued efforts, his whole consciousness knew that it did. From that time on, it just became second nature, and he excelled as one of the most celebrated viewers of the government’s program.

Each of us, in any area of our life, can do this. It’s just a matter of reminding ourselves the “hits” we’ve made, that the “good times” have just as much value and validity in our experiences than the bad (which unfortunately we seem to spend much more time focusing on).

Ultimately, it’s a left-brain right-brain struggle, getting from “I believe” to “I know.” The left-brain ego has perceptions about reality that struggles with the right-brain’s inputs, which appear to defy the ego’s notions of time, space, and reality. The consciousness of the individual may believe in psychic functioning, but since both hemispheres are duking it out, “belief” has yet to transform to “I know.” The ego likes to be the captain; it likes to be in control. Why? In order to feel safe. The need to “prove” remote viewing for McMoneagle was not solely for providing proof to a skeptical audience, it was to provide proof and understanding to a skeptical internal ego. In documenting the cases and showing the left-brain the entire consciousness is okay and that such functioning is a part of reality, the controlling left-brain was comfortable enough to acquiesce to the process and carry Joseph forward for over 25 years as a true psychic spy.

And even then, McMoneagle and Buchanan admit, they still have their bad days. But after doing it for so many decades and gaining an analytic perspective on the process, they have a much better understanding of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

‘Til Next Time,

- Jeffrey

Both authors provide a plethora of excellent tips to developing the psychic senses in their books. Though the tips are geared toward Remote Viewing, they can be applied in other areas of psychic functioning, including mediumship. If interested, I highly recommend:

“The Seventh Sense” by Lyn Buchanan

“Mind Trek” and “Remote Viewing Secrets” by Joseph McMoneagle