Sunday, March 6, 2011

Psychic Awareness Through the Work of the Government's Remote Viewers

In my last blog, I talked a small bit about what those in the government-sponsored Remote Viewing program had learned about the nature of psychic functioning. They believed it was a process of linguistics from the subconscious into the normal-conscious brain, with the psychic information coming through the right hemisphere.

Additionally, they discovered that symbolism was a major player in the imagery they received. This is not much different from regular psychics. For those of you who have seen me, whenever I view in my mind’s eye the image of an arm, about 85% - 90% of the time it means the deceased was cremated; running water oftentimes denotes alcohol use. Much of my symbolism came spontaneously during the course of my sittings. That is, I learned over time of when a certain image flashed in my mind, it usually meant one or two things. Late in 2009, I decided to take a proactive approach to the phenomena and started devising my own library of symbols. I drew a wheel-chair and labeled its meaning: leg problems, mobility issues, disabled. I also drew a rope and labeled it “suicide.” Three weeks after starting the symbol project, during the course of a sitting some of my newly drawn symbols appeared and were indeed correct for the deceased that was coming through.

Believe it or not, the remote viewers took this approach decades ago.

In his book “The Seventh Sense,” Lyn Buchanan mentioned how the viewers would draw up their own symbols. They would create a general image – say a straight line, for instance – that would represent “land.” Then they would come up with another basic image – say a wavy line – that meant “water.” You could create as many symbols as you wanted, denoting as many things as your mind could come up with.

But the work is never as simple as creating an image and then expecting it to appear. No, the real task was to memorize the meaning of each symbol until it bored you to tears. This could be done through a flash-card type setting. For Lyn, he described having a friend mention the symbol’s meaning, “land,” to which then he would draw the symbol. The point was, rightly so, to get as nauseated with the act of repetition as possible. As he put it, once you realized you weren’t paying any more attention to thinking about how to draw the symbol – when it became a thoughtless reaction to the mention of the symbol’s meaning – at that point you knew it had been transferred to the subconscious mind. In this way, since the psychic information came through the subconscious, by having such symbols firmly implanted in that area, when the psychic signal provided a landscape of a remote viewed location, the viewer’s left-brain didn’t have to struggle with wanting to insert itself into the process for the need of identification. Rather, the viewer’s drawing hand was led by the right-brain, following the submerged symbols implanted in the subconscious, to simply draw the symbols as they bubbled up. Here was an excellent example of linguistics between the subconscious and conscious mind.

It’s something any of us in this field of psychic development can do. When it comes to mediumship, it doesn’t mean every deceased person will use your pre-defined symbols, however. There may be several reasons why, such as – you haven’t firmly memorized them yet, or they feel they have a much better symbol.

The other trick is not to get hung up on symbols either. What do I mean? Since psychic functioning is an evolving communicative process, though you may have a decent sized library of symbolized meanings, you wouldn’t want to place a box around your consciousness which only allows the pre-defined symbols as a valid means of information. You have to be completely open to learning new symbols, processes, and techniques which can evolve the linguistic process, even during the course of a reading itself. Honestly, there really is no “safety cushion” so to speak, during the course of a sitting to define the parameters of what is acceptable in terms of communication and what is not. Symbols, feelings, the sense of texture, smells, etc., are all possible and can contribute volumes of information when you become aware of them. So it certainly doesn’t do the process any good to say “I will only use information that arrives in the form of my pre-defined symbolism.”

The other part the remote viewers discovered about the psychic process is something we all feel when it comes to doing important subjective work: pressure. And what can come with it.

For Joseph McMoneagle, remote viewer #001, for years when he first started out, even during test sessions and not actual assignments, he struggled within himself and his mind for as long as two hours before feeling comfortable enough to do the viewing. In other words, he was worried and afraid. It didn’t matter that he had made incredible hits in previous sessions, he still struggled whether or not he could pull it off again. When I read this, it reminded me of how I have always had a tendency to get antsy before sittings. McMoneagle refers to these times as being stuck between “I believe” and “I know.” He finally made his way to the “I know” side of the bridge by writing down everything; keeping track of all his viewings and why he felt some were successful and others not; remaining open to learning all he could about the process; and kept practicing. Eventually he noticed his “cool down” time prior to doing a viewing went from an hour to 5 minutes (he utilized a meditation tape to assist as well). At some point, he realized he no longer cared about having to “prove” remote viewing worked (either to himself or to other people). Through his documentation and continued efforts, his whole consciousness knew that it did. From that time on, it just became second nature, and he excelled as one of the most celebrated viewers of the government’s program.

Each of us, in any area of our life, can do this. It’s just a matter of reminding ourselves the “hits” we’ve made, that the “good times” have just as much value and validity in our experiences than the bad (which unfortunately we seem to spend much more time focusing on).

Ultimately, it’s a left-brain right-brain struggle, getting from “I believe” to “I know.” The left-brain ego has perceptions about reality that struggles with the right-brain’s inputs, which appear to defy the ego’s notions of time, space, and reality. The consciousness of the individual may believe in psychic functioning, but since both hemispheres are duking it out, “belief” has yet to transform to “I know.” The ego likes to be the captain; it likes to be in control. Why? In order to feel safe. The need to “prove” remote viewing for McMoneagle was not solely for providing proof to a skeptical audience, it was to provide proof and understanding to a skeptical internal ego. In documenting the cases and showing the left-brain the entire consciousness is okay and that such functioning is a part of reality, the controlling left-brain was comfortable enough to acquiesce to the process and carry Joseph forward for over 25 years as a true psychic spy.

And even then, McMoneagle and Buchanan admit, they still have their bad days. But after doing it for so many decades and gaining an analytic perspective on the process, they have a much better understanding of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

‘Til Next Time,

- Jeffrey

Both authors provide a plethora of excellent tips to developing the psychic senses in their books. Though the tips are geared toward Remote Viewing, they can be applied in other areas of psychic functioning, including mediumship. If interested, I highly recommend:

“The Seventh Sense” by Lyn Buchanan

“Mind Trek” and “Remote Viewing Secrets” by Joseph McMoneagle


  1. This was really interesting. I had heard about this but I didn't now anything about it in detail.

    I understand the nervousness. I am new to being a psychic and at first I used to get nervous - and I only do email readings at this time! Its not like I'm listening to feedback from someone else.

    Maybe this is because I'm new - but for me I don't usually have the same symbol more than once or twice.

    Snakes, ocean waves and rain have come up more than once each, but for the rest... even if I read the same person more than once and only minutes apart, I'll get the same message but it won't be the same symbols.

    But, this could be because I wouldn't trust my readings if I had the same symbols more than once. I would think I was creating them in my head consciously. So maybe the universe just knows to send me different ones for now which is why I haven't had a lot of repeats?

    I enjoyed the post!