Sunday, February 27, 2011

Becoming "More" Psychic - or Just Clearing Away the Clutter?

As always, I’m on the lookout for continuing education regarding the nature of psychic abilities and functions. I am one of those people who believe you can never stop learning, especially when it comes to such a deep untapped well of potential within the makeup of our own beings. These last few weeks I decided to steer away from what other mediums have said regarding the nature of communication and psychic development and explore elsewhere. To me, psychic function can take many different courses, and mediumship is just one branch of a much larger psychical tree. However, I also feel that the other branches utilize much of the same processes within us, so as I treaded out into new territory with the hypothesis that what I would be bring back could be used for a better understanding of my own work connecting with the Other Side.

The challenge with this exploration was choosing where to go. Since I am very left-brained and analytical, I could not settle for the standard woo-woo book written by another psychic. You know the kind, where they say “just accept whatever flashes into your brain and don’t question it” without explaining how such a flash came to be in the first place. Or they just leave the explanation to the standard excuse: it’s the nature of energy. Maybe I’m just too critical, but I think it’s important to question everything, especially psychic experiences. In questioning these events – or at least examining them more closely – perhaps I could discover more information regarding how the psychic signal works, gain a better understanding of what the internal processes are, and hence become better and more valuable to the clients I serve. I’ve learned over the years that most psychics, upon discovering their abilities, often do have these questions regarding the modus operandi, but don’t necessarily dig too deep to find the answers. They just accept that they have a gift, create a basic framework mentally as to how it operates, and then leave it at that. In many cases, they pick up one or two books about psychic development and accept the authors’ point-of-view without going further. Why not? The authors are psychics, right?

True, true. Unfortunately, most books written by psychics fall into the New Age category, which in my opinion means they are typically filled with a lot of “fluff” and not necessarily anything my left-brain would be satisfied with. Sorry if that offends some of you psychic authors out there, that’s just been my experience. Even in my own book Your Magical Soul (shameless plug here) I have a chapter on psychic abilities. Yet with my ongoing search into the phenomena, what’s written there is going to change and evolve as I change and evolve. And as those of you who have read the book know, I’m going to say much more than simply “it’s the nature of energy – accept it and don’t question it.”

So in this newfound quest I had to ask: Where has there been some detailed study on psychic phenomena in the last 30 or 40 years that could really shed some light on the process? Something that would have some meat?

Lo and behold, I came across a book titled “The Seventh Sense.” What was it about?

Remote viewing.

The book is authored by Lyn Buchanan, one of the top viewers used by our government for over twenty years. Lyn is the character that George Clooney portrayed in the film “The Men Who Stare at Goats”. The book was a fascinating chronicle of how he got recruited into the remote viewing program and what he learned regarding the nature of remote viewing. The back of the book contained an appendix with some specific exercises to “uncover” the reader’s own psychic abilities. What was fascinating (and which made a lot of sense), “uncover” was the operative word.

Through the decades of performing highly detailed and catalogued remote viewing sessions, obviously the viewers, scientists, and those in the government supporting the work, wanted to learn more about the process and how to make it more reliable. Believe it or not, they discovered quite a bit towards that end. In fact, after having done test sessions for several years, the government wasn’t interested in whether the psychic ability existed – they were no longer interested in validating it because the tests came back with such amazing results. Nope, they knew it was a real ability, they just wanted to discover how it worked and how to enhance it.

After reading Lyn’s book, I came upon Joseph McMoneagle’s book “Mind Trek.” Joseph was one of the original viewers who had the prestigious operative number “001” in several of the remote viewing units throughout the years. In combining this with his other book “Remote Viewing Secrets” along with several by Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff, there’s been an amazing amount of information regarding the nature of psychic abilities for the left-brain junkie such as myself.

One of the things both Lyn and Joseph talked about was that when it comes to psychic development, it’s not about “acquiring” psychic abilities, it’s about uncovering what’s already there in your consciousness. After decades of researching the phenomena in combination with the very talented and scientifically rigorous psychic, Ingo Swann, they realized courses put out by most psychics are geared toward developing and acquiring abilities the reader feels they don’t have to begin with. Thus, most of these courses provided only negligible after-effects and in many cases failed altogether when it came to “development.”

The point-of-view that came out of the remote viewing program was that 1) Everyone is psychic (some will be more talented than others – like athletes) and 2) Developing the abilities was more about unlearning what had been previously thought about psychic abilities and uncovering your own blocks to reception than any course or regimen designed to acquire such talent. In other words, developing psychic abilities was about clearing your own clutter! Psychic ability through the remote viewing program was more about discovering where your own personal biases and mental hang-ups interfered with how information would be filtered or blocked from the conscious mind. Psychic ability, they discovered, was a process of communication between the subconscious and normal conscious brain – and that since we use our ego mind (conscious mind) and left-brain more than the subconscious, the ability to receive psychic information was more of an internal linguistics communication problem than anything else. They discovered that the right brain is where psychic information originally gets processed – that flash of insight, that feel of the remote location – and then it moved into the left-brain for identification. It was in this left-brain analytical side where things would get distorted and messed up. Psychic ability in the remote viewing program worked best when the viewer simply reported what his right brain was showing him, versus trying to identify what the overall object was or jump to conclusions through what the left-brain wanted to make it.

The right side of the brain is the creative part of our identities. It’s not confined to time or space; it handles the abstract spatial constructs and emotions, and isn’t concerned with pure identification, labels, etc. The need to identify and label comes from the left, and it’s something we do all the time. But, in order to receive information outside the normal constructs of our mind and body – you know, that part which the left brain says is how we “truly” operate – we must find ways to short-circuit the left and pay attention solely to the right. Eventually, an agreement will be made between the two hemispheres, but it was understood in the remote viewing unit that psychic functioning was a right-brain function.

The task then became in discovering what your left-brain qualities were and how to turn them down (or completely off) in order to work effectively as a viewer. It had nothing to do with acquiring psychic skills through exercises, unless those exercises were for the sole purpose of engaging the right side of the brain and creating the “language” needed to move information from the subconscious into the conscious mind.

Believe it or not, there are a few ways to do this. There are a few exercises one can do to engage their right brain, and once you do that – once you can consciously identify that change in conscious awareness – you are on the road to discovering where in your mind psychic information is originating from and be more consciously aware of it when it happens.

Drawing is one of them.

Take a photo of something you would like to draw – a face for instance. Now, when you typically look at a face, you identify the parts as you’re drawing them. “Here’s the nose, mouth, eyes.” That ultimately doesn’t work when it comes to the process – that’s all left-brain. In order to engage the right side, turn the photo upside down and draw the lines not by identification, but strictly as lines as they appear to your eyes, drawing only in proportion to one another – they’re length and separation from one another. In turning the photo upside down, it short-circuits the left-brain because it can’t immediately identify the structure of the face as it typically recognizes faces.

Lyn Buchanan wrote in his book that every new and seasoned recruit was required to read and do exercises from the book “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain.” Naturally, I immediately bought a copy and started practicing. And yes, there is quite a difference in mental awareness in shifting between the hemispheres, and it is that same “feeling” of how my senses are when I receive psychic information. I have to concur with the research of these seasoned government entrusted psychic spies – the information arrives in the right-side of the brain. How will that ultimately impact my psychic abilities, now that I’m aware of this conscious shift? I’m not sure. Only time will tell. But just knowing now where in my head the information is coming from and having exercises to tap into that hemisphere consciously (and what that FEELS like) presents interesting possibilities. It will help me to discern whether my answers to clients are coming from the information’s psychic source or if they are a product of my left-brain, and feeling which-is-which.

And that’s so much better than saying “It’s simply the nature of energy. Just accept it.”

This was only the tip of the iceberg for what the remote viewers discovered regarding psychic phenomena. Next week, I’ll share some more info and reveal that there are stages that we all go through – seasoned psychics and novices alike – that are a part of the process.

Until next time, take care, everyone!

And if you’re interested in psychic development – go do some drawing. It will help you access that part of the mind that FEELS and spatially reveals the messages of the energy that us psychics always refer to.


The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a “Psychic Spy” for the U.S. Military – Lyn Buchanan

Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing – Joseph McMoneagle (Also check out his other book Remote Viewing Secrets).

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain – Betty Edwards


  1. As always, you do what you do best and bring facts, data, and reality to the psychic potential. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for next weeks.....

  2. Lately, I am really interesting in the remote viewing as I told you about. I want to increase those auditory and olfactory ques I'm getting from old photos. Although they last only seconds in our time, once there a few seconds may be like hours. Funny, when I first saw the Steven King movie "It" and the clown in the photo moved I could relate. Throughout my life I've noticed that I'll see the objects in the old photos shift and thought I'd only imagined it. Lately, my other senses are telling me it could be something more intriguing. Great Blog Topic!