Monday, February 7, 2011

Dimensional Traveling, Part 2

Okay, so last week I took you into the first half of a very unusual meditation. Now, if you thought that was weird, this week you're going to wonder if I should be shipped off to the funny farm! Like I said in the previous blog, it was one of the wildest rides I've ever had in meditation, and it reminded me of stories from people who have had out of body experiences. It was incredibly vivid with lots of details ... And rather startling and certainly mind-expansive. I haven't had a meditation quite like it since! Enjoy!


My consciousness suddenly expanded. Literally. It felt as though my whole Self was being stretched across the cosmos. And indeed, there was a sense of movement. You know this sense of movement just by moving your arm away from your body -- you can feel the air surround your limb and your hand stretching away from your center. Similar, too, was the sensation of myself being stretched. I could feel every electron of my Being extending across the universe. There was no space I did not occupy; there was no time in history where I was not present. I felt like the liquid filling a cup. Everything (and I literally mean everything) rushed through me, and I through it. All I had to do was make a minor shift in concentration to hone in to various portions of this vast universe. Again, there was this sense of motion, like being on the fastest rollercoaster every made, zipping through the cosmos. I could sense, and at times even see, brilliant dots of energy erupting all about me.

I decided to find out what they were. I simply concentrated on “what’s the dot.”

The dot immediately opened up and sucked me into it (or rather, I shot myself into it like a bullet). It was a doorway to another dimension. I found myself literally on a three dimensional plain, surrounded by other people, and foliage. I distinctly remember a woman with long brown hair staring at me as I came out from the vastness of space. It was as if that little electron, that little orb, contained the vastness of a whole universe and I had landed on one of its planets. What was so astounding was that the reality I had stepped into had even more permanence, more sense of three dimensions than even the garden that my guides and I travel to. It was as if I had opened my eyes right there in the chair (though I hadn’t) and discovered the vastness of the room gone and replaced with this new location. Standing there, only briefly in front of this woman, I could see and sense the distance between myself and her, between her and the trees behind her, between myself and the ground I was standing on, the other people, and the other trees. There was pure dimensionality. Pure reality. I was astounded.

Then I shot back out into space again, roaring through the cosmos. Again, I could feel myself going to all areas of this inner universe, touching all space and all time. That sense of movement unmistakable, spinning the energy of my consciousness in a turbine as I went warping through the darkness (though this darkness was always lit up by the sparkles of electrons). Feeling exhilarated from stepping into that other reality, I focused again on another portion of this inner universe. Instantly, another electron opened up and I was standing in yet another dimensional reality. This time I was in a stone building, accompanied by a couple other people; though I had the sense they were not aware of my presence there. I felt the “location” of this place as being completely foreign to me, as if I actually were somewhere completely across the universe billions of light-years away from earth – though I cannot say that this other reality exists in the physical outer universe, but rather is a reality that exists within the greater inner universe separate from our own universal dimension. Again, the perception of three dimensions, space between objects, and the energy of the occupants themselves, filled me. I knew I had stepped into yet another world.

I wondered if I could try it again.

Bling! I left the reality for only a brief second, again recognizing the vastness of the inner universe within my consciousness and traveling through it. It could only have been half a second, however. And then I was in another realm. Over 13 hours have passed since this meditation and I do not recall the nature of this other reality, only that I was there for a brief moment. But again, I could perceive its dimensions; I could feel its inhabitants and sense its vastness.

The overriding feeling in each one of these realities is what has stayed with me and enlightened me: Each place had its own sense of purpose, and its own nature of being. That is, each entity, whether it be the thinking “human” or the living plants, had their focus in that sphere of reality and dimension, completely oblivious or out-of-focus (and hence out-of-mind) from my own. These places were universes unto themselves. Distinct. Separate. Yet fully functioning and self-sustaining. Out in the inner universe, everything is vast, energetic; a huge gestalt of energy just waiting to be used. These realities had focused that energy to create a unique, distinctive universal framework for spiritual, consciousness experience. Each thing had a life there, like we do here, going through experiences, fleshing themselves out. But yet it was not here. It was not this universe that we exist in.

This is completely acceptable in the scientific world of quantum physics, as all electrons exist in all possible states – superposition and multiple probabilities. There has been speculation by scientists of the possibility of probable universes separate and distinct from our own, and even parallel worlds as a result of this quantum mystery. Indeed, there are, and I have visited at least three of them.

The other declaration from quantum physics is that once two electrons have come together, once they have been separated they can still communicate with one another over vast distances (even light-years). This, too, is the case with separate realities, for although I am not in those other realities right now, I can feel their “energetic signature” within my consciousness. As if I have been on vacation in a foreign country, sucked up the energy of that land and its people, and now it is within me and a part of me.

It is one thing to know that other realities exist (or even potentially exist), it is a much greater feeling of having experienced them. I now have experiential knowledge of other dimensions that are just as real as the one I am sitting in right now typing this report. It’s rather comforting. There are so many doorways for life to go through and experience itself. One can always imagine what it’s like; daydream if you will. It’s another to actually experience those realms, even if for only a few seconds. And that they’re similar to ours, with a sense of isolation, individuality, and yet designed for the purpose of living expression in some kind of form.

And being stretched across the inner universe going in all directions, there was also this distinct sensation of my own purpose -- as if my Being had a purpose for its existence in all space and time, connected to all things. I could sense myself being a stitch in the fabric of the universe that without me (and everyone else, too) the whole tapestry would fall apart. None of us may consciously know our purpose, or that we truly belong at such a fundamental level, but alas this is certainly the sensation and sense of belonging that one feels when being stretched across the universal tapestry. This wasn’t the first time I had been stretched like that, feeling like I was existing from one point in the universe to the other (in all points, actually), but it was the first time of going into other realities. Why? You might ask … At some point you do have to let go of your own identity. As you’re being stretched across the fabric of the universe, there is a natural sense of wonder if you are going to lose yourself – your identity. You wonder “Will I simply be smeared (and that’s the feeling – smeared) out of existence?” I took a chance last night that my consciousness, being a part of the universe, would remain intact. I discovered something amazing and startling.

Where will I go next? Not sure.

But I’m even more confident than when death finally licks at my heels, I will dive away from here in a giddy flight of blissful adventure into another realm.

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  1. I find the quantum physics aspect really interesting. We have defined physics on this planet so we can understand it. Beyond our universe is an electron what it is here or is it different? We have to transpose what we know here to classify the unknowns we come up against beyond this planet. Similarly, we try to classify and define aspects of the paranormal when we really don't know.