Before attending any session, it is highly recommended that you check out my website, Spiritual Exploration and Education, to familiarize yourself with the process and how you can be better prepared for the sitting.

Private One-on-One Session:      
$80/Half Hr.  $160/Hr.  $1/Min After First Hour. 
Private sessions are done primarily by phone or through Skype and not in-person.  This does not diminish the quality of the reading.  Most readings are conducted Monday through Friday, after 6 p.m. Pacific time.  Exceptions can be made, depending on where you're calling from.  UPDATE FALL 2015: I am currently booked up and unable to accommodate any additional private sessions for the remainder of the year.  If you would like to be put on my waiting list for 2016, please let me know.

Private Group Rate : 
6-10 People Max.    Avg. Time for Group  +/- 3 hrs.
$50 p/person (prices vary depending on location)   
Groups are done in a combination psychic and mediumship format.  Everyone is present to hear the reading, much like a "gallery" event - and everyone is guaranteed a reading.  These are fun and joyous events to celebrate love and friendship with each other and those in spirit!  

Smaller Groups:
If you are interested in a smaller group, then please contact me directly: office@spiritualexploration.com.

Public Demonstration Rates* - 2 – 2 ½ Hours 

Public Demonstration rates vary depending on seating and venue. Rates typically range from $30 to $100 per person.  Public demonstrations are shorter in duration and not everyone who attends is guaranteed a spiritual connection.  Rates may often be more economical and such a venue also provides a great opportunity for people to simply watch and enjoy the connections of others. Q&A is also allowed.

**(Distance may increase the rates so please contact for more details)