"As a fellow Medium and avid explorer or consciousness, I've scoured my local community to find others who share my thirst for knowledge.  Often discouraged by the new-age personal ideologies of others and the need to make all things 'spiritual' or 'magical' I began to grow disillusioned.  Then I met Jeffrey.  His extensive years of research regarding the true science and facts of consciousness was exactly what I was looking for.  Although deeply spiritual myself, I still needed someone who could share my need for a more logical and acceptable approach to the power of our true human potential.  Now a colleague and close friend as well as trusted advisor, I've found someone who present himself in a professional way that makes being psychic, spiritual, and consciously aware both acceptable as well as possible.  Whether you're looking for guidance, information, or a connection to the Other Side, Jeffrey really has the ability to do it all!"  - Carol Geiler, Educator, Public Speaker, Writer & Medium

"I had a reading from Jeffrey about a year ago and he is fantastic!  It is a special gift and he has that gift.  He got to my grandmother and members of my family.  That was so cool.  I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to connect to the Other Side.  He has so much wisdom for his young age.  He even gave me some information of what was going to happen with me, that year, in connection with my work."  - Peggy Johnson, Real Estate Agent

"My mom and I had a private sitting with Jeffrey.  I need to mention that Jeffrey insists on the sitter giving him as little information as possible.  When he asked me a question, I would answer yes or no, but without any additional comments or details.  The sitting was incredible.  Not only did dad come through and have some very special messages for both my mom and me, but also my mom's father, who had abandoned the family.  Jeffrey also connected with two of mom's brothers, with very detailed information about themselves and their relationship to her.  Jeffrey received a strong connection with my great-grandfather who was very happy to talk about his beloved wife and about homesteading in Nebraska in the mid-1800's.  The details were all totally correct ... This sitting exceeded all of my expectations.  Jeffrey is extremely professional and meticulous in how he approaches each sitting.  His attention to detail is very evident in how he goes about validating the information he is receiving.  His sincerity and calm, down-to-earth manner made me feel very comfortable with the whole process.  The accuracy of the information he provided made it impossible to have any doubt that he was in contact with my family members.  The comfort and peace that this experience has brought me is beyond measure.  I am so grateful to Jeffrey for sharing his incredible gift with my mom and me." - Debbie K., Lake Stevens, WA

"I met Jeffrey in the first part of 2002 ... I was very ill and just lost my father to lung cancer and was going through a divorce.  A friend told me about Jeffrey, so I called and made an appointment.  My mom and brother came from Eastern Washington to be a part of it, and at the time Jeffrey was a little nervous about all 3 of us being int he room together (so you can see how far he has come in less than 10 years, doing group readings now).  When we got to the reading, Jeffrey knew nothing about me and we had never met before.  He started out with "You dad is here, so he must have past," and then continued to tell me lots of things that only my dad and I would know, then he wanted to talk to his son, which was my brother who was sitting right next to me.  My mother's mom also came through.  She had been killed a few years before in a collision.  Jeffrey picked right up on that ... He also knew about me being very ill and exactly where on my body I was sick.  The whole reading took my breath away and was all my mom, brother and I talked about for weeks - about how accurate he was and how much peace the reading gave us.
     "In 2008, my daughters' father was murdered and once again asked Jeffrey to please give us some help and understanding.  The reading went very well and he was able to bring their dad through with very valuable information.  A few years have past since then, and one of my daughters (now 14) has developed a gift to be able to hear her dad and talks to him all the time.  Jeffrey has spent some time talking with her and helping her to improve her gift, per her request.
     "Over the years Jeffrey has become one of our family's dear friends.  We have been so grateful to have him in our lives.  he is truly blessed with a gift and is one of the very best mediums I have met." - Dawn Tyler, Marysville, Wa

"I can honestly say that Jeffrey Marks has changed the course of my life. As an agnostic scientist, I have long struggled with the nature of the soul and what happens to our energy when our physical bodies die, but wasn't forced to truly grapple with that until I lost my mother in December of 2010. In my grief, I clung to the 1st law of thermodynamics that essentially states "energy can neither be created, nor destroyed" ...and hoped that my mom was out there somewhere. But I still had so many questions; is she an entity? Where is she? Can she see me? Will she come back as someone else? Will I see her again one day? Jeffrey’s book, Your Magical Soul, helped me to understand the bigger (and better) picture of what the soul truly is and gave me hope that there is more to this life than … this life. There is so so so much more. Vastly more that most human minds can even conceive of. I was also given the great privilege to meet with Jeffrey and we were able to contact my mom on the other side. For a scientist needing “proof”, as sad as this will seem to most people of faith, I found what I needed (and much much more) in that interview and my heart has been filled with so much joy ever since. Is there a greater gift than that? Thank you Jeffrey. Thank you for sharing your gift and wisdom with the world." - Gabrielle Pires

From a Recent Group Session:
"Dear Jeffrey ... I would like to thank you again so much for the magnificent evening.  I have never had such a thrilling and inspirational Saturday night like that in my whole life.  You are truly amazing.  I'm looking forward to having a psychic reading with all my friends and family in the near future." - Carol H.

For my book "Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality":

"I just wanted to say your book was amazing. I couldn't put it down so I read it in two days. I love how this book comes from a medium's perspective and yet is coupled with the science to help the reader better understand 'energy'." - Leah B.

"Wow, what an enlightening treatise on the Soul and its journey through science and psychic phenomena. This book has answered many questions that have been with me all of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to those who, like myself, have searched for the link between Science, Psychic Phenomena, and the Soul. Bravo, Mr. Marks." - George S.

"Not only was this book deeply insightful for my own personal journey but I will recommend it to those people I help on their own journey's through their spiritual and psychic development. For me it is a 'textbook' to be read and studied and not just a mere read. The foundation of science and research which backs the information presented makes it too compelling to ignore. This truly allows you to realize just how much power you have in your life! An enormous thanks to the author for compiling this valuable information into an easy to read informative style." - J Geiler

"Just wanted to let you know that I tweeted your book as one that changed my life to 4th Street Media - they are a publishing company that will re-tweet to all of their followers!" - Christine P.

"This book is a work of art." - Rhonda Hohmann, host of the radio show "The Soul Knows"