Saturday, January 28, 2012

Raising Your Vibration and Expanding the Aura

So what does it mean to “raise your vibration” and “expand your aura”? It’s something we hear about a lot when it comes to psychic and mediumship development; yet when you ask people “how do you do it”, you really don’t get a straight answer.

I had a friend ask me this question and few weeks ago. After I pondered the response, I wrote it down and said to myself: Other people have got to be asking this same question. So I decided to blog about it!

Okay … Here goes:

Believe it or not, the process of raising vibration and expanding the aura is a natural by-product of meditation. Our left-brains like to parcel things out into bite-size bits so we can look at them individually, therefore it is easy to perceive them as separate events when they are the natural growth process of letting go and quieting the mind and body.

Typically, we think of meditation as slowing down and being still, which is counterintuitive to “speeding up and raising vibration and expansion.” In terms of shutting off the monkey mind, the idea of slowing down and being quiet is an accurate description. But what happens when we shut down the monkey mind is that it allows the rest of our consciousness to be free.

When we run around in our heads with the left-brain, we actually keep our auras very close to our body; in other words, we are wrapped up in ourselves because we are so busy processing in our heads. At that point, we don’t acknowledge much beyond our beings because that’s not where our focus is. But when we let go of the chattering head, it allows our consciousness to become more receptive, and it is at that moment – when we begin to open up – that the aura starts to expand. Of course, a little intention helps, but letting go and quieting the chattering mind releases the restraints on the aura and it will begin to grow naturally. This is why “meditation” and “sitting for spirit” (two phrases which really mean the same thing, at least to me) is so important in wanting to become more attuned and aware.

The other aspect of this – raising vibration – happens in a similar fashion. Now, you might think that in raising vibration you should feel something vastly different from your “normal” vibration -- like you’re sitting there and all of a sudden you should feel like you have a rocket pack strapped to your back. Sorry to say, this doesn’t happen. But when you reach a good meditative state and with enough awareness, you can actually feel a rapid pulsation go up and down the core of your body through your chakras that is about double the speed of your heart rate, and you will also notice your breathing is smooth and equal, in terms of time spent inhaling and time spent exhaling. This pulsation, now that I think about it, does extend to your skin, too, as I have felt a buzzing sensation across my epidermis during these moments of awareness.

However, if you don’t feel this rapid pulsation, that doesn’t mean you haven’t raised your vibration, it just means that you haven’t got an awareness of it just yet. That may take time. You might not have fine-tuned your sensitivity of discerning the different energies/feelings surrounding the body yet. That’s okay. With enough practice, you’ll get there. And you won’t feel it every time you meditate, but you will from time-to-time. If, after sitting in meditation, you feel more open, relaxed, and as if you are no longer confined to the sense of a “box around your being,” then you have raised your vibration. In changing your state from being “frenetic, chatty, running around in a maze” to being “relaxed, open, peaceful, freeing” you have changed your vibration. Changing your state of mind and feeling of your body is a changing of vibration and frequency.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as thinking more positive, uplifting thoughts. If those thoughts create more positive feelings, then you have raised your vibration (and most likely expanded your aura, too).

And, of course, you can go in with intent while meditating: “Lift higher, lift higher, lift higher” or “raise vibration, raise vibration, raise vibration.” Once you make the intent, you have to then let go and let it happen – don’t chase after it like you’re chasing a butterfly. That just confounds things. Let it happen naturally, because it really does happen naturally on its own. Like I said, if you feel lighter and more freer after the meditation, you have successfully raised your vibration. If you feel you have more energy after meditation, you have raised your vibration. If you feel more balanced instead of lopsided and heavy, you have raised your vibration.

Also, don’t think that the level of vibration of which you are wishing to reach is so distant from your normal vibration; it’s not like you are traversing a football field – it is subtle and slight. The trick is learning to know when you are in it and becoming sensitive to the information that gets transmitted in that zone. It’s really not a huge gap. Plus, when you reach that state, that doesn’t necessarily mean an individual spirit communicator is going to step right in and start delivering information. You can raise vibration and be in the space of spirit – you can feel their presence, you know they are there – but you may not get anything more. That’s fine. A spirit communicator may not wish to communicate, for they feel there is really nothing of great importance to convey at the moment. What’s important is that you are in the space. When the time is right and when a message is necessary to give, a communicator will come in. And with practice, you will be able to “fine-tune” your vibration – stay in it with consistency – and raise it even a little higher. This, so we all believe, will allow either more or “different” information to come from spirit.

The trick is shutting off the left-brain and your ego because the two LOVE to run things; they love to control, identify, and create definition based on your personal beliefs and biases. Yes, we must identify the information which comes to us through the vibration and aura, but our left-brains and egos also try to imbue stuff with our own personal meaning. As mediums, it’s not our job to determine what something means; our job is simply to deliver the information as we get it. We don’t always have to understand it – because 9 times out of 10, we’ll get the meaning wrong when the recipient knows exactly what is being transmitted. Admittedly, I think this is the hardest part of development. I’ve heard and learned to categorize the EGO as “(E)dging (G)od (O)ut.” We must learn to ignore our personal biases and the brain’s need to label things and just pay attention to what is popping into our consciousness from spirit and then deliver only that. Spirit will, if they can, imbue the impressions with their own meaning so you don’t have to. But we cannot judge what they are giving us; we can only deliver it to the recipient.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 - A Paradigm Shift?

For decades we have been hearing this talk of a paradigm shift in consciousness; that a big sweeping revolution is going to cross the globe and affect everybody energetically, consciously, spiritually – at least that’s how I have interpreted this conversation – and people will all of a sudden wake up, as if night has suddenly turned into day. And with the onset of the Mayan “prophecy” this year, this notion has become closely wedded with the December 21st date and become the focal point for when this shift will occur. Unfortunately, I think those people who are holding out on this event are going to wake up on December 22nd very disappointed.

On a planet with 7 billion people, 7 billion minds, and 7 billion different points of view (and growing), in order for this type of paradigm shift to occur, it would require something so incredibly powerful and miraculous, it would be beyond our comprehension. Judging by our march through history as a species, shifts in consciousness do not happen overnight – they are quite gradual and filled with plenty of upheaval. The closest example that we can relate to is the Renaissance, and in no way did that shift from ideology-based wisdom to free thinking and science occur within the course of a single generation, it took several generations with a backdrop of events stretching back millenniums -- and it still hasn’t shifted the whole planet even today. There are still large numbers of people who have entangled themselves with archaic old-world belief systems and dogma; they are firmly entrenched in them; and as the planet becomes more and more populated, the larger those populations will also become – the more people you have to deal with.

We have this idea that a paradigm shift is going to radically change how people will think, act, and at last, world-peace will prevail (or at least be closer at hand). It’s a beautiful thought, until we realize mass consciousness cannot make that leap overnight – with a real good possibility that it will NEVER make a decisive shift in that direction for the very reason of why people incarnate on earth in the first place: to be the fullest expression of universal consciousness and LEARN LESSONS to become all that we can be, as a being of consciousness. Think about what it would be like if we all started to think and believe in the same way, it would become far too limiting for people’s paths and inhibit their free god-given ability to learn the lessons they have chosen to incarnate to learn in the fashion they feel they need to learn them. Some people NEED DRAMA in order to learn their lessons. That’s their choice. In other words, a world without all the different points-of-view which we currently have may actually be a world with Less Creative Expression for a soul to learn in. If mass consciousness were to all of a sudden align itself in one particular direction like atoms in a laser beam, think how that would actually inhibit spiritual growth and expression versus having all of these other oftentimes contradictory points-of-view.

Ultimately, what we are hoping for in a paradigm shift is a change in thinking because we believe it will lead to a change in behaviors – to be more loving rather than destructive and divisive. But we all know, we cannot make other people think differently … We can’t go into a person’s mind and switch their gears for them. We can only inspire them. They have to make that mental consciousness shift themselves – we call it Free Will. We CAN force them to change behavior through intimidation – we see that all the time – but even then, though behavior might be different, the thoughts might still be the same old thoughts someone has always had. We cannot change how other people think, we can only change how WE think and WE behave. In this sense, the only kind of paradigm shift that will occur will not come from something outside people’s consciousness sweeping in and giving them a huge all-of-a-sudden “aha” moment, it will be something they experience and come up with inside themselves. The only way a true paradigm shift will occur is if we can apply the wisdom of Gandhi: Be the change you want to see in the world.

About the only outside influence that could quickly change the way we treat each other on planet earth would be something catastrophic – something that forces us to unite. I’m thinking a planet-destroying asteroid, alien invasion, or pandemic plague.

Outside of that, spirit, consciousness, needs the varying viewpoints and philosophies in order to allow the growth of souls to become all that is possible. Our challenge is to learn to embrace these differences with unconditional love and understand that everything in the universe is not here by chance or coincidence; the universe works with mathematical precision, therefore, what we see in today’s world is supposed to be happening. If we believe that the main goal or lesson in life is to learn how to love, how can we learn that lesson? Only by encountering those things which will challenge us to find that kernel, that gem, and expand from it. That is going to require these challenges we face. We may not agree with what others may think and are doing, but that is because that is not our path, it is theirs, and they are simply learning their individual lessons and becoming all that the nature of spirit can be from that unique perspective. And, yes, we often cross the line in trying to force a shift upon one another to move in different directions – this is the game-plan in learning our life-lessons. You can’t learn them from sitting on a couch; you have to engage.

My prediction for the future: We will continue to evolve. Evolution is a constant. But it occurs in baby-steps. I don’t think anything is going to come sweeping in and kick that evolution into overdrive in such a way that we go from 10 mph to 120, in terms of consciousness expansion across the globe. Can we reach universal peace and brotherhood on earth? Yes, but it won’t come easily nor swiftly.

Some say the reason there are so many people on the earth at this time is because of this massive, quick, evolutionary leap. I don’t. I think it’s because we have made it a biological imperative to have a family, as it has been for millennia, and so we consciously and spiritually ask and welcome more souls to come in, in order to fulfill this imperative and “standard life design.” Standard life design: get married and have children. It has nothing to do with paradigm shifting consciousness. Especially when it appears everything is quite unorganized and chaotic. Watching the news, I don’t see a movement toward consciousness shifting any time soon. I see life engaging and going on as it has been for centuries. Riots are not new. Civil wars are not new. Overthrowing and trompling dictators is not new. Ghadafi could have been the reincarnated Louis XVI for all we know. We are doing the same things we have always done.

The notion of paradigm shifting into a new form of higher consciousness is a holdover from biblical times and Revelations – “We’re right on the cusp of it. The end is nigh!” They thought that back in the 900s at the turn of that millennium, then the late 16 & 1700s when Newton had an apple knock his noggin; they thought that back in the 1800s with the advent of materialist science; around the same time, the spiritualists were advocating it when the Fox Sisters became famous and parapsychology was birthed; they thought it again in the 1930s when ESP became all the rage thanks to J.B. Rhine’s scientific research; then again in the 60s with flower power; and in the 80s with the New Age movement; and when we switched the clocks 12 years ago. It’s always been with us. It’s a social, societal, mental habit, but not necessarily a realistic outcome to expect.

There are reasons why we engage in this habit … which I don’t have time to talk about here. Nevertheless, it does have to do with our recognition of our eternal consciousness and connection to all things and trying to grasp at that omnipotence within this current environment of time and space, multidimensionality, and multiple probabilities. It ain’t easy, folks … And you know what, we make it that way on purpose.

A paradigm shift will not occur TO other people without their choosing; it will occur only within the individual who desires it – and it requires no special date on the calendar to do so. So those that are espousing a paradigm shift will either experience one for themselves and not see it happen with their neighbor – because the neighbor is too caught up with paying the bills and seeing the kids off to school – or they will start to see their neighbor acting differently and will think “That’s weird. What’s up with them?” and not notice any abnormal changes within themselves. It won’t be this big switch from night to day without any form of conscious choice.