Monday, August 30, 2010

The Anne Boleyn Experiment, Part 1

Okay, so I had a little trouble coming up with a topic for this week's blog. So I went looking back into my journals. Whenever I have a "deep" meditation, or receive what I think is an important message, or try an interesting experiment, I always write it down for memory's sake. In going through the material, this experiment from February 2009 really jumped out at me. I remember how it left me feeling rather numb for a a few days because of its ramifications. It was such an awesome experience that I initiated contact twice.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to communicate with someone from 500 years ago? I did. So I tried it out. Following is an abridged version of my notes from the first experiment. I will follow up with the second contact next week. It's these kinds of things that always leave me wondering just what is possible. Enjoy!


February 2009

During my sickness of 2/13 – 2/15/09, I was confined to the couch. I took the opportunity to watch several historically-based films, including “The Other Boleyn Girl.” The movie chronicled the tale of Mary and Anne Boleyn in the court of King Henry VIII. We all know how that story turns out.

Then it came to me: Would it be possible to connect with someone from the 1500’s as easily as someone from my own century? Theoretically, there should be no difference, save for my own biases. Liking the idea, I decided to try the “Anne Boleyn Experiment.” I knew a little about her life from the movie and subsequent small research on the internet. I knew I would need something from “Anne” to validate communication if it were to happen; something I didn’t already know, but could gain access to through research.

The first experiment was initiated Saturday, February 20th, 2009. I was to give my standard “group reading” at my friend Terri’s house. Before my readings, I would be meditating, so I took that moment to conduct the experiment.

As “luck” would have it, Terri entered the room and interrupted my meditation. As I opened my eyes, I saw around her an image of her house, with a piece “pulled out and replaced.” After my meditation, she revealed to me the gutting and reconstruction of the master bathroom, and subsequent work in the master bedroom. I had no prior knowledge of this. This “interruption” however, showed I was sufficiently relaxed to receive psychic communication at the time of my meditation.

After Terri left the room, I went back into meditation mode. I simply repeated Anne’s name several times (4, maybe 5). I soon began to feel a presence. Definitely female. The energy superimposed over my body; that is, I could “feel” the contours of her face replacing my own. There was “personality” to the energy, distinct from my own.

Immediately I saw “1536” in big bright numbers. This was the year she was beheaded. At the time, I wasn’t sure what year. But, because of my minimal research on Anne I took for granted I had probably read or seen it, so dismissed it as evidence.

Then she showed me a line from December to August.

In my research, I have discovered that she was found pregnant in December 1532 and “retired to her chamber in August” to give birth to Elizabeth (later to be Queen Elizabeth). Source: “…by December she was pregnant …. Anne took to her chamber, according to custom, on August 26, 1533 and on September 7, at about 3:00 in the afternoon, the Princess Elizabeth was born." I was stunned. Here, I had been given a series of months that correlated with the pregnancy and birth of Queen Elizabeth.

Next she showed me her decapitated head. This was not unusual, as most “dead people” I encounter give me some clue as to how they died. In Anne’s case, though, she kept making particular reference to her throat.

Two things in this reference stand out:

1. The reference itself being something more than the obvious (being decapitated), and

2. A reference of being witness to “the men who did inappropriate things” to the head. I suspect either urinating on it, or something similar. Degradation was being noted, and specifically that she “saw them.”

I could not find anything in my research to validate the second reference point of the head being mistreated after the execution. However, there was concern that such acts would be done, hence the reason for the next historical reference point that she gave me. Perhaps I misinterpreted her meaning of “seeing inappropriate things?” Perhaps she lay witness to scheming of such things, once she died. I do not know. HOWEVER, on the first reference, I DID FIND VALIDATION. The special attention to the neck was indeed deliberate, as she is recorded to have said on the day of her execution:

"I heard say the executioner was very good, and I have a little neck", and then put her hands about it, laughing heartily. (source:

Next she showed me three to four maidens, standing in a row. Naturally, as Queen you would expect maidens in her retinue, so I knew these had to have particular meaning, though I knew not what. On Sunday, February 21, in doing my research, I discovered that after she was beheaded, the head was placed in an arrowhead box next to her body and CARRIED AWAY BY HER MAIDENS to be interred. This was the doozy. Connection had indeed been made to Anne Boleyn, based on this evidence.

“Her ladies immediately took up her head and the body. They seemed without souls, they were so languid and extremely weak, but fearing that their mistress might be handled unworthily by inhuman men, they forced themselves to do this duty; and though almost dead, at last carried off her dead body wrapt in a white covering”. Written by an eyewitness, fourteen days after the execution. Source:

Here again we have reference to the head being feared of "handled unworthily by inhuman men."

Incidentally, on Saturday during the experiment, I remarked how fascinating it was to converse with somebody who had been dead over 500 years. Anne laughed and said (paraphrasing) “Time is nothing like what you see it. 500 years or 1 single day does not make any difference. There is not this perception of distance you imagine between ‘my time’ and ‘yours’.” She also remarked that this sort of thing – communicating with the dead – would have been very horrifying in the 1500’s. Such an act would have been seen as “talking to the devil” and would have made church authorities clamor to have one burned at the stake.

It was such a remarkable experiment that the following weekend, I decided to find out if I could learn more about her life and times.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Potential After Effects of a Sitting - From the Other Side

For those who have talked to me about the nature of giving readings, or otherwise asked me questions about my work as a medium, oftentimes you’ve heard me say “It’s always about the client.” Indeed, it should never be about me, the medium, for the message is always for the person receiving it. Plus, they are the ones who have come with a host of vested interests in seeking answers, while my position is simply to be a conduit without any preconceived notions or expectations as to the outcome – though I hope whatever comes through satisfies the sitter’s needs.

However, recently, I have come to realize, there’s more to a sitting than just this. In fact, it’s one of those “Duh! Why didn’t you consider that before, numbskull!” Well, maybe because I’ve always focused on the client, and in doing so inadvertently blocked out the other side (no pun intended) of the equation.

What am I talking about?

I had a private reading earlier in the week where my client’s deceased sister came through. During the reading, it felt like the sister hadn’t tried to make contact with people back on earth since her passing, several years earlier. My client agreed that there had been no unusual events or coincidences which sometimes happens after a death that makes the living wonder “Is so-and-so trying to send me a message?” This particular reading occurred on a Thursday evening. During the weekend after the sitting, my client had a conversation with a high school friend of her sister’s who had come searching for her a few months earlier, unaware that she had passed away. My client told the friend about our reading and that her sister came through. The friend then revealed she had a very vivid dream about meeting the deceased in the environment of a class reunion party – the date of the dream was Thursday night, the day of the sitting.

When my client revealed this to me, I was stunned. It pointed to another potential aspect regarding the outcome of a reading: the affect on the spirit.

As I mentioned earlier, the deceased sister made me feel like she had never attempted to communicate to anyone back on earth since her passing; yet she made the effort when I sat down with my client, and then suddenly, a friend from high school has a reunion dream with her that same night. Could the process of the sitting given this spirit the courage and desire to attempt connection on her own, whereas before the possibility may never had been considered? We may never know, but it definitely raises the possibility that the process of mediumship may not only be beneficial to the living, but also to the dead.

Hypothetically … If someone who is deceased never gave themselves the possibility of meaningful communication back to the living, then engaged in an experiment (more or less) with trying to transmit information through a professed medium – and it appeared the experiment worked – is it not conceivable the success might spur the spirit into making other attempts at communication with friends and loved ones?

I think the answer could be “yes.” And if that is the case, I must acknowledge a certain sense of just how important my role in this back-and-forth exchange between my client and the deceased is. The process may not simply affect the client, it could also affect the spirit – more so than just simply passing information such as “I’m okay, I still love you.” It may actually inspire the deceased beyond a mere instance of fashioning dialogue to becoming a greater force for communication on their own. I find that notion to be incredibly humbling.

And it may still go deeper than that. We have all been witness to people who have been to a medium and the information coming through is so moving (or striking so deeply) that it brings tears to the client’s eyes. It is a moment of intense emotion because the client truly feels the connection is being made to someone they have lost.

But have we ever considered the same emotion might be occurring within the deceased that’s making the communication? I think too often we feel that since they are on the other side, their perception about the nature of life and relationships takes on a different view and may not be as emotional during these times of apparent communication. Indeed, the perception might be different from where they stand. But even they, the deceased, recognize the separation that exists between here and there and the difficulty of passing information, so the impact of a reading may be equally as emotional for them as for us. There have been many times after a reading has closed and the sitter has left (or I’m driving home), where the deceased who came through during the sitting pops into my consciousness for a brief moment and says “Thank you.” I don’t necessarily feel tears on their behalf, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t being shed. I certainly feel a lot of loving emotion, which could very well be accompanied by tears my psychic eye simply doesn’t see.

I guess the crux of this blog is simply this: As a medium, the sitting isn’t just about the client and his/her questions and emotions, it’s also about those on the other side. (Insert “Duh” here). Both can be affected by this process. This makes the role and gravity of the medium even more important. In today’s society, when viewing a reading we are witness to only a filtered view of this situation, and since we can’t “see” the deceased and can only infer their presence by the nature of the information coming through, we may be missing the emotional impact on those we’ve lost and what’s going on with them at that moment of connection.

Too often, mediums (myself definitely included), as well as skeptics, sitters, or other audience members (if it’s a group) wonder why more information doesn’t come through, or why complex concepts don’t make it through easily.

The answer may simply be this: the emotional outburst of communication – the sheer joy of talking again to the living - is so exciting as well as energetically taxing that only small amounts or certain kinds of information can make it through the ether. Think about it: If you’re caught up or close to being overwhelmed with emotion, how clear are you in expressing yourself? How well are you able to focus your thoughts and feelings when you are incredibly excited? How excited would you be if you could send a message to a living relative you loved, if the living felt you had been lost and without the ability to be reached?

Perhaps it’s not just the living that cries at the feeling of direct contact, but so, too, the dead.

The space a medium provides goes both ways, hence a new perspective on the term “medium.” He/she is between both the dead and the living, and the impact of the reading – though the focus may be on information transfer during the actual sitting – also results in emotional transfer, not just for the sitter, but also the spirit.

At the beginning, I said the focus is always the client. I will amend that: It’s for the clients (plural), for it is not simply the person coming to connect with the dead, it’s also the dead coming to connect with the living. They’re both clients. Because of this realization, the medium needs to remain “mediumistic,” being cognizant of both the living and the deceased during the sitting, and not just the desire to transfer information from one side of the veil to the other.

It’s a much greater process with much greater ramifications. We are all thinking and feeling entities. None of that changes when we cross, and the nature of a reading definitely goes both ways. It’s emotional for them, as well as it is for us.

Until next time,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life As An Act of Courage

Here's a thought I had a few weeks ago, again at the Mukilteo beach (I need to keep going there). It all came to me as I sat to watch the waves and sky ...


It definitely wasn’t to take in the sunset, as the clouds hung low and obscured any chance of a brush stroke on the horizon. No, it was just to break out and feel a sense of connection with nature that I coiled myself against a large piece of driftwood and watched the boats and ferry go by. Off to my left was a guy chatting with his girlfriend about a new job he had just started that day; to my right, an older couple hoping to see a streak of pink on an otherwise grey canopy of sky. Sprinkled here and there were children of all ages, laughing and testing their skill at trying to skip rocks on the water’s surface. Though the clouds blocked any chance of a pinhole in the curtain of dusk, it was still a pleasant evening, having just come off another day in the average mid- to upper 70s. Yes, at last there was a sense of contentment in my being; no struggles going on in my mind – no quest for finding some obscure answer to an equally obscure question.

Perhaps it was in that moment of having nothing to focus on that an interesting and bizarre scenario flashed into my head. My wandering eyes stole a glimpse of everyone on the beach and my mind placed us in the Afterlife. I had, imaginatively, switched the notion of us as living beings playing around on a beach here in this world to us as people who had lived some kind of a life on earth, had died, and were enjoying a beach scenario in the Afterlife. Why not? There would be people of all ages there, as some would die as children, some as teens, others as adults.

What an eye opener! I noticed I had a whole newfound respect for everyone (I thought that was weird). It was as if, from the aspect of existing in the Afterlife, that everyone had graduated from school. Granted, I didn’t know anyone better than what I did a moment before the thought came into my being, but when I considered the notion that each and every person had lived some sort of life on earth and were now a living being in the spirit world, what an incredible difference that made on my perception. I guess at that point, there’s an even greater sense of compassion and camaraderie when one considers the similar nature of experience – birth, life, death, and rebirth in a spiritual realm – that if this were a real scenario, each of us would have gone through.

No matter that their earthly lives may have been completely dissimilar to mine, when I looked at these spiritual beings, I couldn’t ignore the idea that they came with a known history from their earthly existence; it wasn’t shed at the moment of their transition. I think it was this idea, this sense of history attached to the people, that led me to the sense of “graduating.” If this were the real Afterlife, I would be tempted to go and talk with some of them as to what their earthly lives had been like. It seemed to me that the ability to approach a stranger was more easily accessible once one was “out of the game” so to speak. Yes, we may have lived different lives, but we each had lived a life, experienced a death, and were now carrying on with a sense of relief that we are eternal and boundless, and all connected in that way (if we’re going to play the game of keeping separate personalities).

Then – as my mind often does – I decided to twist it just a little. I considered the idea that we, in a linear expression of existence, will consider coming back down to earth. Here is the whole idea of “choosing your parents, your lessons, various relationships, etc. etc.” before incarnating. And then I recalled, most people on some level will accept the reality that they will forget their spiritual heritage; lose memory of their immortality and abilities as a divine creator when they chose to reincarnate.

Another eye opener! Now, placing my mind back on the earth plane, I looked at everyone on the beach and considered that thought. These people, from a linear expression, knew that when they birthed back to earth that they would lose memory of where they came from and what they were – and they were willing to accept that amnesia to be here! THAT, my friends, is courage. To step foot out into the forest and be willing to forget the path back home while you are on the journey takes some real guts. Yes, in the end we are still immortal and divine, but when you purposely forget that and choose to get caught up in an illusion – knowing that you’re getting caught up in the illusion – that’s some serious cha-cha. That certainly inspired another sense of newfound respect for my fellow humans sharing the beach with me that night. Every man, woman, and child, at that point, became the bravest people I knew (and yet, that was the only thing I knew about them). They, from the spiritual realm, were brave enough to say “I am willing to forget all this about who I am; about my place here and its ultimate meaning in my life; I am willing to go to earth, naked, and start another life from the perception of nothing before me, and an earthly perception of perhaps nothing after me accept a hope and a dream.”

This is the COURAGE that YOU came here with – that you ARE. This shows just how much you DO believe in yourself and know of your VALUE and WORTH. You were willing to forget your past lives, your past in-between lives in dimensions of spirit, and the dogged scientific assuredness of an afterlife. You were BRAVE enough to bury that so deep and still come here to engage in potential extremist conditions – wars, disasters, mega-love, and mega-hate. It just goes to show, there is nothing you aren’t capable of facing and going through. You chose to be born, and for many, to forget so much.

If anything, ponder that for 5-minutes today. Then give yourself the love and compassion you so richly deserve and honor your being for what you had chosen to forget in order to be here.

As always, you are a PERFECT being. Until next time …

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Despite Current Conditions ...

Every once in awhile I get overcome with inspiration and feel like I'm "downloading" information about life and reality from sources other than my own mind. In the past, these inspirations have been invaluable in helping me cross perceptual rivers and engage new shores of my existence. Hopefully, such muses can perhaps be of service to you as well. It is with humble heart that I offer this transcript from one of these recent moments.

Though it appears I am talking to you, dear reader, the reality is, this was what the voices were telling me. (I can see you now - "Oh! He's hearing voices again! Do we call the straight-jacket people or not?" heh heh). When these inspirations come, I try and transcribe them as cleanly and undistorted as possible. Let me know what you think!

To overcome conditions, you must first believe in the power of the phrase “Despite the condition.” Too often you stare at what is currently surrounding you and flood your consciousness with a perspective of “this is the prison I am confined in.” At that point, you have negated your possibilities – the very reality of your own freedoms – to that which is outside of you, without remembering your power within.

What you are really doing is validating the effect of observation being the real creator of your life; in other words, as soon as you acknowledge within your mind the outside prison (and that you are trapped within it), you reveal the lens for which you are constructing your reality.

In the realm of metaphysics, physical reality lies at the bottom of the scale of creation. Matter is slow moving and dense, and is considered “the last stage” of energetic evolution.

First you start with creative energy – all possibilities. All possibilities then must begin emergence through the development of Mind. Mind, or “mental matter” plucks from the field of all possibilities and dwindles chaos into a single decision and intention. From there, that possibility moves out of mind and into the astral plane, turning possibility in probability. As the energy journeys down the spectrum, getting denser as it goes, it slows into etheric matter, and finally, dense matter, which the dense physical body is filtered to perceive.

By consigning yourself to what your eyes and ears are telling you, you are (metaphysically speaking) in error in terms of what is physically real in the Now moment. That is, since physical reality is at the end of the energetic spectrum, what you are witnessing with your eyes and hearing with your ears is nothing more than an aftereffect of a previous series of thoughts and feelings. That’s the reality of the Now moment as perceived through the filters of your dense physical body. Your prison, therefore, is only a reflection of what came before and is not a true reflection of what is available to you Now.

This is why that phrase is so empowering. “Despite the current condition” keeps the filtering lens of the mind open to other possibilities you would normally close yourself off to by believing in the opposite “I’m imprisoned by my current conditions.” Despite the current conditions signals to the consciousness, the observer that turns quantum waves of possibility in particles of definitive existence, that you are not bound by what is; it takes that power completely away.

No one ever changed reality by continuing to believe that it was carved in stone. Only when people opened up to the sliver of a chance for change did change finally come. All too often, however, you feel you are swimming against the tide – flapping flapping flapping against a force that never seems to let you gain an inch of ground. That’s because you’re always focused on the fight – giving the opponent the strength to keep you at bay or tow you under.

What if that fight was the result of erroneous thinking? Indeed – what if the earth was round instead of flat??

The only way change can come is by inviting it in, and you need to allow that despite the current conditions. See how this is working?

The Universe is unlimited, and so we are reminded during times of trying to manifest intentions “don’t put strings or conditions on the Universe.” This is why “intention experts” always say “Come from the end result.” The idea is sound – the Universe is much larger than your egoic brain, and if it can support all the planets in the heavens, etc., etc., then it can also find ways of bringing your intention to you that you would never even think of, so just think and feel from the perspective of already having it and let the Universe provide the path (Easier said than done, but there it is).

Well, let us also realize that since personal reality is created by personal observation within personal consciousness, then your perspective of the Universe, by default, must also be a personal creation, singular to you and no one else – at least in terms of how you observe and relate to it within your own being. In other words, you yourself are the Universe and the Universe is You. If that is the case, then if we apply the aforementioned directive, it becomes something quite interesting: Don’t put strings on the Universe becomes Don’t limit your own Self. Now, this Self I’m speaking of here isn’t your egoic mind, but your greater Creative Self, the Great Organizing Designer (GOD) that is eternal; quantum in nature that interacts and utilizes Time and Space for creative expression – and is actually the controller of such attributes (you just don’t often realize it or accept that power).

Despite the current conditions allows you to be the great Universal creator that you are – free to allow your multidimensional, nonlocal, outside Time and Space Being access to working with natural creative elements, like a painter and his palette. When you believe you are imprisoned by current conditions, you unfortunately commit to blocking yourself from those abilities used to bring you the freedom you so desire. By keeping your current conditions in the proper framework of revealing what was your former thought, feeling, and vibrational state, which is what Despite the current conditions helps to do, your palette of creation tools will then remain within your consciousness, in sight of your working mind, allowing you to once again act in the role of the Great Organizing Designer (GOD) of your personal reality, your personal observations, your personal Universe.

Remember, you are a PERFECT being.

So … “Despite my current condition … I can be and have …” and then feel yourself as being just what it is that you want. You are a new pattern of consciousness at that point – because despite your current condition, you are that new thought and condition.

You have opened the door to the creative force of your being. Your universal god consciousness creator being. “Despite the current condition, I can have and be …” This is what you are ultimately saying when practicing affirmations. You just usually keep the “Despite the current condition” silent.

Despite your condition, do you think the Universe could orchestrate a way into something new? Then why can’t you? You ARE the universe. Don’t limit yourself. The changes and path may be “blind” to the egoic mind, but not to your consciousness as a whole. You can feel tides carrying you along beneath normal ego; you can sense “something is happening.” This is your eternal Self, that which is outside the egoic mind, doing its job.

You created the ego in youth, in order to “fit in” to this time period and discover the current world’s perceptions of “working order.” You adapted your waking consciousness to react in certain ways based off this world-view; you discovered from your parents and peers the “perceived acceptable state of reaction” to various stimuli (e.g., you coil away at this, you react happily to that). However, all that is simply a focus of Being; a way of mental orientation for current reality observation and interaction. It’s a narrowing of perception, or rather a lens cap for which to interact with current idea-isms running in vogue for the current timeframe. These idea-isms, like all things, change over time as evolution is a constant factor in personal (and collective) growth. Despite the current condition is, amazingly then, a truism for all people, all places, and all Time. Despite the current condition, change has to come, it has to happen, due to the nature of evolution itself. However, that change can be an incredibly slow crawl depending on how much you choose (either intentionally or unintentionally) to decide to keep certain mental frameworks firmly in place ... Mental frameworks that ultimately go through that whole process again ... through astral, etheric, and then physical planes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Medium Gets a Message, pt 2

Subject/Object Dissolution – Experiential Events

I planted myself firmly on the mixture of rocks and sand at the lighthouse beach. The sun was high in the sky, though not at all blinding, and it was the perfect temperature. My guides had asked me to come here for a reason, and I was anxious to find out. The knock-upon-the-head from the Lenora marker at the graveyard signaled that whatever was to happen was going to be, at the very least, memorable and probably significant. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. Within a few moments, the relaxation response kicked in and I could feel my consciousness dip out of beta brainwaves and into alpha. Another moment passed and I could suddenly sense them approaching from a few feet away. Four of my guides drew nearer and sat around me, encasing me in a circle. I knew who they were by the feel of their personalities; they never have to announce themselves by name (It’s like knowing when your spouse or a relative walks into the house – you may not see them, but you know they are there by the feel of their presence).

We carried on a brief conversation, mainly about the need to let go of holding onto negative emotions and ideas that keep me locked up in a proverbial self-appointed prison. Somehow or other, the topic shifted and they directed me to notice the light breeze gently stirring in the air. It was then that I noticed the breeze didn’t stop when it struck my skin; rather, I could feel it course through me, as if my body were nothing more than a mesh. The cool airstream went through my torso, and I could feel its volition inside me, as it passed through my pores on one side, and then out again on the other. It was a remarkable sensation!

Then my guides directed me to listen to the water lapping upon the shore. As I turned my attention there, I could feel that the water was my body, and my body the water. A visual image filled my mental eye, of a matrix melding and being one with the water – and that matrix was me.

All life is one energy in many forms; undifferentiated and unseparated, they reminded me. It is only a focus of thought, of mind, that creates the illusion – a necessary one for the observation of the Great Oneness’ personal perception, expression, and experience – joyful, boundless creative expression. As they narrated the point of the experience, I not only felt my distinct personality dissolve, but I felt the incoming energy of All That Is – or at least, all that was going on in that Space and Time at the beach. With a simple “push” of thought, I became the bird gliding overhead; I became the boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands as they walked by (I actually felt their feet upon the rocks moments before my ears heard them).

Open your eyes, my guides instructed.

When I did, I not only saw the different aspects of reality – people, birds, sunlight, water, plants, rocks – I also felt myself in them. Each piece of life was myself looking back at me.

You exist in all things, they said, and in all Time. Maybe not you as Jeffrey Marks, but you as a completed Soul, the breath of consciousness that you Are. Each part of life is the same in Source, distinct and separate only in mind, vibrating ultimately from One Life as One Life.

What I gathered from this experiential union was the notion that I wasn’t connected – that none of us are connected – it’s that we are One Being only. Connection implies two separate identities united by a string between them, when in fact, there aren’t two beings, but only One. And for a period of about ten minutes, I experienced that. My body, at that point, was merely a shell, I knew, created from a tiny impulse of Mind – akin to a toy for playing the game of Life. All was One Life, living within Itself, experiencing Itself, and having a GREAT TIME doing it. This sense of unlimited fun undoubtedly is the rise of the emotion we call Love. It’s where we all rise out from and all return back into.

As I walked back to my car, the energy essence that was my life I witnessed within every person I passed. I felt them inside me, or rather, I felt myself inside them (it felt a little like bi-location). I knew, it was only a very small “twist of the mind” that would set my personality back into place, and hence the illusion of separateness, suggesting our oneness is not that far out of reach and is really just a state of mind. Subsequently, I realized with just another subtle vibration of thought, I could also turn my consciousness somewhere else on the ferris wheel of Time. Since this wasn’t a natural state of being for me, I knew it was fragile and only momentary, but I took in as much as I could muster. How often does one get this bird’s eye view of consciousness and reality? There was, at that moment, no separation between subject and object in the world. The subject was the object, and the object was the subject.

As I drove away, I mused at how during the work week I must appear to be a simple paper-pusher to some, living a completely dull and boring life. In reality, it was apparent from today’s experiences at the graveyard and the beach that I am really a mystic; for my life always flows in the river of the deep occult of the cosmos. Is it any wonder that I sometimes struggle with a normal day-to-day job?

Then I realized: I shouldn’t be driving. My body and mind were more drunk than I had ever been with a sip of alcohol. Literally. My sense of movement and focus on driving was impaired because I was still “flying high.” It had to be a sheer miracle I didn’t get into an accident.

In the end, the experience again confirms to me what I hope all my readers come to understand: You are far greater than you have ever given yourself credit for. You are a PERFECT being. You are never alone, for you exist in All Things, and All Things within you.

Until next time …