Monday, August 2, 2010

Medium Gets a Message, pt 2

Subject/Object Dissolution – Experiential Events

I planted myself firmly on the mixture of rocks and sand at the lighthouse beach. The sun was high in the sky, though not at all blinding, and it was the perfect temperature. My guides had asked me to come here for a reason, and I was anxious to find out. The knock-upon-the-head from the Lenora marker at the graveyard signaled that whatever was to happen was going to be, at the very least, memorable and probably significant. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. Within a few moments, the relaxation response kicked in and I could feel my consciousness dip out of beta brainwaves and into alpha. Another moment passed and I could suddenly sense them approaching from a few feet away. Four of my guides drew nearer and sat around me, encasing me in a circle. I knew who they were by the feel of their personalities; they never have to announce themselves by name (It’s like knowing when your spouse or a relative walks into the house – you may not see them, but you know they are there by the feel of their presence).

We carried on a brief conversation, mainly about the need to let go of holding onto negative emotions and ideas that keep me locked up in a proverbial self-appointed prison. Somehow or other, the topic shifted and they directed me to notice the light breeze gently stirring in the air. It was then that I noticed the breeze didn’t stop when it struck my skin; rather, I could feel it course through me, as if my body were nothing more than a mesh. The cool airstream went through my torso, and I could feel its volition inside me, as it passed through my pores on one side, and then out again on the other. It was a remarkable sensation!

Then my guides directed me to listen to the water lapping upon the shore. As I turned my attention there, I could feel that the water was my body, and my body the water. A visual image filled my mental eye, of a matrix melding and being one with the water – and that matrix was me.

All life is one energy in many forms; undifferentiated and unseparated, they reminded me. It is only a focus of thought, of mind, that creates the illusion – a necessary one for the observation of the Great Oneness’ personal perception, expression, and experience – joyful, boundless creative expression. As they narrated the point of the experience, I not only felt my distinct personality dissolve, but I felt the incoming energy of All That Is – or at least, all that was going on in that Space and Time at the beach. With a simple “push” of thought, I became the bird gliding overhead; I became the boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands as they walked by (I actually felt their feet upon the rocks moments before my ears heard them).

Open your eyes, my guides instructed.

When I did, I not only saw the different aspects of reality – people, birds, sunlight, water, plants, rocks – I also felt myself in them. Each piece of life was myself looking back at me.

You exist in all things, they said, and in all Time. Maybe not you as Jeffrey Marks, but you as a completed Soul, the breath of consciousness that you Are. Each part of life is the same in Source, distinct and separate only in mind, vibrating ultimately from One Life as One Life.

What I gathered from this experiential union was the notion that I wasn’t connected – that none of us are connected – it’s that we are One Being only. Connection implies two separate identities united by a string between them, when in fact, there aren’t two beings, but only One. And for a period of about ten minutes, I experienced that. My body, at that point, was merely a shell, I knew, created from a tiny impulse of Mind – akin to a toy for playing the game of Life. All was One Life, living within Itself, experiencing Itself, and having a GREAT TIME doing it. This sense of unlimited fun undoubtedly is the rise of the emotion we call Love. It’s where we all rise out from and all return back into.

As I walked back to my car, the energy essence that was my life I witnessed within every person I passed. I felt them inside me, or rather, I felt myself inside them (it felt a little like bi-location). I knew, it was only a very small “twist of the mind” that would set my personality back into place, and hence the illusion of separateness, suggesting our oneness is not that far out of reach and is really just a state of mind. Subsequently, I realized with just another subtle vibration of thought, I could also turn my consciousness somewhere else on the ferris wheel of Time. Since this wasn’t a natural state of being for me, I knew it was fragile and only momentary, but I took in as much as I could muster. How often does one get this bird’s eye view of consciousness and reality? There was, at that moment, no separation between subject and object in the world. The subject was the object, and the object was the subject.

As I drove away, I mused at how during the work week I must appear to be a simple paper-pusher to some, living a completely dull and boring life. In reality, it was apparent from today’s experiences at the graveyard and the beach that I am really a mystic; for my life always flows in the river of the deep occult of the cosmos. Is it any wonder that I sometimes struggle with a normal day-to-day job?

Then I realized: I shouldn’t be driving. My body and mind were more drunk than I had ever been with a sip of alcohol. Literally. My sense of movement and focus on driving was impaired because I was still “flying high.” It had to be a sheer miracle I didn’t get into an accident.

In the end, the experience again confirms to me what I hope all my readers come to understand: You are far greater than you have ever given yourself credit for. You are a PERFECT being. You are never alone, for you exist in All Things, and All Things within you.

Until next time …

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