Sunday, July 25, 2010

Medium Gets a Message

It had been a rough week at work last week, so I requested a day off for my own mental sanity. It was one of those weeks where, you know, you felt like everything was culminating inside you, stirring your guts round and round and also making your head spin. So I took a vacation day to let all that go.

And what a day that was.

In times of intense stress, one always wonders “Where is my guidance? Where are my spirit guides and why aren’t they helping me out here?” It’s a natural reaction. Chances are, they are ready, willing, and able to help if you would just shut your own mind up and get of out of the way. Of course, when you’re caught up in the whirlwind of life’s events, letting go is not the easiest thing to do. So I forced myself to take a vacation day with the intent of forcibly removing my body and mind from the environment that was making me spin wildly beyond mental/emotional legal limits.

At 11:30 a.m. I set out to go for a drive – but I had no destination in mind. Instead, I stated “Okay, spirit, you’re the driver. Well, actually, I’m the driver, but you’re going to lead me.”

I suspected I would be leaving the Mukilteo area where I live, so I started on my usual course – up the hill toward the Boeing freeway, heading out of town. Alas, spirit had other plans … The nearer I got to the Boeing freeway, the more the intense feeling and message came across my mind “Go to the cemetery.” Okay, I figured, it’s probably not out of the question for someone like me to have such a notion be impressed on my consciousness. So I whipped around and headed toward the tiny pioneer cemetery just on the edge of town, serenely overlooking the beach and lighthouse.

As my feet crept onto the peaceful lawn and my senses opened for whatever it was the guides had in mind for bringing me here, my eyes noticed a white headstone, brighter than most. There had been a new batch of flowers and other offerings set before it. As I drew nearer, I was stunned by the name and instantly knew why my teachers had chosen this location to start my day’s journey.

The name on the marker was Lenora.

This may not mean much to most people, but to me it was a 2x4 across the head, as it was the first name of the most researched medium in history, Lenora Piper (Her name, depending on sources, was spelled as either Lenora or Leonora). She was the one medium that William James declared his “white crow,” and who was responsible for converting several reputable and learned scientists of the Victorian era into believers in life after death and the possibility of mediumship – and also one my favorite mediums from ages past. This was my guides’ way of telling me “We’re here and you’re safe, and this symbolically represents who you are.” Maybe they were also telling me to keep on my course, not that I was waffling. But during my hectic week – as I’m sure many of you have experienced – you start wondering “I know this is not what I am supposed to be doing. Somebody help me!”

It was a surreal experience. My guides were able to take me from a frenetic pulling-hair-out-of-my-head mental and emotional rollercoaster week into a sudden moment of grounding and intense realization. It took the cacophony of the mundane rat-race-rumble-tumble world and stripped it bare to reveal a single essential beating heart within my consciousness that heralds a sense of purpose for my life – my work and development of psi functioning … A sometimes intermediary for those on the Other Side, devoid of Time and Space, and the people here in this world who seek to hear from them.

This meeting place of my living earth-bound presence in a graveyard of the dead staring at the tombstone bearing the name of the world’s first great scientifically studied medium went way beyond statistical chance. There was nothing else there that would have meant anything to me, in terms of meaningful spiritual connection for driving to this cemetery on a psychical impulse. Had I not come across this memorial – one that significantly stood out from the rest – I would’ve left scratching my head asking “Why did you send me here?” It’s always these moments that cast wide the realization of spiritual (do I dare say “interdimensional”?) communion. It shows we are not alone in the world; that those on the Other Side are there for us, and that they do care about our health and well-being.

My odyssey for the day didn’t end there. The guides knew how to grab my attention using the tombstone of Lenora, but it was only a first step in a multi-tiered level of informed communication. I sat at a bench overlooking the water as a ferry began its journey toward Whidbey. I closed my eyes to move inward, to start meditation. Another “thrust” passed through me, as their energy called up through my cells to “not meditate here, but down on the beach.” I approached the cemetery fence overlooking the lighthouse park. It wasn’t crowded. The air was mild, with little to no breeze. And the sensation of magnetism was indisputable – that’s where they wanted me to go. If they want me to go there, I reasoned, it was to have an experience, not just to receive a message – otherwise, they could deliver it right here.

As I scurried to my car to zip down to the park, I said a silent “thank you” to the pioneers buried in the cemetery, for playing their role in my guides’ message. I think I also said “sorry” for not sticking around to talk with a few of them, if they were hanging out.

At this point, I will cliff-hang this blog (the events on the beach would take up far too much room here in this entry). The point I wanted to make is how when we are willing to give up and trust spirit or guidance to come through, and be open to them, they will make themselves known. And you, too, will realize that you are valued and important in not just this world, but also the one beyond.


  1. Great story - so happy you had this awesome communication and can't wait to hear the second half - even though I know how it ends!!! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. This must have been the week for many of us. My mind has been preoccupied with decisions that I need to make and at the same time having my guides pull me in other directions. Stopping to listen and create the doorway to the space where magic happens and answers appear has been difficult. I have 3 weeks coming up with no work to do other than to enter this space and find my answers. Last night I walked into our bedroom to see a small person sitting on the end of our bed smoking a cigarette and looking very much like Mother Theresa....... A reminder that somebody is trying to get my attention!

    Love and light,