Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ghosts Can Teach Us a Thing or Two

Ghosts … Hauntings … These conditions always challenge our notions of reality, and hence, our sense of security. It is easy to become frightened when it appears a being of the non-physical sort can impact this realm through sounds such as rapping, tapping, voices, even music. And, depending on the intensity, take it to the next level and influence physical matter to move – closing doors, opening cupboards, and stealing objects.

As a paranormal researcher, instead of getting frightened, I get curious. What does this behavior suggest about the nature of who and what we are, no matter whether we are alive or dead? First off, I do not believe ghosts are demons or some non-earthly entity; in fact, I have encountered many in my investigations who admitted through electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs) and other communicative methods (besides psychic) that they were once alive, died, and just never “moved on” for various reasons. That they can still influence the 3-dimensional world raises some interesting thoughts.

First off, it suggests that we as a form of consciousness are not confined by our dense physical bodies, even in the grossest sense. This is not to say a ghost doesn’t have a body, for indeed they might, it just might exist outside the frequency range of our own senses which can only perceive a very tiny amount of what’s really “out there.” Be that as it may, these astral bodies of the spirits still have some way of slowing down and breaking the sense barriers and impacting our world. We, too, then must realize that we can (or will eventually) have this same ability sometime in our existence, if not right now. Who knows - we may be affecting the astral plane from where we stand now, and just not realize it - in a sense, being a "ghost" in the spirit's world.

We know from scientific studies in consciousness research that Senders can affect many aspects of a Receiver’s physiology and mind: galvanic skin response, emotions, mental imagery, and (astonishingly) actions and behavior, to a certain degree. How does this relate to a ghost? Well, they are consciousness, with the ability to thrust intentions into the quantum structure of Space/Time from some sort of frequency range.

I have noticed in listening to EVPs, a second or two before the voice of a spirit is heard on the recording, a lot of the time there is an audible “pop,” like someone shooting a kid’s cap gun. Sometimes the pop is faint, sometimes it’s not. This suggests to me an action that could be similar to a jet breaking the sound barrier; it reaches a certain velocity and then “BANG.” In this case, a spirit is able to slow his or her energy in some way, reaching a threshold point and breaking a dimensional barrier, which then allows their voice to be captured on a recording device.

Is it really their voice, or just a mental imprint? How are they accomplishing this? We may never know. I have heard EVPs that have a rather electronic quality to them, like the voice of a robot in an old 1950s movie. Other EVPs are quite realistic – inflection, tone … I have a few EVPs from children when the Washington State Ghost Society investigated a former elementary school. How did the child know to get his voice on the recording? Maybe it was by sheer intention alone that his rather sad query made it to my ears through the headphones “Why aren’t you finding me?” Plus, it even sounded like a child – higher tone, youthful in its presentation.

Now, this pop hasn’t always been confined to the recording equipment and used in the same way. During one investigation, my brother Russell and I were in the basement of our client’s location. There, in the dark, we heard what sounded like something clang together, we didn’t know what. POP! At the time, we couldn’t find anything that banged together or dropped to the ground. When we got back home and listened to our recorders, at that moment where we heard a crash, the crash was gone and instead replaced by a woman’s voice “I am here.” What’s more, we had a night-vision camera recording at the same time. It, too, didn’t pick up the crash we heard with our ears, but the woman’s voice (a bit faint, but it was there and decipherable).

Could it be that electronic equipment is more sensitive than our ears? Did our less functional ears turn her voice into a CLAP while the recorders, because of their fine tuning, actually deciphered her words? Could this electronic sensitivity make it easier for spirits to influence – perhaps by sheer intention – the transformation of their voice or thoughts from one frequency to another?

Scientific studies have shown that we have the ability to affect random events with our minds. In 1989, Dean Radin, chief scientist for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, along with psychologist Diane Ferrari, scoured more than 50 years of research on dice-tossing experiments and found that the overall effect of psychokinesis, though small, still yielded statistical evidence, with the odds against change coming out to 1096 to 1 against chance. Meta-analysis of studies where people tried to mentally affect random number generators to specific outcomes demonstrated that people where accomplishing just that – of odds against chance of 35 trillion to 1 (Radin, 2006). Dr. Larry Farwell, a neuroscientist, performed and experiment which showed with conscious intention, people could speed up or slow down the rate of alpha particle emissions (Farwell, 1999). Could this intention-induced ability apply in sending disembodied voices out of the higher frequency range and into the lower?

What about tapping walls and moving objects? From our vantage point, it would seem impossible. Yet, if we can affect other seemingly random quantum processes (such as speeding up or slowing down alpha particle emissions), then what else can we do with atomic matter, perhaps at frequencies just beyond our own physical range? Is it possible to influence protons spinning around an atomic nucleus to go faster or slower? Is it possible to influence some other part of an atom in such a way that it forces it to vibrate into a frequency pattern that creates a coherency between other atoms and induces physical movement? Could the simple touch of an etheric ghostly body, in combination with intentioned thought, be the catalyst for such orchestration?

What I have come to understand is that it does take effort on a ghost’s part to make it happen. Their energy does get “drained” so to speak. I can only assume that this is because they are trying to pass through a “membrane” that provides minimal separation between here and there. Perhaps it isn’t a membrane at all, but they, like us, are somewhat restricted by frequency ranges in terms of what they can and cannot see in their perception of dimensional reality. So, like a psychic in this world, they must focus or restructure their energy in such a way to breach the frequency gap and hence make contact. For some ghosts, their energy may have a knack for doing that – perhaps even without them noticing it (That is, they are so agitated they inadvertently shake the dinner plates in the next room. They wouldn’t be aware of the plates, but the homeowners in this dimension would!).

Whatever the case may be, we must realize that it is a capability all of us have on some level. Think about that. Assuming that ghosts were “once people, too,” they are no different than you or me. Again, this ghostly behavior points toward the magical nature of our multidimensional selves. It says that we can go, in this case, beyond the properties of dense matter Space that we can see, hear, and feel. Yes, we can exist beyond it, but also “go back” and affect it. In combination with other scientific studies showing we can affect dice, alpha particle emissions, pass information between two individuals separated by vast distances, and perform studies that defy conventional Time, it gives us another glimpse of our incredible, magical beings.

Ghosts, though they can sometimes be frightening, can also be quite illuminating.

Remember, you are a PERFECT being. So perfect that we have experiences documenting that you can cross physical/non-physical barriers – even after you’ve died. Or at least, that’s what the experiences suggest (Hard-core scientists will probably never admit such a notion, only because their lab equipment can’t validate it definitively, nor are they really interested in researching something that defies the materialist paradigm. That’s okay. Similarly, in the past we knew lightning existed before lab gear could prove it).

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  1. Great post, Jeffrey. Thanks again. I'm passing this on to Lisa Branum from Hillsboro, Oregon who is an active paranormal investigator looking for possible investigations in our area. She may contact you via FB.
    Missed you last night at Roy's book signing!


  2. You and I have talked a lot about many of these theories especially of EVPs and object movement. I am starting to change my ideas about EVPs, especially how they are recorded after analyzing thousands of messages. I don't believe they willingly know that they are going to get recorded with good clarity and their message intact. I now believe that they already know the people that they are going to talk to because they have a track record (that person is know in the spirit world and reinforced by the spirits or guides that one brings with them). They start talking to that person on their frequency which is based on the energy they pick up or have. If your frequency matches, the messages come across loud and the pop of louder.
    I also see a pattern to EVPs when I get to a site. Initially, there are trust issues or questions the spirits have. I often get messages like "Why are you here", "can we trust him" or "what are your intentions". Maybe our spiritual guides clear up these issues or they mesh with our souls and see why we are there. By the time I leave I'll get messages like "please don't leave", "come back" or "thank you" which is gratifying.
    To support my theory, I have picked up conversations between spirits in front of me and then decide to throw me a question. When this happens, which is common on some sites, they are not trying to put their message on the recorder. It must be on that I am on their frequency.

    Now the ability of spirits to move objects and create footsteps is another one I thinking about. We have an investigation coming up where the subject spirit is a walker. If I get the walking on audio that will be wild.

    Thanks Again for the Great Blog