Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day - Also for the Spirit

As we celebrate the July 4th holiday and commemorate the independence of our nation, let us not also forget the independence of our own spirits. On the surface, this may seem contradictory, as everything is connected and One; we all effect one another and influence both Time and Space, so how can we be independent? Yes, indeed, we are all joined together in the dance of life, culminating in the Great Organizing Design (GOD), expressing that architecture through the lives we live, the choices and actions we make.

As your finger is part and parcel of your hand, we are like the fingers of the great life force, working in concert to either grasp our possibilities, or to pull away. The great thing about the independent spirit is – the choice is yours, and it is a fine choice either way.

Again, another contradictory notion, in terms of our usual sense of working in the world.

The independent spirit, however, isn’t necessarily interested in the “usual sense” of perception, because it is quite aware of the nature of its position – it is an eternal expression. Since Time and Space are but attributes for which to allow the coming forth of expression, the independent spirit can play joyously or choose to wallow in pity, and in either case, the expressions are beautiful. The independent spirit knows it exists across all bands of Time and Space in all possible conditions and is not bound by those conditions. Rather, conditions and states are simply expressions of creative energy of the Soul.

If we were not meant to feel and experience those moments, we would not have them to choose from.

And that’s the point: the right to choose. Creativity: Unbounded. Though we oftentimes feel at the mercy of our inner sensations, the fact of the matter is, nanoseconds before we feel anything, we choose to feel what that next feeling will be.

Now, it’s not always as simple as saying “yes” or “no” to what you are feeling (though you can train yourself to do that, as many expert psychologists and self-help gurus are revealing), but what these expressions do reveal are the invisible psychic structures that we, as individuals, are choosing to view the world from. These psychic structures are nothing more than ideas that one chooses to hold onto, like a lifeline, that we then term “beliefs.” And these we do choose (for whatever reason).

And you know what? Because beliefs and ideas are choices, they can be changed! We have numerous techniques to facilitate that: affirmations; physical exercises in accord with a new idea; repetitive “out of the norm” things that – due to the repetition – turn “out of the norm” into the norm. Expression and exposure … These turn idea-habits (beliefs) into something new, which will then turn your reality into something else.

As I say at all my group gatherings:

You can change from being less loving to more loving.

You can change from being in a state of illness to a state of health.

You can change from being in a state of lack to a state of abundance.

Each beginning part “You can change from ____________” reveals your current state. Your current state is an “angle of perception” as you view your life through that invisible network of psychic structures you’ve built up in your consciousness, like 2 x 4’s of a house. Once you start pulling out those beams and replacing them with new ones, reinforcing them with intentioned actions, you are well on your way to completing the second half of that phrase.

The choice is always there. You are eternal, existing beyond Space and Time, and are simply utilizing Space and Time for its benefits of funneling your energy into experiences of expression. Any one of those experiences can be considered “good” or “bad” by the ego, but when you’re eternal, cannot die, and exist in all places and all times simultaneously, you realize you are both a single finger and yet the other fingers on a whole hand and it is all simply acts of creation; one does not negate the other.

This is the grand realization of our unity. There is no separation. We are one force expressing Itself in all Its possibilities and expressions in a massive Eternal Moment of Creation.

This is also the ultimate benefit of your independence. You can create whatever you wish, whenever you wish (albeit it might take a little effort to change some mental 2 x 4’s). Your desire is the desire of the Great Organizing Design, for you are its energy in Space/Time reality, funneling that Organizing energy into the myriad expressions available for unbounded creative experience.

In quantum mechanics, there is a term called “superposition.” This relates the notion that a particle, say an electron, exists in all possible states until an observation is made. That is, it exists every-where doing every-thing (that an electron can do), and due to the nature of quantum mechanics, it also exists in every-time (Time breaks down in quantum states – no such thing as past or future, just an ever-spacious present). We, as seemingly independent people, are the superposition of the Great Organizing Design, existing as different people in different states and stages; different locations and ages. The Great Organizing Design is also the plants and other animals – the entire cosmos we inhabit (and we are rapidly learning how we are connected to that as well!). We are a macro version of the micro quantum world (Logically, we have to be – we’re made up of quantum particles!).

That we can all change and become all things at all times (and on some level feel that connection), is something to celebrate. So as we consider our freedom as a nation, let us also consider our freedom as living expressions of timeless and boundless creation.

Remember – you are a PERFECT being. You are a living Particle (Person) of the Great Organizing Design (GOD) participating in the orchestral chorus of Life in the Universal Theater.

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  1. Great! Note that adding kids to the mix accelerates the laws of 'superposition' because we have to worry about their random actions, energy and seemingly raw emotions (good and bad). It makes life at times unpredictable and keeps one wondering how intricate and complicated the Great Organizing Design is.