Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meditation ... For Psychic Communication

I don’t know what made me think of it, but it was the only thing that came to mind …

It sounded to me like a cornerstone of most people seeking “enlightenment” or better understanding of spirit to begin a rigorous training in meditation. Now, most people associate the discipline as one that clears the mind and to be still, prompting a sense of peace that opens one up to the eternal nature of Time and Space – to touch something that is intrinsically vast and yet formless.

However, it seemed to me that something much more could be inherent within that well of silence and stillness: psychic communication with whatever might exist “out there.”

It only stood to reason – if something exists outside the normal sense filters, then don’t use those filters. Shut them down and see if some other sense would activate.

Perhaps it was that simple logic, or perhaps it was intuition. Perhaps it was some kind of recollection from my youth of opening my eyes one night after having fallen into a deep catatonic state and suddenly seeing (literally) my spiritual teachers appearing around me, as if they had been waiting for me (and, yes, I know how that makes me sound). Whatever the case, when it came time to really look into my abilities and potential development back in 2000, the only way I knew how to make a possible connection was to try and bypass my egoic skeptical mind and attempt to enter the realm of subtle vibrations - the stillness where the physical body’s mechanisms “seem” to end, and the door to the Other Side opens. Meditation was the only tool I knew that might facilitate that.

Many people have problems in achieving the stillness that meditation can bring and thus its splendid results, both mentally and physiologically (those effects have been medically documented). Meditation, instead, turns into a chore, and never is it used for “communicating with spirits.” Yet it is precisely because of its relaxing, mind-cleansing stature that makes such communication much more available and likely to occur.

The big question is: how do you by-pass all your own mental chatter?

Even earlier this week, after being an experienced meditator for over a decade, I still have some challenge with this. If my mind is chatting, then any potential information that comes through becomes suspect, because it may be nothing more than an off-shoot of what my imagination was already squabbling over. There are layers to the mind, and I noticed during this particular day’s meditation, one layer was busy wondering what was going to happen at work, while another layer was simultaneously realizing that my focus on work was keeping me blocked from accessing the Ever Spacious Eternal All-ness.

I think this is the struggle most people have. When they realize they’re thinking about something, they begin to berate themselves: “I can’t shut myself up. Ugh. I’m not doing this right. I’m not going to break out of this box!” When this kind of internal bickering starts, a whole other feeling pervades your entire consciousness: resistance. Resistance to the idea of being free within that Eternal Moment heralded by a deep meditative state because you’re too busy struggling within yourself.

This happened to me during that meditation earlier in the week. But once I recognized the feeling of struggle and resistance, I gently told myself “Don’t resist. Accept it and see what happens. Don’t focus, just let it be.” Amazingly, as soon as I accepted and stopped dwelling on it (that is, I removed my sense of focus to it), it just simply disappeared.

Instead of grappling with trying to “squash out” or “erase” what my mind was thinking about (which is typically what we are want to do – declare WAR, thereby focusing more ON it), I simply let go of the feeling of struggle and resistance through the act of accepting it (“Okay. Here it is. That’s it, so you can stop focusing on it.”). Like I said, almost instantly, it vanished. It felt as if the sense of resistance and the thoughts that gave rise to the whole situation washed completely away. Instead of butting myself up against them, it seemed I went through them. Those thoughts and feelings left the center of my consciousness and instead were relegated to the outskirts, like water funneling along the sides of a tube rather than straight down the center, then fell away into an abyss. I could feel ripples of energy course through me, clearing them out like clouds after a big storm.

Then there was nothing left within me but the sense of expanded stillness. The meditative state. Here, all I do is remain still. Let the silence have lease. Just let it all be … And since everything changes, even this must change. But in this state, in allowing this condition to have the freedom to control, my mind has no expectations and no desires, therefore, the state is allowed to move in accordance to its whims, or rather, someone else other than me.

And there they were, as they always had been. The unmistakable presence of the teachers. Since my mind was still and filled with nothing, the changing of the state was at their discretion and not mine (though I freely have given them permission to do so). This is the value of letting go in the meditative condition. Knowing that I am eternal and can fill the vastness of the universe through the quantum stature of my consciousness, there is no fear in doing this. My ego, my presence, my personality, will always be intact, so there is no need to fear “what may be waiting” while I let it all go and just be.

The guides always announce themselves first by feel of their presence rather than by words in the mind (this may not be the same for you, but it is for me). Then, per usual, they gave their second announcement this morning, the typical “CRACK” of the bookcase or tapping on the wall (they often do this to further validate their presence to my usual skepticism, thereby appeasing that part of my leftist-analytical-skeptical brain/consciousness).

The subjects they touched this morning dealt with precisely one’s personal power in working through and dissolving “resistance,” and how in the future I will begin to develop some clairaudience (better hearing them) during my sittings – my experience through meditation will help play a part, they said “So keep letting go in meditation, as well as experimenting.” As always, they instructed not to focus on what you don’t want, but rather releasing any resistance with the intention to be open for what I do want; that’s pretty much how I got to them this morning in the first place.

As is my usual custom, when I came out of meditation I shuffled and then randomly drew three cards from my Angel deck. These seemingly random drawings always supplement and validate what my teachers tell me during the meditation. Today’s cards: Power, Meditation, and Intention, the exact subjects and in the same order as our conversation.

Instead of focusing on the thoughts bombarding you, simply let them go; go through them. Then you will be in the open space to communicate and learn from what lies “beyond.” Believe in yourself, believe you can and you will dialogue with teachers of all ages (from all epochs). Yes, this is possible, especially in quantum land where Time and Space have no meaning, and consciousness extends the bounds of Eternity.

Until next week …

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  1. Great! I do know the feeling of slipping into deeper thought plastering the current thoughts along the sides like that of water in a pipe. I always tell myself I'm going on "the journey". I am wondering if the knocks I sometimes hear are similar to the "crack" or "knock" you get from the guides. I'll have to pay more attention to the correlation. I always thought the knocking was a spirit from an investigation that found the connection to my house through thought.