About Me

Jeffrey A. Marks Spiritual Evidential Medium, Consciousness Explorer and Educator 

At a very young age, I had my first experience into the exploration of consciousness when paranormal events affected my entire family -- we lived in a nasty haunted house.  From my parents to the family dog, everyone was harassed by the spirits there.  As time passed, continued occurrences also presented me with my own emerging psychic capacity. Like many young people who face such unexplained events, I reacted in fear and confusion.  But as time progressed, I knew I had to take the bull by the horns, so pressed forward and straight into the heart of exploring for the true nature of consciousness and answers for the unseen world which kept popping up around me.

Taking an active interest in science, quantum physics, consciousness research, and human potential, I began an avid exploration into the nearly 130 years of investigative work previously done in the areas of psychical research, thus gathering a down-to-earth understanding of what is typically considered mysterious and sometimes mystical.  In addition, I have continued to expand on my own psychic capacity and have shared this ability with thousands of people. Wanting to not only embrace but also understand the scientific mechanics of these potentials, I have taken my years of research along with extensive personal experience and written the book, “Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality”.

In addition to being an award-winning published author, I am also a past president of the Washington State Ghost Society. Today I am still an active member and work to diligently educate and assist the public regarding the true facts about paranormal phenomenon, as I and my fellow paranormal researchers have come to understand them.

I seek to continually use scientific data as well as personal experience to educate others on the nature and power of consciousness.  This led to my analytic approach in examining the nature of the Other Side by conducting 14 separate mediumship sessions with people from various faiths and backgrounds and "interviewing" their deceased friends and relatives about the nature of life in the hereafter.  This endeavor resulted in the bestselling book series "The Afterlife Interviews."  

With the humble heart of a curious explorer, I hope my journey can help you with yours.

You can check out my personal website at www.spiritualexploration.com.