Monday, September 28, 2015

The Season For Spirit - But Must We Be Afraid?

It’s Halloween season again... and this means people will be looking to the paranormal (and spirits in particular) as most likely something to be weary and frightened of. Naturally, Hollywood has capitalized on this dread, creating a billion dollar industry designed to scare the bejeezus out of us! Along with “ghost hunting” shows where people are running scared -- I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Please note, in writing this I am not asking anyone to go out and mingle with spirits, or leave themselves open to forces they’d rather avoid or don’t quite understand. Admittedly, spirit research is not for the timid. However, it is not something that should steadfastly be avoided.

Researching spirits isn’t so much about occultism or trying to unlock mystical forces -- it is about trying to learn more about us. You and me. And just what the possibilities are for the nature of our existence after we leave this earthly life. The only way we can do that is with an effort to reach out to those who are already there, using the methods of paranormal investigation and mediumship (controversial, yes, but valid and necessary). With modern technology and a cooperative spirit communicator willing to interact with both equipment and a medium, information can be conveyed, examined, and looked to see if they are supportive. For instance, if the medium says they are communicating with a male spirit, and that spirit is telling them they used to haul live animals on a cargo ship, making a comment that “We weren’t no Noah’s ark,” and then a voice recorder picks up a male spirit audibly imprinting his voice stating “It was insane,” one could make the argument that the EVP could be viewed as supportive of the medium’s received information. Indeed, the spirit’s voice is male. Plus, the comments appears to match the negative impression given to the medium about not being Noah’s ark (By the way, this is an actual incident that happened to me during an investigation this last summer). Moreover, if additional EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) appear where the spirit affirms the medium’s impressions by simply saying “Yes” or “Correct,” that certainly adds weight to the evidence coming in. Using this same methodology over and over at every location where phenomena is validated to exist turns it from being simply hypothetical, but corroborative and substantial.

This is when we can take it to the next level and start asking questions about the nature of consciousness. Are spirits affected by Time? If not, what does that say about us living inside physical bodies? What can spirits tell us about the nature of earthly reality, now that they are outside of it? Placed within the context of other information brought forth through the combination of equipment and mediumship, compounded by the answers from other spirits in other locations – sometimes several hundred miles apart – the possibilities for learning about the nature of our eternal beings is astounding.

With any type of research – especially with spirits – there’s potential for risk. In respect to the Halloween season, one can indeed encounter mischievous spirits whose actions may appear “wicked” or “evil.” But after doing this work for over 16 years, those types of spirits are the exception and not the rule. Intention (and thus, expectation) is key.

But to avoid spirit research out of fear of encountering such wicked or evil spirits would be like me telling you “Don’t go outside your house, you might run into an A—hole! Because A—holes exist! They are mean and will bully you!” Never mind the millions of caring, thoughtful, and compassionate people – avoid going outdoors because of the bullies. No. To avoid spirit research is to avoid unlocking some of the greatest answers to the potentials of our existence. But admittedly, it may not be for the timid.

If you want to find out what the spirits are revealing in regards to the natures of our own souls while alive on earth, and how you can bring massive change to your life through the principles of your own spirit, stay tuned. Coming in 2016, I will be presenting a seminar consolidating the years of research with those in spirit on this topic. You will never look at yourself the same way again!