Saturday, February 8, 2014

What About Evil Spirits?

The bulk of my work as a medium is about connecting spirits back to their friends and loved ones here on earth; to help in the healing process and to demonstrate the eternal nature of our loved ones on the Other Side, as well as our own immortal souls.  Additionally, I also employ this gift in paranormal research – exploring haunted locations and businesses in order to better understand why some spirits choose to remain earth-bound or visit certain places over and over again, or to uncover the history of a particular geographical location. 

From time-to-time, I will occasionally get requests from people who express that they are experiencing negative events with spirits.  The descriptions can range from the mild sense of a heavy presence, to full-blown physical attack and the sense of a spirit trying to possess them.  These are quite frightening and harrowing experiences, to be sure, so how to deal with them? 

Typically, if the interaction is severe, I would recommend handing it off to a team of experienced and knowledgeable paranormal researchers, who can perform the right kind of interview with the client and analysis on the environment to better uncover the many possible factors which can contribute to the type of events.  I think these things require more consideration than a medium “simply” coming in, linking with the negative energies, and convincing them to leave.  There are usually factors hidden with the client that need to be examined and addressed, as there are no coincidences in life, and things of a spiritual nature are never by “happenstance.”  It becomes even more complex when a client believes they are at the mercy of many evil spirits (not just one) – as if they have been targeted by a legion of demonic forces bent on ruining their life and trying to take over their body.  It’s a tall order to ask anyone to address the situation, especially a single medium who may be walking into an extremely complex environment of energies, expectations, and beliefs. 

I recently received a request along these lines, where the client felt they were surrounded by a host of evil spirits and that these forces were trying to possess her.  Instead of forwarding her situation onto a paranormal organization outright, I contemplated what other alternatives might exist.  At a loss within my own mind, I turned to my spiritual guides and asked for their opinion.  What came through was incredibly profound.  I shared it with a few of my colleagues and they felt it was so important that I should post it in my blog and also my website.  I do believe every paranormal case is unique, yet I also feel there may be some generalities common to most experiences, and I believe this is what my guides were pointing to, and how to address them.  

I started writing as soon as the information came in.  Here is what they said:

One must recognize that though negative spirits exist, even more equally and en mass are those spirits who are loving, protective, and nurturing.  These are even greater in number than those considered as ‘negative’ or ‘evil’ and they often exist within the same spaces.  Unfortunately, thought and power is directed more toward what is negative – which evokes the law of attraction – what we focus on expands.  In order to break the cycle, one must lift one’s mind to the higher frequencies.  Start focusing equally on the reality of love and nourishment, and those forces and spirits are equally within your space and in reach.   Until you ‘make room’ inside your consciousness for them, you will unfortunately not become aware of them; you are giving too much belief in their opposite.  (Personal note:  However, if you have a general distrust of spirits or spirit interaction, reaching out to higher spirits could be problematic, based on your beliefs).  

"Also, become aware of your views on the nature of your experience in your daily life.  Are you feeling and telling yourself such thoughts as ‘bad things always happen to me’ or ‘it feels like the world is out to get me’ and ‘I am an outcast and don’t feel I belong.’  Such thinking also invites events and circumstances which reinforce those beliefs, as if you are victim of all things bad.  These are limiting and incorrect beliefs which create quite negative and unhealthy experiences.  Again, you must switch your focus and look in the opposite direction.  Results will follow, but only if you accept within yourself the validity of goodness and your own ability to grasp such goodness.  Wonderful spirits are here for you, and you must allow them in through the same belief processes as you have the bad, for until you recognize such possibility, you will not see it in your experience no matter how hard the good spirits themselves try to make themselves known.  (Again, if you distrust spirits as a base belief, this will be problematic).

“Also, and even more important, you must understand the vitality and validity of your own spiritual being.  No spirit, loving, evil, or otherwise, has any direct power or control over your experience unless you give it that power.  This is the law, as every spirit is a spark of autonomous divinity within the great cosmic ocean of God’s being.  That is, your soul carries the same light, life, and vitality as any of the spirits surrounding you.  Claim that power which is yours by birthright and heritage.  You exist beyond Time and Space, yet you place divisions upon your consciousness which deny that reality and begin to create experiences and circumstances to mirror your limited perspectives.  Accept and give yourself the permission to experience the love, compassion, and good things in life which are equally yours.  Do not tell yourself the world is saying “no” to you, for the world is saying no such thing.  Start telling (and feeling) life and the world saying “yes” to you, for that is really the case.  If it weren't, you would not have been born into it in the first place.  Realize your negative thoughts and expectations are about reality, but are not of reality; they are merely a filter of one’s focus, like sunglasses altering the light of the sun. However, what you focus on expands – whether that focus is right or wrong, true or false.  Start moving your focus to the goodness in your life and the life in the world, and you will see it come rushing back into your reality.

“In matters of spiritual possession, it is equally important to realize that no spirit can control or take over your body.  Your body is specifically tuned to the frequency and vibration of your own indelible and unique spirit.  Contrary to Hollywood and tales of possession, a spirit cannot break the bonds which your soul connects the body with.  This is not to say you cannot feel spirits affect your aura, or even telepathically your mind, but they cannot remove you from the body and take it over, for (despite what most believe) the body is not a glove or shell that easily comes on or off; it is an intimate outgrowth of the spirit made flesh.  The best any spirit can do is blend into your aura, which can have some physical results, but they cannot take over the body in the way most people believe.  It would only be in the presence of your own fear that your mind would say “this spirit is taking me over and I am powerless to stop it” and so you acquiesce your mental and spiritual strength to the energies of the spirit.  However, you equally have the mental and spiritual strength of a superhero, as well as a posse of loving, nurturing protectors in those higher spirits also surrounding you.  Again, accept and move your awareness to their goodness, more importantly be open to it within yourself, and you will find the mists of evil quickly dissipate in the light of the angelic sun.

“One can seek out help, such as a shaman or other person to come and ‘cleanse’ the space or perform some ritual to take the spirits away.  This can work.  But unless you recognize and claim the validity of your own soul and the power of your own conscious spiritual being and your connection to those positive forces that equally surround you, you will not necessarily remain free from experiencing such events again in the future – and in fact may remain fearful that they could happen again.  It is only in realizing your own sacred divinity, power, and strength, will you be assured 100% that you are immune to such forces.

“To begin, all you need to do is affirm that goodness exists within your experience, in the world, and that you can grasp it in the air before you, both from yourself and from those positive forces of spirit.”

Hopefully, the words of my guides can help when it comes to negative and evil spirits.  Again, every situation is unique, but personal empowerment will always outrank someone coming in and taking care of things for you.  I have been dealing with spirits for decades, and since adopting my own awareness as a divine spark of creation, I have never had any problems with negative spirits.  When you account for your own divinity and being in touch with those spirits who are positive and are around, negative spirits cannot touch you.  I’ve had a few try, but they quickly back away when they realize they don’t have my express permission -- or any of my fear.