Monday, August 30, 2010

The Anne Boleyn Experiment, Part 1

Okay, so I had a little trouble coming up with a topic for this week's blog. So I went looking back into my journals. Whenever I have a "deep" meditation, or receive what I think is an important message, or try an interesting experiment, I always write it down for memory's sake. In going through the material, this experiment from February 2009 really jumped out at me. I remember how it left me feeling rather numb for a a few days because of its ramifications. It was such an awesome experience that I initiated contact twice.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to communicate with someone from 500 years ago? I did. So I tried it out. Following is an abridged version of my notes from the first experiment. I will follow up with the second contact next week. It's these kinds of things that always leave me wondering just what is possible. Enjoy!


February 2009

During my sickness of 2/13 – 2/15/09, I was confined to the couch. I took the opportunity to watch several historically-based films, including “The Other Boleyn Girl.” The movie chronicled the tale of Mary and Anne Boleyn in the court of King Henry VIII. We all know how that story turns out.

Then it came to me: Would it be possible to connect with someone from the 1500’s as easily as someone from my own century? Theoretically, there should be no difference, save for my own biases. Liking the idea, I decided to try the “Anne Boleyn Experiment.” I knew a little about her life from the movie and subsequent small research on the internet. I knew I would need something from “Anne” to validate communication if it were to happen; something I didn’t already know, but could gain access to through research.

The first experiment was initiated Saturday, February 20th, 2009. I was to give my standard “group reading” at my friend Terri’s house. Before my readings, I would be meditating, so I took that moment to conduct the experiment.

As “luck” would have it, Terri entered the room and interrupted my meditation. As I opened my eyes, I saw around her an image of her house, with a piece “pulled out and replaced.” After my meditation, she revealed to me the gutting and reconstruction of the master bathroom, and subsequent work in the master bedroom. I had no prior knowledge of this. This “interruption” however, showed I was sufficiently relaxed to receive psychic communication at the time of my meditation.

After Terri left the room, I went back into meditation mode. I simply repeated Anne’s name several times (4, maybe 5). I soon began to feel a presence. Definitely female. The energy superimposed over my body; that is, I could “feel” the contours of her face replacing my own. There was “personality” to the energy, distinct from my own.

Immediately I saw “1536” in big bright numbers. This was the year she was beheaded. At the time, I wasn’t sure what year. But, because of my minimal research on Anne I took for granted I had probably read or seen it, so dismissed it as evidence.

Then she showed me a line from December to August.

In my research, I have discovered that she was found pregnant in December 1532 and “retired to her chamber in August” to give birth to Elizabeth (later to be Queen Elizabeth). Source: “…by December she was pregnant …. Anne took to her chamber, according to custom, on August 26, 1533 and on September 7, at about 3:00 in the afternoon, the Princess Elizabeth was born." I was stunned. Here, I had been given a series of months that correlated with the pregnancy and birth of Queen Elizabeth.

Next she showed me her decapitated head. This was not unusual, as most “dead people” I encounter give me some clue as to how they died. In Anne’s case, though, she kept making particular reference to her throat.

Two things in this reference stand out:

1. The reference itself being something more than the obvious (being decapitated), and

2. A reference of being witness to “the men who did inappropriate things” to the head. I suspect either urinating on it, or something similar. Degradation was being noted, and specifically that she “saw them.”

I could not find anything in my research to validate the second reference point of the head being mistreated after the execution. However, there was concern that such acts would be done, hence the reason for the next historical reference point that she gave me. Perhaps I misinterpreted her meaning of “seeing inappropriate things?” Perhaps she lay witness to scheming of such things, once she died. I do not know. HOWEVER, on the first reference, I DID FIND VALIDATION. The special attention to the neck was indeed deliberate, as she is recorded to have said on the day of her execution:

"I heard say the executioner was very good, and I have a little neck", and then put her hands about it, laughing heartily. (source:

Next she showed me three to four maidens, standing in a row. Naturally, as Queen you would expect maidens in her retinue, so I knew these had to have particular meaning, though I knew not what. On Sunday, February 21, in doing my research, I discovered that after she was beheaded, the head was placed in an arrowhead box next to her body and CARRIED AWAY BY HER MAIDENS to be interred. This was the doozy. Connection had indeed been made to Anne Boleyn, based on this evidence.

“Her ladies immediately took up her head and the body. They seemed without souls, they were so languid and extremely weak, but fearing that their mistress might be handled unworthily by inhuman men, they forced themselves to do this duty; and though almost dead, at last carried off her dead body wrapt in a white covering”. Written by an eyewitness, fourteen days after the execution. Source:

Here again we have reference to the head being feared of "handled unworthily by inhuman men."

Incidentally, on Saturday during the experiment, I remarked how fascinating it was to converse with somebody who had been dead over 500 years. Anne laughed and said (paraphrasing) “Time is nothing like what you see it. 500 years or 1 single day does not make any difference. There is not this perception of distance you imagine between ‘my time’ and ‘yours’.” She also remarked that this sort of thing – communicating with the dead – would have been very horrifying in the 1500’s. Such an act would have been seen as “talking to the devil” and would have made church authorities clamor to have one burned at the stake.

It was such a remarkable experiment that the following weekend, I decided to find out if I could learn more about her life and times.


  1. Great Topic! The last paragraph is really insightful about time. My question to her is how did she receive your message and decide to talk with you? How did your connection request come through to her? Was she waiting to tell these details or did she pick you from many other requests?

    How did you feel as she left your body? Now that she is linked to your energize and soul you have the ability to finish further research.

  2. Anne's body & head were immediately collected by her ladies and put inside the arrow box (since prior preparation for her burial was not negotiated). So there was no "defiling" of her head after execution. In fact, the French executioner did not even raise her severed head to show the crowd (per usual custom). I also believe the author was led astray in thinking he contacted Ann's spirit (nothing unknown was revealed) and I seriously doubt she would waste effort communicating with anyone who doesn't know or respect her history. Charlatan!

  3. I've been told she was my past life, I'm very interested in mediums who have communicated with her and would love to learn more about her life aside from my own vague inklings. thanks for this!

  4. As much as I want to believe you talked to her and believe that it's possible to do so I have a really hard time believing any of this.

    Firstly like another commenter said you found nothing new out, everything that was said is common knowledge, if this really was Anne don't you think she would've either told you (or you would've found out yourself) something that only she or someone who was actually there would've known and not things that you can find easily on the internet?

    And secondly coming from someone who's a big history nerd, has studied the Tudor period for years (and loves it with every fiber of her being) and who looks up to Anne and her daughter Elizabeth this is highly disrespectful. You know nothing about Anne yet you really think you can just contact her and she'll want to talk to you? I really do believe that if this was possible that you'd have to have a connection with the person you want to talk to, wether if that was from you actually knowing the person while they were alive or from like myself and many others, years and years of researching a person to the point where you feel like you actually know them and have an emotional attatchement to them. I can't speak for Anne or for anyone else who's passed away but if it was me and I was gone and someone who knew nothing about me didn't have any connection with me whatsoever and was just wanting to "hit me up" for no reason other then curiosity I wouldn't want to talk to them.