Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Anne Boleyn Experiment, Part 2

Since the initial experiment left me so intrigued, I decided to contact Anne again the next day. What could she tell me about life in the 1500's? About how things felt as she was experiencing them? Following is an abridged copy of my notes from the experience.


Based on the pieces of evidence from Saturday’s experiment, I wished to learn more about Anne’s existence -- Though I was lax on requiring the usual proof, as I felt such proof had already been declared from the initial experiment.

After reaching my standard meditation state, I again called her out by name. Within moments, her presence was again unmistakable (Once you meet somebody the first time through the psychic wavelength, their personality is easy to identify again). I thanked her for the information she gave me the night before and informed her I had validated the references she supplied. I told her I had more questions and asked if she would be willing to answer them. The feeling I had, as she didn’t “speak” it, was “Go ahead and ask.” I asked, for me, what was the obvious “Tell me about your life and what happened (to make it so horrible for you to be beheaded).”

In my mind were quick flashes -- visuals from the 1530’s, her time in the court. But more so than that, I also felt her onslaught of emotions and quickly pieced together what she was revealing. In some cases, I heard flashes of words (Holy crikey, I just realized I heard Anne Boleyn’s voice). At any rate, she revealed to me her desire in becoming Queen of England. She literally said “I had a fantasy.” Those were her words in my head. Meaning, she had this vision of what life must be like being Queen, so she did what she could to secure that. Unfortunately, when she became Queen, the life was not like she had hoped it to be. That is, reality conflicted with the fantasy. Her words were “Not that way.”

She showed me fingers acting like a puppet master. Then images of judges, courtiers, or other officials making policy. Coupled with this was intense emotion of trying to control outcomes. This was her way of showing me that in those moments of where she made policy, both political and religious, it was her way of trying to turn the unhappy reality into something hopefully resembling her fantasy. She was trying to “change” or “influence” the true court life of Queen Tudor into the fantasy she envisioned. I asked “What happened?” She replied by saying literally “It got out of hand.” Things got too complicated. Got bigger than she herself, to where it finally put her on the scaffolding. Things literally spiraled out of control.

Naturally, this landed me to my next question, albeit a bit morbid one: “What was it like being beheaded?”

She wasn’t willing to have me experience the exact moment, but she did put me up on the scaffolding with her. At that moment, I felt all the emotion – fear, relief, anxiety, wonder of the future – all swirling within me. The intensity was such that it was as if the whole of the world were spinning around me; no doubt a huge adrenalin rush that she must have felt knowing her time was at an end. She placed me down on my knees, which is how she was positioned, but then politely informed me “I will not have you go through the decapitation.”

But she was willing to express the seconds following. She showed me at first everything was pitch black, then the realization hit that even though her body was dead, she herself was still alive. She even remarked that there was “no stinging from the blade.” At that moment, I expected her to start reciting “zooming down a tunnel.” However, this is NOT what she described (another indication of the communication coming directly from her, not from my own consciousness). Instead, she showed visually the blackness dissipating into a white mist. It was as if there was no movement, no tunnel experience for her. She showed that this mist enveloped her, and filled her with such warmth and relaxation that it literally melted away her fear of what had just happened only seconds ago. After a few seconds, the mist grew brighter until she was standing “in a field of light.” In this field, she met a group of people. Upon seeing them, the look in their eyes “stole away any sense of wrong-doing or sin I felt I may have committed in my entire life, or were accused of.” Their looks alone, it seemed, healed her damaged spirit and restored her innocence as a being of Life.

She conveyed upon a few other things. She showed that she had “popped in” on her sister, Mary. Mary was not there at the execution, but Anne witnessed her sister’s anxiety on that day, knowing what was happening.

As always, whenever I make a connection to the departed, they have something more to give me than simply words about their existence. Anne was kind enough to give me the “feeling” of life back in the 1500’s … A life devoid of electricity and modern conveniences. There was a definite distinctiveness to the environment. She remarked that it was quite a chore to try and control a kingdom in a world that today would seem primitive in terms of technology and social graces – as if someone from our era could hop back into a time machine and take control more easily because of our “advanced knowledge from the future.” But even so, though the “modern life” of the 1530’s saw no light bulb, no recorded music, no television, microwave oven, or cell phones, she was clear to say “we could feel these advances within us.” That is, no matter what time period one lives in, they are being driven by the ultimate fulfillment of the race. Even today, we are driven by what we must know on some level to be the advances of the next generations, though we may not have any idea what they are. Anne said “we were aware (at that time) within our souls the magnificence of our beings, and as you are today, that awareness (though not clearly defined) drives us as a species to become greater and greater with each passing generation.”

It has been a rare honor to converse with the former Queen. I look forward to meeting her again when my time comes to hit the Other Side.


  1. I've told so many people about this experiment, but I forgot to tell you what I thought. Incredible! The ability to time travel through them is wild. Who is next! You might want to get Henry's view point of her? I think it would be wild to connect with someone from Jamestown (to see what it was like) or better yet Erik the Red (to go behind the scenes in their Viking adventures) This is a bit like HG Wells.

    You are going to have a big spiritual party on the other side whenever you die and you'll have some interesting people attending Anne Boleyn..I hope she brings her head.

  2. Hi Jeffrey. I have a couple of questions, and please be as detailed as humanly possibles 1. What did Anne sound like, and what did she look like? Thanks!