Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simultaneous Time and the Oversoul, Part 2

My last blog left some very interesting questions for one of my readers. When she brought them up, I went “Hmmm …” They were indeed challenging, for we know scientifically that Time is not a straight arrow, and if that is the case, then ???? And what does this mean for us as living beings, more than what I talked about before? Though there may not be any clear-cut answer to her queries, they were intriguing and important enough for me to go searching for some kind of answer. Whether my ideas bear any resemblance to the truth, who knows? But I wanted to take a stab at them. WARNING: This is a long blog.

Now - How did I do this? I pondered each question and sat with it. I let it fill each pore of my being and then went inward, to whatever that space is inside and placed the question on a pedestal and waited for an answer. Where was the answer coming from? My higher self? Spirit guides? Imagination? Who knows. But something responded (which may, inevitably, lead to more questions ...). Here goes.


Q: I get what you're saying but the real question still remains as to "why"? Is our perfect self (the simultaneous oversoul) nothing more than a petulant child who seeks to have one experience after another and therefore gives no rhyme or reason to any of its experiences at all? Why does the perfect oversoul even need this experience then?

A: I think it is quite the opposite. The oversoul is so grand and expansive, the only way to completely experience itself in its totality is to have what appears to be one-experience-after-another, in what also appears to be successive (yet simultaneous) existences and expressions. It is by no means without rhyme or reason, and may be, in fact, because of such incredible meaning and depth inherent within the oversoul that it breaks itself out into these seemingly “separate” personalities. I am again reminded of the light through a prism being broken down into successive colors, yet all going on simultaneously and “wrapped up” creating the greater light, which in this case would be the oversoul. Here again, we come across the concept of holography, too. Just because we don’t have a prism doesn’t mean the colors {simultaneous personalities} don’t exist and don’t have rhyme or reason. Now, each color in the broken out prism could say the corresponding color is separate and could be perceived as either “past” or “future” once you introduce the idea of Time, yet each color is going on simultaneously once you remove that Time concept and thus creates the white light of a perceived larger whole. All creates the greater self – the white light, the oversoul. Each separate light contributes to the larger, and each “bleeds” into the other, showing they are connected and again, “entangled.” Yes, it’s making my head spin, too. If the oversoul – or even the individual soul – is infinite (and hence, perfect, because of its infinity, because it can be all and is all once you extract the filters of Time and Space, and also has access to that infinite-ness from within those frameworks) – then why would it be out of the question to experience every possible outcome or infinite expression in some fashion, using Time and Space as a filter, movie screen, or stage, in which to bring such possibilities into joyful experience? To put it another way, if you were infinite, would you prefer to sleep all the time and do virtually nothing – a blank, a void - or would you be willing to play with your “inifiniteness”? And if so, what could that be like?

Each time period has its own range of values, beliefs, and hence levels of experience and expression. If the outer world is really an expression of the inner, then these frameworks of existence allow the oversoul to discover its rich, inner beauty by breaking the energy down into expressions of dramatic acts, within the accepted frameworks of the time (say 1300’s versus 1800’s). Now, not being confined by Time or Space, this means that the oversoul is unlimited, but these frameworks as we have broken them down and created are not. That is, each time period has been “assigned” (more or less) acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors, ideas, belief systems through what we perceive as “social and creative evolution.” Now, all this would be too confining for an infinite force of life. Yet if there other time periods, epochs, each with its own value systems, beliefs, etc., and if all were happening simultaneously, well, that sounds like infinity to me, and expressing within that framework would also be infinite. Does the perfect oversoul need this experience? I feel the answer is, no, it doesn’t NEED it, but it does WANT it, to play out its creative juices. Again, why not? It’s infinite and perfect. How fun would it be to experience that, if possible?

Q: Is the nature of the universe such that it is filled with perfect beings doing nothing but expressing themselves in varying manners because they are merely curious?

A: I really sat with this one. I agree with the viewpoint of the question. Here’s what seems to be coming back at me: No, we are not merely curious (I have changed ‘them’ to ‘we’, eliminating the idea of a ‘separate group of people’ when we’re really discussing ourselves), we are incredibly joyous about our capabilities and are expressing them as a flower expresses its buds. It’s like a song, a chorus that is being sung. It’s not coming from an inquisitive viewpoint (what am I?) but an expressive viewpoint (This is who I am!). Now, that’s the point-of-view of the oversoul, outside Time and Space (and may even be the conscious viewpoint of others alive on earth, but generally not, I would say). When it comes to the particalized personalities focused within the dimension of Time and Space, this gets to be puzzling. I’m putting in quotes the next section, because I don’t believe it’s coming from me: “Your experiences contribute to this expression, but do to the nature of incarnation, ideas and beliefs surrounding separateness, Time, and Space, it creates a kind of confusion difficult to erase from the ideas you attach to your egos. There’s a fear you have about ‘losing yourself’ and your identity in such vastness, without realizing you are already part and parcel of All That Is, and there is nothing to fear. You, being a part of the infinite, are … infinite. You, in your terms, have access to it all because you are a part of it all. Again, within your framework, belief systems, and accepted ideologies, however.”

Q: And why do some choose such heart-wrenching and destructive experiences – some destroying physical matter to the point of utter annihilation? To do so indicates a complete lack of respect for anything in the physical realm – a virtual playground for perfect beings!

A: Another excellent question that I’ve wondered. However, let’s look at it from the point of view of being infinite. In that infinity, you cannot be destroyed, ruined, or less than perfect. Then – and this sounds alarming and ridiculous – then the destructive heart-wrenching experiences must have, on some level, a touch of that perfection (and dare I say, “joyous” perfection). And I know how ludicrous that sounds. But consider this: Particalized selves are like children, while the oversoul is the parent, breaking itself out into these “smaller units.” When a child is learning to walk, the parent knows he/she is going to fall down numerous times before finally getting it “right.” However, in simultaneous time, it’s already realized and fully fathomed, start to finish, and in all possible ways (left, right, up, down). Therefore, that which is perceived as “falling, heart-wrenching, and destructive” isn’t necessarily so, it is just a form of expression and experience. Those are just focused-on possibilities that were accepted within the consciousness of the individual being at that time and then real-ized within his/her chosen mode of experience. Those terms are also just definitions of how the experience was categorized based on individual reaction, and each person may react differently to a single stimuli or event.

Again, in quotes: “What it really is, is a form of creativity, and creativity is the nature of expression. Since the individual soul and oversoul are indestructive, eternal, and immortal, such actions may appear ‘destructive,’ but the reality is, they are simply another form of expression that moves the individual (or other individuals) into certain other areas of experience and creativity. Within the constructs of the ego-mind, going through them within the filters of Time and Space, it can get downright horrible, as you do afford yourselves the limited concepts of separation, which naturally breed these assumptions. Yet how many times have we seen people do things downright miraculous that they wouldn’t have achieved if something ‘terrible’ hadn’t happened to be the catalyst? It’s nothing more than an accepted model of expression. Some people choose to experience events positively from start-to-finish, others relish the joy of the ‘rags-to-riches.’ Another viewpoint: Knowing that you were infinite and indestructive, then what is the harm in experiencing a lifetime where others might perceive such existence as terrible? The reality is, you are infinite and indestructive, and such experiences are a form of creative expression. That you label them ‘bad, horrible, and destructive’ are by your choices, as you see them, from your current place within the frameworks you live in. That is acceptable, and is not being poo-poo’ed. However, such events are truly another form of creative, joyous expression, though you cannot see the ‘joy.’ However, if you were to see all Time and Space wiped away, and the experience wrapped up with everything else in your immense being, it provides that beautiful bass note in the choir of the angels.”

Destroying physical matter to the point of annihilation … Complete lack of respect for anything in the physical realm … If it is all expression, then the physical realm is just another expression. And if one is destroying it, then it is, in purpose, looking for expression in other ways. Is it disrespectful? Is it disrespectful for an artist who doesn’t like his painting on paper to tear up the paper and try it again on canvass? No, it is his expression. Now, if you’re concerned about the ramifications of the utter destruction affecting the lives of others, realize that all things are wrapped up, and those who ‘end up in the fire’ along with our hypothetical ‘bomber,’ on some level chose that as part of their experience. That may sound outlandish, until again you perceive that, within simultaneous Time and Space, you are immortal and indestructible, so there is no ‘death” - Just one experience of how to die (being blown up). Now, how many stories have you heard of premonitions before major disasters? These premonitions go to show that you, on some level, do receive possible avenues of egoic experience from the simultaneous Time field and either choose to experience them (on some level you may not be aware of) or not. Consider the notion that IF you were immortal and indestructible, then what about experiencing the ‘transition’ in the form of an explosion versus a drowning or heart attack? Again, in the field of all possibilities, why not? Simultaneously, in another self, you are already experiencing the heart attack, drowning, etc., anyway. You are fulfilling your infinite creative potentialities and experiencing them through the filters of Time and Space.

Yes, it is a virtual playground for perfect beings. ‘Virtual’ being the optimum term here. It is virtual in the sense that it is a form of inner expression being externalized, and isn’t a permanent form. It is a simultaneous form in chorus with other simultaneous forms, and is purely creative in both form and feeling. However, being focused in Time and Space, you experience it as you would focusing on a single dot within a field of dots that, when you step away, creates an image of Einstein. In other words, it’s all relative to your position of observation. This doesn’t make your emotions surrounding the events unimportant, for those, too, are part of the experience – a part of the infinite nature inherent within the ‘All That Is’ that you are. If you could experience all possibilities, then would you not also experience all that you could feel as well? Again, they are all creative expressions. Some people like the blues. Some people like jazz. A jazz artist might wish to ‘experience’ the blues, and vice versa.

“This is not to relegate a ‘blues’ life to that of an ‘assignment.’ Even a blues artist has the right to try a different style. Unfortunately, too often, you limit your minds with the illusion of separateness, and carry it to the next level of dreaming invisible walls and confine yourselves to your expression within those frameworks. Now, from a position of simultaneous Time and no-Space, it is still a joyous event – it provides a note to the overall song – however, if it is not to your liking, you can always change the tune of your instrument (life) and alter the melody of the music. In the end, it’s all perfect expression. There’s never a ‘sour note.’”

Q: Then to top it all off, being perfect thus places the oversoul in a spot of being equal to guides, master teachers, angels or other spiritual beings of light which we most often associate with as being 'higher' in some fashion or another. Have these beings simply chosen to no longer 'express' themselves in the physical? Why? Are they done and now serve to aide us? Then why offer aide at all if what we're experiencing is exactly what we've chosen to experience anyway? Surely our own perfect oversoul could then control the timely release of 'aha' moments or the recall of things we knew but forgot?

A: From my own conversation with my guides, my guides haven’t chosen to stop incarnating physically, for from a simultaneous Time point of view, they have simultaneous personalities existing concurrently that, if we were to introduce the prism of Time, we would say “It’s a future personality.” Now, there may be some guides that have chosen not to re-incarnate, but from the field of simultaneous Time, it was never RE-incarnation to begin with. It was multiples incarnations at once – it just so happens that a particular guide is one that has chosen to experience his life in a non-physical realm. However, they’re happening all at once.

The concept of ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ is a label, a label that one of my guides absolutely hates, because of the connotations. No one is really ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ than anyone else. They either choose to experience life from a certain viewpoint or ‘path’ (that’s really all a path is, a viewpoint or perceptual orientation). That is to say – and I think I might be getting this from one of my guides right now – a personality loves to experience things close and ‘dirty,’ so they keep blocked from their orientation the idea of simultaneous Time, and therefore choose to see themselves ‘die’ to the spiritual realm and ‘go down’ into the embryo of a newborn baby at a perceived ‘later time.’ The expression, the moments, are real creative energy being expressed. It is the chosen viewpoint, path, observation – what have you – that gives the nature of the experience its moment-after-moment reality. If you are eternal, immortal, outside Time and Space, then what’s the harm of playing joyously with those ‘toys’ and orientations? How often do you go into the movie theater and sit right along Luke Skywalker as if the experience on the screen were a real event? Why do you do it? Why do some people like horror movies? Right! The experience! And, if you can be the creator of experience – what JOY would that be? If all the world’s a stage, if all of it is simply a virtual multidimensional laboratory or theater, and you knew the window dressings and curtains were only props (but useful in expressing your limitless perfection) would you do it, or choose to sleep and do nothing? If you are alive and here, then you’ve chosen the former and not the latter.

Why offer to aide at all if what we’re experiencing is exactly what we’ve chosen to experience anyway? The answer I’m receiving is – it’s all wrapped up, so why not? For some, the creative expression is one of service. You cannot serve if there is no one willing to ask for help. See how this all ends up relating to one another? All perfection, All That Is, doing and being All It Is instantaneously – and finding JOY in doing it through the avenue of experience by becoming multiple “tools” of feeling, thinking, and expressing. (Yes, by golly, I just equated us to tools, because I couldn’t think of anything else. However, without our ‘tool-ness’ you might as well go to sleep and disappear, in terms of playing out your infinite being).

If all Time is simultaneous, then that means there really is no Time at all. There’s only Now – and it’s over before you know it. You can’t even grasp it. It is beyond mental grasping. In other words, a minute, a second, a nanosecond, DON’T EXIST, only a mental perception of something within the body of our experience exists, which we then label with a concept called “time.” Yet science has shown that from within a Now moment, we can affect and see both the “perceived past” and “perceived future,” but again, they do not exist and are “wrapped up” with the present, hence the term “simultaneous.” And wrapped up within that Now are all the possibilities and probabilities inherent within the entire universe, those that we would perceive as good, bad, and ugly. But what are they really? Creative expression. We just choose to get down and dirty with them. And in getting down and dirty, we truly experience the breadth of creativity – the whole point of our existence. Some may find it hard, difficult, others relaxed and joyous. In the end, it’s all happening at once, it’s experiencing infinity in that instantaneous expression. All possibilities. The breadth of the multidimensional soul. The light that is created once your remove the prism.

The only other alternative is to sleep without dreams. Hardly worthy of an infinite, perfect being.

So how does this serve you now? Hopefully it opens the possibility to your sense of infinite being, and that you have access to it. It is within your grasp. Hopefully it reveals a small light that says “you are a divine creator” and not a victim; that the power is yours.

Okay. My brain’s shot now. Thank you.


  1. Interesting, but it has been generally positive, as far as, the explanations can go. I don't know how someone who kills (serial killer) could be "perfect". I can't see how this would fall into the category of a "creative experience" in terms of an oversoul experiment. How could the point of one prism or split be to terminate those around you? If these prisms are intertwined then when does this prism stop affecting the "perfect" soul? There is likely a 100% possibility that my soul's different prisms/splits radiating through centuries (that we define) have likely killed someone at sometime.

    Also, how does spiritual visitation fit into all this? Is this "allowed bleeding" from one prism to the next? Why don't we encounter ourselves (say from the 1300's) in ghost investigations or don't we recognize our own soul?

    I apologize for all the Q's but the word "perfect" is too pristine and got me thinking.


  2. Dave,

    Excellent questions! From our standpoint, how is a murderer "perfect"? They aren't! However, when you are immortal, eternal, indestructive, then the murderer is acting an expression of energy, and the victim as well. On some level, the two are carrying out the expression of their energies, one being the victim (woe is me, the world is out to get me) and the other the aggressor (woe is me, so I'm out to get the world). I don't think it's an oversoul "experiment" more than it is an expression of creative energies. Neither the victim or the aggressor are better or worse than the other, but they have gained some kind of experience, which is the expression of energy. Murder, in a sense, is just another form of transition, be it a very dramatic and startling one. What's the point of it? To experience and express all possible outcomes, is the only answer I can come up with. It's our notions of reality as we see it right now that labels what's "right" and what's "wrong." I heard something one time that made me think about this: the sun still shines down on a murderer when he walks out into the courtyard of a prison. That means on some level in the universe, this person whom society has labeled evil is still accepted. Though we may have legitimate reasons for keeping him out of the public, there may be things we don't understand about how reality is created, in terms of energy dynamics, that he and his victims were - in some bizarre and strange way - responsible for in the making of their own experiences.

    Love the idea of encountering ourselves from the 1300s! Would we know? I don't know ...

    Spiritual visitations ... Not sure how it fits into this. Since all things are possible, why not?