Sunday, September 26, 2010

Purpose and Perfection

I had an email from a dear friend regarding last week’s post about the nature of Time and Simultaneous Personalities and the theory of the oversoul experiencing all possibilities through the lives of the multiple selves. She said it kind of made her feel that her life was somehow shallow or on the strings of the oversoul, like a puppet. I wanted to respond to that, in case others were feeling the same way.

Actually, I think it is quite the opposite. If anything, the oversoul cannot experience the vastness of itself without you. The oversoul, through the clunkiness of my language, may sound separate from you, hence the master to slave symbology, but it’s not. It’s just a larger portion of you, connected to you, similar to your head upon your body, yet where one begins and the other ends may be entirely arbitrary and simply used for purposes of discussion. To me, the nature of the relationship is simple: You’re the one that holds all the cards, baby. It’s your decisions, actions, and life experience that give the breadth of dimension to the oversoul’s objective: be all it (you) can be.

If, in theory, the objective is to experience all possibilities inherent within the infinite nature of being, then you, dear reader, have every bit of free will to do with as you wish – glory, fame, sadness, and misery, for each are within the cornucopia of experiences available to an infinite being of life. The oversoul isn’t pulling any strings – it’s (the greater YOU) is counting on you to fulfill the master plan of doing and being all that is available in an infinite spread of possibilities (and guess what – you are. It’s a no-fail scenario).

Now, because infinite possibilities exist, certain frameworks must come into play in order to “break them down” into a mode of individualized experience and expression – to “separate out” a certain kind of experience from that of another in order to fully appreciate and discern the experience’s distinctive nature. Here is where we come in with mental frameworks and agreed upon values: beliefs and modes of operating within the world, which in turn, inform us (or sometimes guide us) as to how our experiences will be expressed within the given architecture of our individualized lives and epochs (here is where Time and Space gets slipped into the equation, on some level). This discernment allows for a wide variety of depth and meaning, again fulfilling the “all you can be” moniker of that greater portion of our beings. These beliefs and value systems alter and change from time-to-time (evolution) opening up rivers and streams that lead to the greater ocean of cosmic awareness – or at the very least, different types of experiences. To us, it is a march through Time, but to the oversoul, outside of such time, it is an architecture that allows for the nature of experience to be captured with a type of distinctiveness and wisdom, yet spanning and fulfilling the “all possibilities” credo and accessed instantaneously. I’m not sure I could even speculate what the greater oversoul does with this knowledge, wisdom, and information. At this point, I will submit that it’s too high-level for my brain to understand and just leave it at that. (Maybe I’ll come back to it later – it might be a fun challenge to consider).

Using our light and prism analogy, the white light would contain the breadth of knowledge and wisdom gained through the experiences and expressions of the different colors existent within its makeup – colors that we would only see individualized once we break the light down through the prism (Time).

What is the point of all this? It shows that you have an amazing and profound purpose for being here. That your life does have meaning. You are here to truly LIVE LIFE, and experience whatever it is you wish. Free will is your birthright, for it is guaranteed to give the greatest possible spread to the nature of experience. Think of how limiting it would be to the oversoul to limit just one of its personalities (Again, the oversoul is just a larger portion of YOU). Mental frameworks and values are not limitations to the individual personalities, they are simply agreed upon (usually by society) systems of thought and behavior which, in turn, have an effect on the nature of experience. Again, this has its positive spin, in that it breaks experience down into a definite particle-like analogy within a wave-like field of possible experiences. However, even these frameworks and value systems can be superseded by an individual personality; one day someone thought the earth was flat, and that informed their experience. The next day, they thought, experimented, and suddenly believed the earth was round – and that changed the nature of their experience forever (This is probably a gross analogy, but the best I could come up with at the moment. It is just meant to show that we can go beyond the conventional beliefs and value systems throughout any given time and thereby change the nature of our experience – even on an individual level. If anything, this is one of the great joys of my life, experimenting with breaking out of the accepted norm of thinking and see where it leads).

The other half of this blog is that you are a perfect being. Some people have told me they have a hard time perceiving that, or understanding what I mean.

If you’ve been to my group readings, you’ve heard me touch on this. But because I believe so strongly in it, I’m going to hit on it here and hopefully clarify what I mean to those who have wondered about it.

You are perfect because you have the ability to experience all possibilities, not just as an oversoul outside of Time and Space. Because you have free will, and the more we learn about perception and how the mind informs the nature of reality and experience, we are learning that we truly are the ones in control. With the change of a thought, you can change the nature of your reality – every part of it. There have been scientific studies that show the effects of what our intentions and minds can produce (See William Tiller, Fred Alan Wolf, Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, Charles Tart, Roger Nelson, Dean Radin, Larry Farwell, and excellent documentation by Lynn McTaggart, just to name a few). That you can become, have, and do whatever you TRULY put your heart and mind to makes you infinite in your possibilities. And that is perfection. Perfection isn’t a finite state – for as soon as it is “finite,” you have defined a limit. That’s not perfection, that’s limitation. Perfection, to me, means the ability to choose, go for it, and achieve it – no matter what it is. And you have that ability. And it all starts with simply your mind and emotions. That you have that ability – that functionality – that makes you a perfect being. You are perfect in your DESIGN, for you are the Great Organizing Designer (GOD) of your life and environment.

You can change your thinking and instantly go from being less loving into more loving; you can change your thinking and go from poverty into wealth; sad into happy; darkness into light. You can do all of these things, and whatever else you can think of, too. And it can happen within an instant of simply changing your mind and the emotions running through your system. That is awesome. That is perfection of “being”.

Quantum physics states that observation informs the nature of reality, and this would be individual, per person, as well as collectively. So – do you view that glass has half full or half empty? Either way, it is an experience. And to your greater self – the oversoul – your perfection to choose and experience either is a wonderful gift in combination with all the other simultaneous personalities and what they choose to see and feel. You are a perfect being. Here on purpose. Contributing to the magnificence of your great, awesome, larger self that you are connected to, breathe life into and life out of, and forever are valued beyond your wildest dreams.

Until next time …

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  1. Great Blog! I keep replacing "perfect" with "complete" because I gather the oversoul is complete, as a whole, but positively fragmented like light through a prism. I do agree that the oversoul is looking for all experiences, emotions, etc like "Q" from the 90's Star Trek series.

    Here is where my thoughts wander and I don't know why I keep looking at the terminus (death) that is where the experience for the oversoul ends, where it hopefully learns and ultimately redirects. Since there are so many variables in a one's life experience it is hard it focus on one type of terminus or another. Would suicide be the ending of an oversoul experiment? Sort of a pullback of one going down the "wrong" direction without the ability of passing on the learned experiences from the other soul prisms. At what point do the experiences get passed on? Is there bleed through from other prisms that we block out? Are Schizophrenics more open to the learned messages coming in, but it is too much for them?

    With the 100's of EVPs that I receive and their answers to questions of about time, space and past lives I do understand the soul prisms. I still don't understand how spirits "visit". Often they come back to a "site" because we are asking them to come back (assuming they are not stuck there) to answer our questions.

    Eventually, I'll cross paths with someone close to one of my other prisms and a message might be delivered that was set up in a different time. I doubt if I'll even recognize the message or believe it, can I learn from it..Is this bleed through from one prism to the next? You got me thinking.