Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simultaneous Time and Evolution

The other night I had dinner with some very good friends and the subject of simultaneous Time versus the concept of expansion and evolution came up. It gets kind of baffling when you consider the notion of evolution, or at the very least, the expansion of consciousness when you relate it to simultaneous Time (the Ever Spacious Present, what have you). It makes you wonder – doesn’t evolution follow a linear time scale, like an arrow? When we consider the expansion of consciousness, do we not perceive it as being something that has happened as a result of past events, or some kind of progression – and ‘progression’ relating to the concept of Time being linear?

With scientific results in the fields of quantum physics and consciousness research giving clear glimpses that Time is not one direction only – that the past and the future are indeed co-existing with the present – what does that posit about such ideas as evolution and expansion? The simultaneous Time concept indeed challenges us to consider new possibilities, thus opening up new doors and forcing us to re-examine some time-honored (pun intended) concepts and beliefs.

It says to me that whatever the “expanded” result is, whatever we would perceive as being “future-based” is actually already existing right alongside us in the Now moment that our ego – because of its filtering abilities – simply doesn’t acknowledge. This means the You that you are today was existing right alongside the You of 2 years-old in infancy; yet because of the ego’s filtering mechanisms in driving the nature of experience, you can’t focus on the You of 2-years old and the You of today (or even the You of tomorrow) without getting completely CARRIED AWAY WITH YOURSELF  Time, then, becomes a way of taking your incredible vastness of Being and filtering it in order to experience it and express it with a fine-toothed comb – like putting yourself underneath an electron microscope to enjoy each little bit of your glorious spirit. Perhaps even along the way, in order to experience the larger portions of your Self through the apparatus of the Ego (‘larger’ being a relative term that we have assigned – there really is no such thing as ‘larger’ or ‘smaller’) you will give yourself experiences that can be perceived as “lessons,” which will then give you greater ‘Ego-clarity’ about the nature of your abilities and expression – abilities and expressions that have always been there, but where simply hidden “beneath” Ego-consciousness.

Since we are creatures that love to live in a world of deep meaning, does it come as no surprise that we would do what we could to color our experiences with depth, with our own sense of personal (and sometimes collective) meaning? The only way to provide such depth would be to engage in acts that move us, both psychically (mentally and emotionally) as well as physically, and thus the need again for the prism of Time in the unraveling of our spirits.

We could look at our entire life – from birth to death – as a beam of white light. As we can break light down into its successive forms with a prism giving us a rainbow of colors, we break down our Beings through the prism we call “Time.”

How does this relate to the notion of “expansion” then? Perhaps it is simply an incorrect phrase. Is it really expansion, or just receiving more “clarity”? Perhaps the Ego-consciousness – that portion of your identity that is focused in three dimensional experience – simply took what was once a fuzzy, distorted feeling or concept and brought it into definition (clarity) which turned on the “Ah-Ha!” moment in the brain, linking up answers to several unfocused or fuzzed out questions. Haven’t you ever had an epiphany, that once you realized it, you also kind of felt that you had always known it, but you just never (in a sense) realized it? Yet because of the epiphany you felt you have expanded your consciousness? Perhaps what really happened was you DID know it in the totality of your being (completed), but hadn’t brought it into clarity within the Ego-consciousness – which is just a small portion of your Being which is filtered through the prism of Time.

It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? You are a complete, total being, yet you have also “split yourself up” so to speak through the act of living life, and thus discovering (or rather, re-discovering) the intricacies of your magnificence, and along the way giving yourself deep, purposeful meaning.

Then this raises the question of free will. If all Time is simultaneous, where is free will? I think it’s still firmly intact. The Ego is only a small portion of your entire Being, so you can still experience anything you wish to somewhere within the vastness of your own consciousness, and because of the illusion of Time, somewhere in your being you DO experience everything simultaneously. Whether or not it’s something that gets brought up into Ego-consciousness and filtered into three dimensional experience could be an entirely different thing, however. It is only because of our preoccupation with Ego-experience (let’s face it, that’s where our focus is) that we tend to dismiss certain notions or ideas as not having much validity. Yet you just ask a psychologist or psychotherapist how much power a single buried and unobserved thought can have in affecting the course of a life, you can see that unexperienced physical events can still shape us and be a part of our psyche – that they still have volition, and hence a sense of Life and do affect us on multiple levels.

Somewhere, within the design of our Beings, we have an interplay going on within ourselves. We are an immense iceberg, yet we are really only paying attention to the tip that rises out of the water. However, that tip is still connected to the mass below, and in some way “calls up” what is existing concurrently below the water to spew out to the top – perhaps like a volcano – that we can then view, reflect, experience, and express. But in order to do that, to really give meaning to ourselves and that which we are bringing to the surface, we create a prism called “Time.”

Yes, at one time the part of you that existed above the water’s surface was 2-year old You, yet at the same time below the water existed 25-year-old You (with 25-Year-old psyche, belief systems, etc), and 65-year-old You (with 65-year-old psyche, belief systems, etc), but to fully appreciate and apply deep meaning, it must come to the surface through the prism of Time.

Think of it like this: If you were to look on your life from above, you would see yourself “spread out” from birth to Present. That’s ultimately just one dimensional. Kind of boring, don’t you think? Now, in order to apply meaning to yourself within that “cosmic smear” you would have to apply purpose, and purpose requires a diving into that which is spread out – to ignore or “diffuse” the vastness of it and somehow “break it down” into smaller portions – otherwise whatever meaning to be applied would more or less be too shallow or without much substance. Let’s face it, if you are All Things, then wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience just what All Things can be? To take that white light and break it down to experience it in all its wondrous varieties of color? Isn’t it that exuberance, that wonderful play of explosion that inspires us to the phrase “makes life worth living”? Perhaps this is the drive that gave rise to Ego-consciousness in the first place.

I think so.

Evolution and Expansion may be nothing more than greater clarity within the simultaneous Time existence of our Beings. Yet in order to fully appreciate such portions of our identities, we use Time to filter, provide meaning, to experience the vast MULTIDIMENSIONAL nature of our Souls in an intimate CLOSE-DIMENSIONAL framework.

In the end (or the beginning, take your pick), as I always say – You are a Perfect Being. Always have been, always will be. You’re simply experiencing your perfection one-piece-at-a-time.

Until next time …

(P.S. Now consider how all this applies to Past Lives and Reincarnation … Is your head spinning yet? Mine is!)


  1. My head is definitely spinning, after reading it for the 3rd time. I am following what you are saying, but my little brain is having a hard time digesting it. I am sure this will take time, just like all things.
    One thing I can't help but picked up is, you have always - without fail - convey that we are just as peeefect as we are. Well, okay, I know I could pass as Perfect on somedays, but I also know some real a**hol*s out there, and how could you say they are perfect?
    Do you mean to say we are perfect, if all our "parts" are balanced?

  2. I am saying we all come into the universe as perfect, with all the functionality needed to create our own version of a "perfect" life. Yes, there are a--hole people out there, and on an ego level, they certainly are NOT perfect (in that sense), but they do contain all the functionality and abilities to do anything and everything they want. That's what I mean be "perfection." :) And you have all these abilities, too. You were here "before" time, perfect in your capabilities and turning possibilities into reality; You will be here "after" time, just as awesome as you've always been.

  3. These theories may explain why when people are near the end they clearly remember their childhood and can't easily remember the present. Aside from issues with the aging brain, it could be possible that a conversion process takes place of two simultaneous time lines.

  4. Questions?

    I love the article! When you say scientific results say that time is not one direction and that the past and future co-exist with the present, "Where can I find those results and who or whom did the testing".

    If the past & future co-exist, how does that relate to physical death? (We will get to the reincarnation part later).

    Also, how does all this realte to time travel? Does time travel exist?

  5. Deb, for scientific studies, look into the work done by Helmut Schmidt. Also, neuroscientist Ben Libet. Also, the PEAR group (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) also did some work in this area, I believe. Dean Radin in his excellent book “Entangled Minds” talks a bit about this, as well as Russell Targ in his books. “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot also touches on this subject from the standpoint of quantum physics. It is quite fascinating! Fred Alan Wolf also wrote a book a few years back titled “The Yoga of Time Travel” that speaks to the nature of Time in relation to quantum physics and that it’s not simply a straight-arrow ahead.

    If the past and future co-exist, how does that relate to physical death? It means that we are already on the Other Side simultaneously with being here. However, our consciousness is somehow filtering itself through a prism of Time in order to express and experience itself in a moment-to-moment fashion. Time, in this sense, is a tool to experience our lives, thoughts, and creative potentials, multidimensionally.

    As for physical time travel … I have no clue. But I did read an excellent book by a physicist, Dr. Ronald L. Mallet, called “Time Traveler,” who’s mission in life – he feels – is to try and unlock the answer to that question. His father, who he was very close to, died when the author was really young, and his goal has been to try and find a way through what we’ve learned about the nature of time in science to see if it would be possible to time travel – just so he could go back and see his father again. It’s a pretty moving book (at least it was to me).

    This topic is definitely fun, but also definitely mind-boggling, too!