Monday, January 31, 2011

Dimensional Traveling, Part I

I was combing through some old meditation notes and chanced upon the transcript of a meditation from June 2009 that, when reviewing it, I came to realize it was one of the wildest experiences I have ever had. In these next two blogs, I am going to present the full meditative event. In part 1, as a reader you will get a glimpse as to what happens when I usually meditate and begin a coversation with my Guides. However, on this particular date, things went beyond that. After re-reading the report, it reminded me a lot of what I have read from people who have had out of body experiences ... Is that what happened to me? I can't say. But it was a remarkable, and I haven't had quite the same experience since.

Here's the transcript:

It is not unusual for me to reach an altered state of consciousness in meditation; heck, that’s the point. During the process, I can feel – quite literally – my consciousness alter during the quiet-phase of the meditation. I will sit and concentrate on my breathing. Well, maybe not necessarily concentrate, but make sure I am breathing in a rhythmic pattern that is more or less even (6 second breath in, hold, 6-8 second breath out). Over the course of a few minutes this allows my body to let go and relax. I notice what muscles are tense and then release that tension. I feel the “buzziness” of my energy (or the cells of my body, not sure which), and work on clearing my mind. There are so many sounds, voices, occasionally music. These are nothing more than random transmissions occurring on the surface, which I have accumulated throughout the course of the day or through the night's dreaming (if I'm meditating in the morning). It is also not uncommon for me to replay incidents that happened to me earlier in the days or that week. Sometimes it’s a struggle to clear these bleed-throughs – like static on a radio as you’re turning the knob to find a station. The trick is to focus on the NOW, as in that Now is the present point of power, and the reality that such voices, music, and clutter is not occurring.

After a few minutes of letting go of the mental noise and feeling the tension of the muscles release and the reality that I am focused consciously in the present moment, this is when my consciousness shifts. Literally, I can feel myself “dip,” as if diving into an ocean. The energy of my whole body changes and my mind clears, as if coming out of some thick fog cloud bank. And there’s a sensation of motion in this dip. Like when you’re in a car driving over a hilly landscape and you take that slope that leaves you feeling “whoo.” That’s a fairly good analogy for it.

Once the mind clears the cloud, then it’s another moment of just waiting. No anticipation. Just sitting there, being present. This is when the Guides approach. Sometimes they will speak to me prior to reaching the “dip,” but real communication happens once I come through the cloud bank – clearer reception makes for better conversation. Their voices are first preceded by the feeling of their presence. Each one has a signature “feel” to their energy, which is natural. Every personality, even in the physical world, has this same distinction. A co-worker’s personality feels different than say a spouse, or a brother. So when the Guides come forward, I know who it is before they start speaking just by the feel of their personality. Sometimes I try to anticipate what their initial first message will be (because they’re always hitting on thoughts I had been running around in my head all day). This process is also good “skepticism” for me, because I’m always testing my clarity of connection – though ultimately this is always foolish, but I do believe in healthy skepticism. What happens is, the Guides will respond in a way I could never anticipate, with wisdom or instructions my conscious mind could never have perceived. This is how I know that such communication is not merely my own mind playing with itself (if the feeling of their personal energy wasn’t enough to convince me).

Now, as will sometimes happen in communication with my Guides, I will sometimes see them. This is not normally the case when I’m doing mediumship readings – that is, I don’t normally see an image of the dead person I’m getting information from. But then again, I’m not in the same meditative state when doing readings as I am when talking to my Guides. At any rate, their visual appearance is always refreshing and gives me another point of reference other than just their words or feeling of their personality. On several occasions we will go to the “garden,” which is a place all of us have created in which we can sit and talk. Now this garden is just as three dimensional as the room I am meditating in. The reality of the Guides when I sit with them is just as real as any person in conversation I would sit with during a dinner party. The garden is lined with gold cobblestone paths, highlighted by trees, flowers, and shrubs. There’s even a brook nearby. I usually sit at a bench, one of the Guides sits next to me, and a couple of the others remain standing on the path. When we decide to talk “on a common ground,” this is the location we have chosen.

Now, this place has a reality all its own. However, we know it is a manufactured reality, or at least one that is “close” to this realm which doesn’t require much “travel” and is utilized really for our purposes.

This is different than another universal dimensional reality, however.

On Friday, June 12, 2009, after speaking with my Guides, I had allowed myself to relax even deeper. I almost fell asleep. My mind had wandered. I knew I was getting close to a dream state and decided to pull myself back to the present moment. At the point of that decision, I noticed through the feel of my inner senses that I was surrounded by several people who weren’t my Guides. It had occurred to me that when my mind drifted, my consciousness had exited my body and was somewhere other than the room or the garden I would normally be in. This was a fascinating realization. There was an older man with a beard who immediately caught my attention. On either side of him were several other people – some young, some old, some female. I noticed my consciousness had taken on another feel, versus how it feels after going through the “dip.” Knowing that this other reality was the result of a shift in consciousness, I decided to see where else I might go, or what else might happen, by relaxing even deeper.

My consciousness suddenly expanded. Literally. It felt as though my whole Self was being stretched across the cosmos. And indeed, there was a sense of movement. You know this sense of movement just by moving your arm away from your body -- you can feel the air surround your limb and your hand stretching away from your center. Similar, too, was the sensation of myself being stretched. I could feel every electron of my Being extending across the universe. There was no space I did not occupy; there was no time in history where I was not present. I felt like the liquid filling a cup. Everything (and I literally mean everything) rushed through me, and I through it. All I had to do was make a minor shift in concentration to hone in to various portions of this vast universe. Again, there was this sense of motion, like being on the fastest rollercoaster every made, zipping through the cosmos. I could sense, and at times even see, brilliant dots of energy erupting all about me.

I decided to find out what they were. I simply concentrated on “what’s the dot.”

To be continued next week ...


  1. I think the hardest thing about the experiences would be separating the imagination/dream state from the journey with the guides. I am sure there are certain patterns throughout the mediation process that mark these differences.

  2. Indeed. In the meditative state, my mind is sharp and focused, whereas in a dream state, this is typically not the case. Plus, whatever the guides talk to me about in the meditation state always gets reflected back to me afterwards - either in a card I pull from an intuition deck, or a book that falls off the shelf. Or naturally, when they make a prediction for the day that inevitably comes true.

  3. Did they push you to write your book? If so, that is pretty cool. What is an intuition deck? Is that on the Good Ship Lolly Pop? Ha!