Sunday, January 23, 2011

Memories in the Mind or Psychic Awareness?

In previous blogs I have talked about my love for predicting which elevator door would open for me at City Hall prior to arriving at the location. The City Hall elevator bay is a series of three doors, and the City Hall building has ten floors. Depending on how many packages I have to deliver, I could have as many as four floors to predict that day (one for each stop), or as few as two (the original lobby door, and then what bay would open for the return flight down). When I first started this experiment, I would wait until I was standing directly in front of the doors. After getting a sufficient run of successful “hits,” I decided to predict from the street outside, usually when I was in the cross-walk, just a few yards from the entrance. There were times when the visuals in my head made me feel like I had traversed time and space and were standing directly at the bay and witnessing the door as it opened; there was no doubt. When that “style” of vividness came, it was always correct.

These days, I try to predict which door before I leave my office cubicle. I work a mile away, with six stop lights to traverse (one of them being the busy intersection of Broadway and Pacific, downtown Everett), pedestrian cross-traffic, and the lack of decent parking (which sometimes forces me to go around the block one or two times). It always amazes me how the answer somehow takes into account the time wasted in dealing with these obstacles; it just goes to show what an amazing orchestration life really has to it.

However, lately I have started to take note of how doing an experiment over and over actually creates what scientists in the field of psi research have called “the decline effect.” This is when a participant has done so many trials that the participant is no longer stimulated enough to try to be accurate; their intensity of concentration has declined, and hence the results as well. This means fewer “hits” and more “misses.” Now, since I still love the “elevator test” as I affectionately call it, I haven’t been in a decline effect in terms of results, but I have been struggling to successfully predict which door would open when I arrived. When I was first given my opportunity for a test this week, I noticed how my mind was swimming to get the information. Am I being shown Door 3, or Door 1? What about Door 2? Why isn’t it just blasting in my face like it used to? What’s going on here?

It suddenly occurred to me what was happening.

After having done several tests over the course of a year or more, I had amassed enough trials in my consciousness that nowadays my mind gets caught up in the memories of previous trials, and thus clouding my ability to effectively see the current test before me. These days, when given the opportunity to go to City Hall, my mind recalls a previous trial, as if to say “Remember how cool that was? How you got the answer of which door would open before you got there? Remember how it was Door 3?” At which point, when I remember it was Door 3, I would wonder if the memory was suggesting Door 3 for this day’s test. Inevitably, other memories of previous tests flood in, to where it was not only remembering Door 3, but also don’t forget Door 1 – you know, the one you had to sit through two stop lights for, and go around the block three times, and you still got it? Yes, the memories flood and I stand there wondering – “Okay, what is it going to be for today?”

This can be real a challenge.

When you have a storm of memories recalling past successes (or even past failures), you feel like you are being pushed and pulled in multiple ways; it messes not only with your mind, but also with your emotions. Like any test you’ve done in life (whether psychic or academic), you don’t want to choose the wrong answer, and so you get a chaotic storm of both positive and negative vibes assaulting your system.

How do you determine what the outcome of today’s test is going to be?

I really put that question to the forefront of my mind this week, as it really was stifling my connection to getting some sort of an answer – right or wrong. Finally, at one point, I was directed to pay attention to how conditions in other parts of my body felt. When that bit of advice came, my mind was still cascading with images of Door 3 and Door 1 simultaneously. (Incidentally, doesn’t that aggravate you, how your mind can be thinking of multiple things at once? Sheesh.) So when it came to discerning other parts of my body, I had to ignore the mental imagery flashing inside my head at a billion miles an hour and just go with the other sources. In this case, I noticed my right leg felt more rooted to the ground – heavier – than my left leg. The sensation clearly said to me, the correct door will be the one in accordance with the right side of my body, or rather not the left side. Since I had no weight or sense of my left leg, I concluded that it wasn’t going to be Door 3 (which, if you were to be standing in front of the elevator bay, Door 3 would be the one furthest left).

Then I had to determine, “Okay, if it’s my right leg that’s giving me the clue and it is not Door 3, does that mean it is Door 2 or Door 1?” Again, not wanting to obtain the wrong answer, I placed Door 2 and Door 1 in my mind (they were both viable options, I thought) and again paid attention to what other sensations came over my body. Here again, my right leg came to my awareness. It was heavy, and feeling somewhat “insistent,” as if to say “far right,” meaning Door 1. Right then, I accepted Door 1 as the choice. No turning back now. Right or wrong.

What was curious was an additional feeling and “cloudiness” to the image that filled my mind. Intuitively I was getting a notion that, yes, it would be Door 1, but there was going to be an unusual aspect to the moment. What? I wondered. When I asked the question, I noticed something shift in my consciousness – an act of perception that gave me a clue as to the decline effect and the nature of psychic functioning and the filter of the subconscious and conscious mind. In asking “what was the anomaly” I was no longer thinking about which door was going to open, but something entirely new and different. In essence, a new kind of “test” was being presented beyond the usual “which door will it be?” test. And in that moment I noticed a unique set of conditions:

The memories of previous trials ended and I clearly put my mind in the Now moment – the Now where I always state access to the past and the future reside together. This new variable, because it had never come up before, didn’t give my chattering imagination something to recall from the past, freeing my inner senses from getting clogged with residual minutiae of former trials. Not only that, I noticed how the rest of my body “clicked in” to try and access the information.

I suddenly realized: Perhaps the decline effect is not necessarily a lack of interest in the experiment, but getting too caught up in the memories of past successes and failures to be open and clear enough to receive new data input. Moreover, when memories come to the mind, they block access to the Now moment, and also the cues being given the physical body. When my mind was racing for which door and replaying memories of the past, my body wasn’t giving me a heavy right leg, it was just emotionally and mentally getting tugged based on the memories. It was only when I “shut off” my focus on the memories and got rooted into the Now moment existing elsewhere inside my body did I notice what my leg was suggesting for the solution.

It was then that I came upon a theoretical position in regards to receiving psychic information: Are you getting caught up in memories of previous trials, whether successes or failures, or are you really rooted in the Eternal Now moment and perceiving the outcome? And how do you determine which is which? For me, it was noticing other parts of my body. When I’m zipping around my head with memories, the effects on the physical body are negligible. When I’m zipping around my head for a psychic solution, an energy-intensity also corresponds somewhere else inside my physical frame. At that point, my mind and body are working together. Therefore, when it comes to receiving psychic information, the trick is to:

Stay rooted in the Now moment – ignore the pull of the past and don’t engage your imagination for what is to come in the future. Instead, let the future come into your imagination *and body* spontaneously.

In your mind, you know when you’re reaching for answer; there’s that undeniable sense of groping, clawing at the wall. When you detach and let go, ignore your ego and ignore your own consciousness, things will appear and take their places. This is when the insights come. When you are able to let go of the past, let go of an egoic attachment to the future, let go of your own sense of self and just be, that which is your intention for a psychic answer will make its way to you, and will affect you more intimately than just inside your head.

Psychic information, I have learned, has to go through many layers of our beings – we filter out so much of reality via our belief systems, our focus of consciousness, our subconscious and energy systems going on inside the body – it’s really amazing we get anything at all. But we do. And we can. And that’s pretty powerful. All it requires is diligence, paying attention, and being open to reception without being rooted to other attachments that would block the transmission. Sometimes, indeed, there will be “distortions” which keep us from getting a completely clear transmission, probably due to any combinations of factors mentioned in the latter sentence. But that doesn’t mean the psi function is any less viable or valuable. Something amazing is still happening.

So what was the “cloudiness” that I experienced in foreseeing Door 1? The feeling inside my body was “something wrong with the environment, at that moment at the door.” I also wondered if there were going to be two other people in the elevator.

Finally, after two stoplights and circling the block for a parking space, I reached the bay and hit the button to go up … the light above Door 1 never lit up, nor did it sing its usual “DING.” I had to wait for the door to actually open before knowing which door it was. Both those things – no light, no ding – had never happened before. It was unusual, and definitely something my consciousness would have perceived “wrong” with the environment. But it was Door 1 – the answer and it’s notation of “something wrong” were both correct.

What about running into two people?

It didn’t happen on the ride up, so I initially logged the psychic interpretation in my memory as a “miss.” However, up on the tenth floor, I predicted Door 3 for my return to the lobby (I was correct), and when I stepped out, I saw two people departing from Door 1. Was it then a “hit” or a “miss”? You decide.

In the end, for any kind of psychic test (especially those run over and over), I think I’ve discovered that in order to curb and address the decline effect, check to see if you’re just running things around in your mind. Are you clearly in the Now moment? Is both your mind and body engaged in the moment to allow the information to fill all your senses?

Let go. And just be aware.

Til next time …

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