Sunday, January 16, 2011

Riding the Light

In the 1970’s, a German physicist named Fritz Albert Popp discovered something quite extraordinary: even in the darkest recesses of our bodies, we are still emitting miniscule bursts of light. Called biophotons, his research suggests that cells interact and communicate data between each other through these bursts of illumination. After studying the phenomena for decades, he came to believe it was possible to predict another human’s state of health based on how bright or how dim these biophotons glowed. Similarly, Semyon Kirlian discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of voltage, a type of corona discharge would appear in a resulting photograph. After years of experiments and studies, like Popp, he came to believe it was possible to predict in advance of a person getting ill, based on how “fuzzy” or “smeared” the discharge would appear. Kirlian believed his photography captured the aura, and today you can find people advertising “auric photos” using modern-day equipment based on Kirlian’s designs.

What all this suggests is a confirmation of what we’ve been told for centuries: we are made of light. As Yoda instructed Luke in the marshes of Dagobah “Luminous beings are we – not this crude matter.” It appears through the research of both Popp and Kirlian, we can absorb and emit light concurrently, and that by observing this luminescence we may be able to predict possible health risks before they become physically manifested. Barbara Brennan in her book “Hands of Light” also makes this declaration, as she purports to be able to see a person’s aura.

As fascinating as it is to me that we can predict physical ailments ahead of time based on auric light emissions, it made me consider something else that our own light emissions provide: access to the eternal.


In doing some basic research on photons and light, I discovered that photons do not have a rest mass, and therefore can communicate across vast distances and are always on the move. When you gather many photons together, they create magnetic fields and visible light (as well as laser beams). The other interesting property to photons is that they behave as either a wave or a particle, and to date, this behavior has a lot to do with the effect of an observer when it comes to quantum systems. When you get down to the nitty gritty of trying “capture” the photon, the entire properties of space and time break down. And guess what: this is going on inside you!

Since light never comes to rest and pervades everything, when a hypothetical ship travels at near light-speed, we are told that its mass becomes too huge and could never, theoretically, reach absolute light speed. And that no matter how fast or slow this ship would be travelling, the speed of light outside its hull would remain a constant 186,282 miles per second. That is, even though the ship may be traveling at 186,281 miles per second, the light outside would not be travelling 1 mile more per second, but still 186,282 miles per second, relative to the object. Pretty crazy, huh? This is one of the weird things Einstein predicted was characteristic of light.

There are so many amazing and mystifying things attached to photons and light, it could make your head spin. But consider for a moment that we give off light from our beings every moment, which means the associated mysticism must also apply to us.

You could theorize that the biophotons of your being, since they have no mass and are considered elementary particles (meaning they also defy the constructs of Time in addition to Space), are essentially a gateway to eternity. At that point, you must reckon with the notion that since your body is producing such phenomena, then you and your body at the quantum level is everywhere and everywhen, an eternal being at its very base. Of course, this is at the quantum level, and when you build-up, things start to turn into more coherent patterns. Photons collect into packets, which then create electromagnetic properties, radiation, and into the visible light spectrum and beyond. Is it any wonder, then, that certain people can predict physical health before it happens, based on light?

Photons, being without mass and not subject to the standard whims of time, mean that there are portions of your being also not associated with mass and time. As you give off photons, those properties, in a way, become the very properties of your own dynamic Self.

Contemplate that for awhile. Meditate on that prospect. You are a being of light, and the properties of light defy time and space at the quantum level. Somewhere within your being, you are intertwined with that sense of eternity and, hence, are experiencing it.

Like anything, just because something amazing and miraculous is happening doesn’t mean you are at all aware of it, at least consciously. How many things are going on in your body right now that you aren’t consciously aware of? Quite literally, more than you could count! However, once you can calm your mind, focus, and go inward, entire galaxies can open up for you. Once you quiet the mind, let go of the outcome, and completely detach from your ego and just be with the energies of your body, the realization of suppressed forces begins rising to the surface. Allowing the experience to unfold naturally invites you to experience the deep recesses of your being; don’t judge or think about the experience, just let it happen. Once you detach from your sense of egoic mind and self, you free your consciousness from a psychological platform of how it perceives and filters the experience of life. At that moment, you have taken a dive into the pool of eternity and are able to acknowledge your union with that power which, as Yoda says, “surrounds us and binds us.”

By going inward and detaching from your egoic self, you allow that which you would typically perceive as small and imperceptible to become the superstar in the reigning Now moment of your experience. You will feel the tingling of life throughout your cells; you may even feel a pulse of energy vibrating like a fantastic engine up and down the length of your spine, and suggestive of something so much greater than your usual sense of physical being.

Once there, you can focus even deeper, going right into the reality of those photons. With the impulse of thought “into the light” or “space inside cells,” you can direct your awareness into that eternal space. As a consequence, the boundless universe expands within you and becomes your environment; you can sense its fantastic magnificence as having no end and no beginning; you can feel Time itself spread out and lose its moment-by-moment nature. This zone, this eternal void, is the womb of your creation, where you rise up and dive back into of every moment – though you consciously filter it out in order to have the types of experience you do on a more macro-conscious-perception level. However, this deeper recess is the fountain of creation, where you and all others are birthed and linked. At this level, there is no separation and all things are One. Here, you witness the power backing all of creation – and that you are a part of it. When you abandon your egoic self and swim within the ocean of eternity, you are engaged with the choir of the angels and the sculptor of the universe; you are linked with All That Is, and it is something which (at that moment) you are fully aware you are experiencing.

With a mere whim, you can traverse galaxies and experience all corners of the universe. You can experience Time swirling about you, and all you need is a mental reach to grasp moments of epochs past or dimensions forthcoming. It is effortless; far less energy than what it takes to think a single word.

When you return back to normal consciousness, the layers of reality build upon you again like clothes in winter. Your individuality awakens –not like a child from a dream, but rather like the sun being freed from morning clouds; radiant and inspiring. You are undoubtedly transformed. Once you realize that eternity is accessible through your own divine being, faith in the power of existence and your unity with it is no longer required. You can discard faith with experiential knowledge that this is, in fact, the literal truth. Then, perhaps with a little focus, you may be able to consciously reach in, light up, and enhance your day-to-day world.

You may not reach this eternal state the first time you try going inward, but it’s there. Knowing that you are made of light, know that all space and time is lighting up with each beat of your heart. You are eternal. Miraculous. Hopefully you will reach this state and finally affirm what I believe to be the truth of you all: You are a Perfect being.

Til next time,

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  1. Great Blog! I'd like to know how much energy spirits have as compared to us. Upon their death do they have more energy than us or less? Would we have more energy if we didn't have to feed and maintain our biomass or do these processes give us even more. I think I'll ask this Q on my next spirit they have more than us at this point in time?