Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Light in the World

Thank you to everyone who responded on my last post! I received a lot of great responses via email in addition to the comments on the site.

I focused a little more on this strange new sight this week. And though I didn't walk away with any major new epiphanies as to what it means, I did discover that everything "out there" seems to be permeated with light, or rather is radiating such light or is somehow “encased” within light. Now, this may sound simplistic or somewhat "common" in terms of metaphysical jargon, but it doesn’t appear so simplistic when you start to become aware of this all-pervasive field. Now when I look out at the world, I can at first intuit this omnipresent luminescent ocean, and then upon sensing it, begin to “see” a portion of it. I honestly don’t believe I am peering very deeply into it, but am rather striking only an outer “edge” of it. I also noticed I need to be relaxed in order to really perceive even the small amount I am currently able to witness.

When this “auric radiation” first happened to me a week or so ago, I noticed it as being a glow that appeared to emanate from the objects surrounding me. This week, when I decided to experiment with it, I began to notice it was much more than that. I noticed that even the space between objects had light going through it – light of all different colors blended together. For instance, a few days ago I stared at a white wall that was broken up with three or four pictures. It was my hope to glimpse the picture frames glowing a little “hotter” than just what my normal eyes would see. Instead, I noticed that the wall, though painted white, was not reflecting that plain surface back to me. I was seeing hues of reds, yellows, and even faint bursts of purple.

Out of curiosity, I looked all around me and noticed that the space between all the objects hummed with this mixture of colored light. Even now as I write this at my desk at home, I can look all around and see this mixture dancing everywhere. Again, it is so subtle that if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even notice it. But now that I’ve been witness to it, it’s very easy to see it between things, but not so simple to catch a living object’s aura.


You would think that would be easy, right?

Like everything, this is probably going to take some practice. At the suggestion of one of my readers who has learned to see auras, she said to stare into the forehead of a participant, clear the mind, and then notice what pops into the peripheral vision. Though I didn’t have a human participant this week, I did try this with a plant. I must have focused on that thing for about 2 or 3 minutes. I didn’t see any colors, but I could see a rapidly moving energy field around it. To me, it was slightly murky but mostly transparent, and its movement created a kind of air current that was just on this side of being “visible.” The leaves of the plant were a dark hunter’s green, bordering on the edge of blackness, so maybe it was because of the depth of natural darkness on its surface that made it difficult for me to ascertain any other colors? There were a couple of other plants that I glanced at, and one did appear to show me for a brief second a yellow glow mixed with tiny strips of light blue. Of course, then I wonder: Is the plant glowing a yellowish aura hedging on blue? Or is it glowing yellow and the blue that I’m also seeing is but a mixture of the light-field passing between me and the plant? It can all get very confusing …

Our minds are always looking to latch onto objects when we peer out into the world, in order to identify and give us perspective of what is physically before us in our travels. We wish to see what’s physically ahead of us, and so we peer out and say to ourselves “hallway, with bench at the end; a decorative statue standing alongside.” Very rarely do we ever look, acknowledge the physical constructs, and then ask “but what else is between me and these objects ahead?” It is when I ask that question and watch with detachment and relaxation that this colorful field reveals itself. It’s certainly not that this field all of a sudden blurs vision and makes everything disappear; not at all. But my brain suddenly notices, the air between me and the objects isn’t filled with nothingness, it is rather quite the contrary. It is filled with varying fields of light.

I hope you will challenge yourself to see if you can perceive it. It does require some relaxation and sense of detachment. Don’t get too hung up on whether or not you can do it or will see anything. It’s in that “getting hung up” that you will stifle yourself. No, just relax. Then find an object to look at. You don’t even need to stare intently at it, just notice it. Then ask yourself “what’s in the space between me and this object” and just pay attention.

To me, it’s like a fish swimming in the ocean. Because the fish is so used to its environment and seeing from one object to another – such as to another fish or the sea floor – is it even aware of the water surrounding it? Or does it perceive the water as simply “air” as we perceive our own “air”?

We know that the air between objects is teeming with atoms, molecules, etc. etc. So let us not take for granted that there is nothing between you and the objects you perceive.

Of course, someone could make the argument that perhaps all I’m witnessing is something going on within the construct of my own retina – that I’m not witnessing anything “out there” at all, but rather something within the architecture of the rods and cones that allow for the eyes to see in the first place. At this point, I’d have to say that I cannot rule that out. All the more reason to continue and experiment.

The real test will be if I can start to see colors radiating from the objects, as one does with seeing auras, and if someone else sees the same colors I do. At least through the act of collaboration, there’s a little hope that it’s not just the wackiness of my retinas.

Let me know if you see anything!


  1. Great Post! People often experienced these same auras and vibrations when on LSD. My former boss used to help people "come back" from their LSD "trips". He explained to me that LSD allows one to skip many necessary mediation levels and brings one to the top very fast. Of course, there are many factors involved as to whether a person can reach those levels or even come back. He knew many people that never returned. Much of what you are describing is what he told people experienced on those trips. You must be at a new levels in your meditation. Have you asked your guides what it all means?

  2. Actually, I haven't asked my guides. I guess because, even though they may say "you're seeing energy" until I have someone else corroborate it, I'm going to be skeptical. And I think my guides know that :) In the meantime ... I don't feel like I'm on any kind LSD trip -- everything seems too "normal" except for noticing the light. Wait a minute ... I kind of do feel laid back, man. Whoooaaaah ... heh heh