Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Development or Something Else?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been following the events in Japan with passionate interest and my being has been ripe with empathy for the survivors and their woes, or maybe it’s been because so many thousands (if not millions) of others around the planet are being psychically (mentally, soul-fully) mobilized within their own consciousness because of the events overseas and in turbulent Middle Eastern nations … Being “sensitive” and swimming around in all this energy, has maybe affected me in ways I am not familiar with.

All I know is that earlier this week, my sense of “sight” has to some extent changed and I can only think it is a result of deeper sensitivity to the planet and everyone around me.

It was around Wednesday as I was heading back into the office that I suddenly realized I was “seeing” a radiating glow around everything. This aura bursting from the ground, trees, and people was not too incredibly bright or intense, and were it not for the fact that my brain wasn’t preoccupied with some random thought-process, I might have missed it. What was also interesting about the phenomena, these emanations didn’t appear to be light striking my retina, but rather from what I would term my “psychic sense” -- or at least, from the right side of my brain. You know when you wear those funky red/blue 3-D glasses, how the two colors combine in your head to give a somewhat freakish “extra layer” visually to what the outside world looks like? That’s kind of what this was, but oh so subtle. Though I could not detect any colors to the fields, my body was aware that the fields surrounded the objects and I could see them in my mind’s eye superimposed over the images being received by my retinas. At one point, I noted to myself “the dullness of earth suddenly just got brighter.” I was reminded of stories I’ve heard from people who have described the Other Side after a Near Death Experience that everything “glowed with a brightness not seen on earth.”

At this point, it’s certainly not something that has taken over my usual sense of sight. As mentioned earlier, if I had been distracted mentally, I most likely would never have noticed it in the first place. It’s not a distraction, but is definitely a curiosity.

There’s a feeling associated with this newfound view, too. It’s a feeling of commonality, communion, participation. If some of you are wondering whether or not I might be “psychically seeing” radiation infecting the area from Japan’s Fukushima plant, I would have to say “no.” Such radiation was not present in the US earlier this week, nor does the feeling associated with this sight come with a sense of “warning, caution” or other message. My sense of precognition also doesn’t work in the same way this sense of sight appears to. Precognitive events in my experience reveal themselves in quick bursts, like a two second sound bite. This “auric sight,” once I become consciously aware of it, stays with me for the duration of my desire to witness it. Again, since it is so subtle, it is easy to “turn it down” and let it go.

My next step is to test if I can “see” colors coming from the fields. I have a couple friends who can see auras on occasion, so it will be interesting to determine if this is what is happening. If I can “turn the sight down,” is it also possible to “turn it up”?

Or am I simply losing my mind? Hey, we have to leave all options open, right? J

At this point, I have no idea how this has happened. Maybe it’s always been there and I just never noticed? Or maybe it’s because I have been feeling more sensitive in my focus in regards to the planet and all that’s happening? I have a hard time believing it’s occurred simply as a random act; to me, there has to be a trigger.

When it comes to uncovering or dwelling with anything new in the “paranormal” realm, I choose to take it slow and methodical, versus jumping in and getting too dirty (that comes after a certain level of trust). I am going to continue “turning it on, turning it off” and seeing if it just happens to grab me by chance again. When it does happen, though, there is a shift inside my consciousness, not unlike the shift between left-brain and right-brain functioning which I have been getting to know better through various exercises. I’m also curious to see if whether or not it gets “clearer” or more “distinct” in presentation. Like I said, as it stands now, it’s not too intense or vibrant, but it is noticeable. I have recognized it is more “intense” around living things than inanimate objects; though when it first struck me on Wednesday, I could see even cars as appearing brighter than normal.


Wednesday night into early Thursday morning I was struck by a very peculiar dream. In the drama, I was running around a winding parking lot, heading for where I thought was an exit out into the world. When I reached the exit, it had been barricaded. Roaming near the barricades was a wolf. In the dream, I “opened up” and psychically saw a new exit and headed in that direction. When I reached the new opening (which appeared as a one-lane passage), I encountered another wolf; this one a bit larger and scarier than the last. It stepped aside as I approached the new exit. Then it raced towards me as if it were going to bite me. At that point, I woke up. I committed the dream to memory because of its vividness, and for the simple fact that I generally don’t dream about animals, and certainly not wolves.

My meditations this week have been about sending energy to the people of Japan. On Thursday morning after the dream, the course of my meditation morphed into one of my guides informing me that my abilities were going to evolve and heighten a bit more. As is typical with this kind of communication, I acknowledged and honored it, and then did my typical “I’ll believe it when I see it” response, not considering anything about the auric experience from the day before. (I’m surprised my guides haven’t kicked me to the curb for how often I disregard or disbelieve their announcements).

When I came out of the experience, I consulted a couple animal totem books to find the meaning behind “wolf.” Of course there are many traits associated with this powerful animal in terms of group dynamics, but one of the more subjective traits of the wolf totem was its heightened state of senses, many times more than humans. The books declared that these heightened senses from the wolf totem point toward enhanced psychic abilities. An interesting parallel from what my guide told me, I thought. Of course, only time and experience will tell. My guide told me a couple other things, but I’ll keep those to myself to see if they come to pass naturally and organically.

Is it possible the announcement from my guide and the dream of the wolf were powerful enough to begin a new set of circumstances and abilities related to my sight, reaching backward into the past and motivating the optic centers of my brain on Wednesday instead of Thursday? I don’t know, but it’s certainly not out of the question. I was not told exactly what evolution was going to take place with my abilities, only that they would be heightened.

With all that’s going on in the world, I would not be surprised if a good multitude of us gain a heightened sense of awareness and inadvertently develop unforeseen psychic abilities, as it seems we need to continually be on the lookout for social uprisings, political turmoil, devastating earthquakes, and annihilating tsunamis. The closer we inspect these conditions within the context of our consciousness, the more we stretch our senses in an act of self-preservation – of being more aware of our surroundings and attempting with all our senses to glimpse what we can the nature of the future.

In the end, we shall “see” …

Until next time,


  1. Cool experiences Jeffrey! I am very happy for your increased experiences. I have felt so 'off' since this whole Japan issue and was deathly ill two days before the tsunami hit. I can't say it's the cause but I am left to wonder when the last time I had a fever and was this sick was well over 8 or 10 years ago. It goes to show how interconnected we are. Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your innermost experiences! I love that you are so brave about it......Carol

  2. It is not surprising that your aural senses have been heightened. If one drops a pebble into a still pool of water there are ripples in all directions. If the pebble is a huge rock (like a 9.0 magnitude earthuake!) the water heaves and splashes, then settles back into a quivering surface and takes much, much longer to become still again.
    Add to this all the rest of the political & military upheaval on the opposite side of the world, plus a super moon...WOW!

    As I was--like the rest of the world--glued to news reports and images of the disasters in Japan, I was thinking about the section in your book about the impact of big events on the mass consciousness, which affected the random number generators, and assume that this event must be doing the same.

    Thanks for the update! (Must also note how amazing it was to witness the grace and stoicism and heroism of the Japanese people - quite inspiring!

    Sara J

  3. This isn't relevant to the main message of your post (I really enjoyed the post) but wow! You just cleared something up for me that I've been wondering for a long time.

    One of my animal totem's or spirits is the wolf. I'm pretty sure because as I was driving late one night about a year ago, there was a wolf walking in the right lane where I was driving. I noticed her in time and moved over but there was this moment where we both just looked at each other in awe (or maybe I was the only one in awe). She was beautiful! And there aren't a lot of wolves where I live. I haven't seen any others (tons of coyotes, though).

    And so I looked it up online and didn't see how it fit because though it made some suggestions about how this totem appears when you need to work on certain relationships, etc. it didn't make sense to me. Yes I did need to work on those relationships... but I already had. Months ago. So my wolf friend was 'late.'

    But your paragraph on the wolf dream made it all fall into place. Around the time that I saw that gorgeous snowy wolf, was the time when I started having dreams that would come true. That was the beginning of my psychic development!

    Mystery solved :)