Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Tool for Developing Energy Awareness

As many of you know, I am always on the look-out for stretching my senses. After all, I can only get better in my work as a medium by becoming more aware and being present with whatever might be floating around in the environment.

How do you do that, you might ask?

A fun little gadget from yester-year is actually playing a tremendous part. Remember those plasma balls that came out back in the 1980’s? They contain a coil which shoots arcs of electricity out to the globe’s surface. When you touch the ball, the arcs amp up and coalesce at the point where you touched the glass. What makes them interesting is that they shoot huge amounts of electromagnetic frequency beyond the globe’s casing – we discovered this while doing an experiment during a Washington State Ghost Society investigation. Using an EMF detector, we found that the energy of the plasma ball can be directed by someone touching the glass and then raising their other arm. In other words, a person can act as a conduit for the ball’s energy and “throw it” in various directions which the EMF detector is able to measure.

One evening while talking about this with WSGS president, Dave King, we decided to see how sensitive the human detector could be. We turned the ball on and hovered our hands over it. It was very easy to feel the pulsing of the field at just a few inches from the surface. Then we stepped back several feet and raised our hands toward the device. Slowly, we walked toward it. Amazingly, I was able to detect the field at a whopping 5 to 7 feet away!

Intrigued by these results, I went and bought one for myself to try at home.

First, I held my palms out, facing the plasma ball at a distance of about 12 feet away – then slowly walked toward it. This was all about being more sensitive to outside energy, so I paid really close attention to what I was feeling inside and outside my body. What ended up happening was that I felt a subtle tingling on my palms. It is so very slight, but noticeable. Then, as I get closer, I could feel “pressure” on my hands and my abdomen. By the time I was three feet away, the focus of the energy coursing through my body was so intense, my hands felt like they were being pricked by hundreds of needles. It was absolutely amazing!

In continuing to practice this exercise, I have extended my range of awareness with the ball’s energy another 2 to 3 feet, so now I can feel it at 10 or 11 feet away. I have also done the same experiment with the ball turned “off,” just to make sure I wasn’t messing with my own mind. Eyes opened or closed, with enough focus, I could feel that energy field at a great distance.

Will this help in my work as a medium? Only time will tell. But it does reveal that with enough awareness and focus, energy fields can be detected by the human organism – and what is Spirit if not another form of energy? Already they do affect my physical body in the course of a link. If I can become even more sensitive to their energy, I potentially can become even more aware of the detailed messages they wish to convey.

It’s all about becoming the best conduit I can be.

If you are interested in working on your own sensitivities to energy, I highly recommend the plasma ball. It demonstrates – once again – that energy can exist beyond what you see and that you can tune into it!

‘Til next time,


  1. What I have tried in the past is standing near it and trying to touch IT with your energy body. The globe will respond as if it's being touched physically. This exercise increases awareness in both directions! I love these things!

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