Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Fun!

The summer is here!  Spring has come and gone, and the blog has been pretty silent.  It’s been quite an active time for me – 1-on-1 readings, some private home groups, a lot of personal development (falling down and getting back up) but most of all – training from halfway around the world! 

Arthur Findlay College
I spent two weeks in June at the fabulous Arthur Findlay College of mediumship and psychic studies in Stansted, England.  When I first signed up, I was told by other mediums who had previously attended the college that two weeks was too much; that the tutors were going to put me through boot camp (to the point I would question whether or not I had any mediumistic ability or wonder why I got into mediumship in the first place).  After having gone through the experience, the rumors – for me – were only half-true.  Indeed -- two weeks was too much.  By the second week, my cup had overflowed from the first week – I had still yet to process all of it!  Nevertheless, I pushed through week two and came out at the end fulfilled, happy, and with a real sense of accomplishment – not only for myself, but also for my classmates.  Yes, the tutors do work you hard, but that’s the point of being there; to learn and stretch yourself.  I walked away having a much clearer sense of my abilities, my strengths and weaknesses, and a whole wonderful group of new amazing and fantastic mediumistic friends from around the world.  (Thanks to my Japanese friends, I am starting to take Japanese language courses, with the intent to travel to Tokyo in the next few years and hopefully be able to do some readings there).

New Friends from Around the World
The other half of this amazing trip was touring London.  My wife joined me after my time at the college and we spent nearly two weeks visiting castles, monuments, and museums.  I swear, the entire history of the world is right there in London, when you factor in all the sensational museums!  (The real Rosetta Stone is at the British Museum – how cool is that?). 

Hampton Court
A few of the highlights were visiting Hampton Court (home of King Henry VIII -- and so much other incredible history, including the commencement of the King James Bible) and the Tower of London.  Why the tower?  If you check out my blog entries from August/September 2010 (you can find those on the right-side bar), you’ll read about my experiment to link with the ill-fated Anne Boleyn, second wife to Henry VIII.  The trip to the tower brought additional confirmation from that reading, demonstrating the validity of the link. (In that reading, Anne had shown me the face of the church where they had interred her body.  I was stunned when I suddenly realized I was looking right at, with a plaque commemorating her burial.  Additionally, I purchased a fantastic book ‘The Lady in the Tower’ which chronicled her time at the tower and her execution, which brought further validations from that reading). 

Memorial showing Anne's execution at the Tower, May 1536

While at the site, I opened up and asked Anne to come forward, which she did, giving me a few more bits of data which I’ve been able to confirm, thanks to the Lady in the Tower book.  (I will be returning again next year, and will be doing some specific work connecting with Anne and these locations.  I can’t wait to see wait unfolds). 

Outside the Chapel where Anne is Interred

London is an amazing city; a definite hub for cultures from around the world.  8 million people crowd the metropolis.  Thankfully, their transit system is top notch!  The underground tube stations are incredibly easy to understand, making travel to various destinations pretty much hassle-free, in terms of logistics, so you can avoid on-street traffic (which is a nightmare).  

High Rise Apartments 
With history going back to Roman times, the architecture of ancient buildings smack down in the middle of modern city blocks makes walking the town a real treasure for the senses.  For this Pacific Northwest native, everywhere I looked, I just wanted to gasp “Wow ...”  I love history, and in some way, the city’s past was evident on nearly every street.

Old Church Among Modernity
Now that I’m home, I’m following through with what all my assessment tutors from the college (and several mediumistic students) had told me I need to do, as given to them in their readings of spirit for me.  That is, to finish writing Volume II of the Afterlife Interviews; I’m almost done typing the first draft now.  (Actually, they didn’t say Afterlife Interviews specifically – though a few them were spot on as to the book’s nature and content design.  In addition, it was said that there will be a few more books relating to spirit which I will write, and that the information will go much deeper than what is typically presented in the mainstream).  The other thing that consistently came up from spirit – and I found this absolutely fascinating – was to “write that screenplay.”  No one knew I had a background in screenwriting (that was my first love of writing, and I’ve actually had the privilege to pitch to Hollywood producers in the past).  I’ve had an idea for a script the last six months, and it came up consistently from spirit in many of the readings to “get to work on it.”  So I’m currently in “research mode” to gather the data for the storyline.  Right now, the working title is “Chasing Echoes.”  And, yes, it deals with mediumship and working with spirit (that’s all I’m going to say about it for now J).  Naturally, I am also continuing to hone and develop my mediumship skills, taking all that I have learned from the college and stretching myself with it.  That, in combination with all the writing – I’m definitely working for spirit! 

As summer turns into Fall and Winter, don’t hesitate to contact me for your own personal reading, or to set up a private home group.  Spirit wants to communicate!  I am honored and blessed to help make that connection. 

Have a great summer everyone!

With much love,


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