Sunday, June 6, 2010

Psychic Damage Control

My original intent for this week’s entry was to be part 1 from a transcript of my interview with Carol Geiler and her INSIGHT intuitive focus group regarding my history and work as a medium. However, on Tuesday I was scheduled to do a 1-on-1 sitting, and based on what came out of that experience, I feel it is much more important to talk about that and get to the interview transcript next time.

My client, Debra, has given me permission to discuss her situation, as it is important for people to be aware of what can sometimes happen in this field. She came to me not necessarily to hear from a deceased relative, but as things unfolded it became clear she came to me because of a reading she’d had from another psychic a few months ago in California. He not only left a bad taste in her mouth, but potentially traumatized.

To start off, when Debra sat down for the reading with this other psychic, everything he mentioned about her life was incorrect. He told her that she had had a rough life, was a dancer, etc. etc. He gave some very specific things that were totally wrong and off-base. Then he took it further … and mentioned she would die in her 70’s while asleep (I think she said 73). Now, hold onto your hat, because here’s the really bad part (if you didn’t think it was bad enough already): When she tried to protest, he stared deep into her eyes and said “I know all and I see all.” In other words, he gave her the psychic middle finger and said “my word is law.”

Naturally, this was very upsetting to Debra. It kept her from sleeping for a few nights after the event, and to this day has left her feeling unsettled. She told me that some of the stuff he told her incorrectly about her life did fit the lives a few relatives, and was concerned that maybe he did have some psychic ability, and hence, his prediction of death might be true.

As she was telling me this, all I could think was “This is the danger of egotistical psychics – or people who think they’re psychic.” Here was somebody who was only interested in bulldozing his way into someone else’s psyche and making a buck doing it, and couldn’t handle being told he was wrong. He obviously lacked any compassion for his client, breaking a cardinal rule of doing a job that is meant to be a service. In addition, if he had any real psychic ability, he obviously was a novice in knowing how to read, interpret, and work within the nature of that signal – and thus all that was wrong with his statements.


As I state to everyone who comes to my group readings, no psychic is ever 100% accurate, and if you find somebody who claims they are – run, they’re completely full of sh --! Here’s the perfect example of one … and it really did a doozy on my client.

That this guy was unable to take the criticism that he was wrong shows just how inauthentic he is as a professional intuitive. Anybody who has been doing this seriously will tell you, the psychic signal is a mystery. There are times when readings go great – the flow of energy is spectacular, meanings are well received and transmitted. Other times, it’s not so good; the energy doesn’t have a lot of substance and it’s like pulling teeth – and it’s the job of the psychic to fulfill the objective of the sitter to the best of his/her ability and tell them if it’s not going good. This is why I start a private sitting with just 5 minutes of me doing my thing and getting “yes” or “no” answers from the client, so we can both be confident that the energy is in place and the psychic signal is strong before continuing. (Incidentally, this reading went just that way – the energy wasn’t “in my face” enough, so the stuff I did get just wasn’t hitting hard enough, so I called the reading to a close and didn’t charge her for seeing me. It was at this point she revealed the incident with the bad psychic).

Although his impressions about Debra’s life were completely off-base, his prediction of her death still had an impact. It’s important for people to know that this type of information – somebody’s death – is not going to come from a psychic that has any integrity and worth. First off, there are so many different life paths that Debra could take between now and 73 years old, there would be no way he could see with any clarity or definitiveness such an event. Secondly, no psychic should ever leave a sitter feeling worse-off when she leaves than when she sat down. Now, I ask you: How you would feel if a psychic told you how you were going to die? Sorry, but that just blows all ethics out the water.

Debra was also concerned because, as I had mentioned, some things he said did fit other members of her family. She wondered if maybe he still had some worth as a psychic, and therefore should she take any credence with anything else he said?

“Absolutely not,” was my response. Since he was unable to see that his impressions did not apply to her (a “miss rate” of 90+%) nor acknowledge that fact when she tried to protest, just went to show how inexperienced and ignorant he was as a professional. Yes, he might have picked up on things about her relatives, but that he was unable to understand and piece together via the nature of the signal, and his unwillingness to accept his fault, or recognize that he may potentially be missing the “real info” within the psychic information, revealed his lack of credentials and abilities. That being the case, his prediction of her death had no basis of worth.

Now, I fully admit I am not 100% accurate and would be more than willing to entertain a mis-appropriation of an impression, but that I would miss all my impressions at 90% (okay, here’s my ego in this), is usually not the case. The energy, if it’s there, WILL tell you, and if it’s not, then as a professional and honest psychic, you cannot say how accurate you are. This is exactly opposite of what this guy did. And it kept Debra from sleeping at night.

Remember, any professional authentic psychic should follow the three rules I tell everyone who comes to see me:

1. Don’t tell me anything I don’t need to know. It’s the psychic’s job to tell you – “Yes” or “No” are the only answers the psychic should need, simply to validate whether or not he or she is truly connecting and working within the psychic signal. There should be no fishing for information, and by all means – the client should not feed the psychic anything.

2. If something doesn’t fit, don’t try and make it fit. It’s your life. And you know yourself better than any psychic ever could. Your gut will tell you whether or not if any of the impressions or predictions could ring true. Honestly, it doesn’t help the psychic to grow and develop if people immediately latch onto his words, when his impressions may be completely invalid. Things need to unfold naturally, for if the psychic’s prediction is true, it’s based on that reality and not one they’ve implanted. The second part of this, obviously, is not making the prediction fit if it really doesn’t fit to begin with. You’ll end up wasting a lot of your precious time and gain a major headache to boot! Again, let things unfold naturally. Predictions are based on the energy of the client at the time of the reading, and if that energy doesn’t change and if the prediction is accurate, things will unfold precisely as they would have had the client never seen the psychic in the first place.

3. The psychic can always be wrong. Sorry, but true. We simply don’t know enough about how the psychic signal works, plus we’re dealing with (I suspect) quantum processes that can easily be jumbled by the simple changing of observation, either from the psychic or the client. I believe the standard rule of thumb is a genuine psychic will have a “hit rate” of 85% or better, meaning that at least 15% of the time, he or she could be off. The nature of psychic impression is quite spontaneous and not something one can label as “predictable,” in terms of quantity and quality of content – quite ironic, isn’t it? Still, when one considers that professional basketball players and baseball sluggers actually miss more hits than the one’s they are famous for … It’s still a remarkable percentage validating that something special is occurring.

However, in Debra’s case, she unfortunately didn’t know these rules – and what’s worse, neither did her “psychic.”

Oh, and Rule 4 – which actually happened when Debra left my place – she felt much better than when she came in. A reading, if done well, will empower you, not throw you down in the dumps.

Remember these rules. Next time before you sit down for a reading with any psychic, ask them – Can they ever be wrong? It’s a valid question. If someone claims to “know all and see all,” stand up and walk away. You’ll sleep better for it..


  1. LOVE THIS! You need to publish this to the New Spirit Journal so more people know better.........I am so sick of people who think that every thought that pops into their head is psychic communication. They have no discernment between the subtle connections of imagination and personal thought from those of real intuitive perceptions and spiritual communication. They believe it all with no filtering system and then they do this to others. No wonder people are afraid of the true connection to spirit: the see how false people claim to be 'in touch' and then they walk away believing true connection isn't really possible. Way to go for not connecting during her reading (not that you could control that) and simply sitting with her and doing "damage control" - nicely done (like you need my approval). More people need to hear from you Jeffrey and not just get a reading. They need your wisdom!!!

  2. Great information, Jeffrey. Thanks for posting this!