Monday, May 30, 2011

Relationships: The Purpose of Life

In an earlier post I alluded to the notion of mediumship as being a relationship between the medium and the deceased. I thought a bit more about that concept of relationship and came upon a profound realization: Relationships are really what we’re all about.

We have often heard the saying that when we die, there’s nothing we can take with us. In the sense of physical belongings, this is true. However, we do take our connections to friends and family. That is, our ties with everyone we had any type of relationship with remains within us, and it is those bonds that define us, and ultimately inspires the act of communicating across the void.

When we look back on our lives and consider the ramifications of our actions, the ultimate declaration is how it affected others in combination with ourselves. Again, this points to our relationships, and not something physically tangible. Reports of the “life review” from those who have returned from near death experiences reveal that the process places the newly deceased within the shoes of those who they affected; they get to feel the emotions – happiness, sadness, turmoil – that enveloped the people who they shared experiences with. This showcase of becoming the other person highlights that our relationships are the primal force behind our lives. It doesn’t matter how much money someone makes; it doesn’t matter how many or how few “toys” one accumulates. No, what matters is how we bond with one another and affect one another.

Stories of reincarnation further cement this notion. We always hear of people who come back together, sharing lives and balancing “karmic debt” amongst one another, revealing that our current environment is really nothing more than a contextual stage of which to address things of much greater relevance: our relationships. That these encounters can sometimes last for decades highlights that it is our bonds which really drive the course of our lives. When we think about success, we envision being surrounded by adoring friends and family, praising us and congratulating our efforts. Conversely, when we think of failure, we often think of being ridiculed or abandoned. This shows we view our outcomes in what we feel as being in relationship to others. Either those relationships are positive, pointing to our success, or negative, revealing our failures.

Relationships cross the void of life and death. Everything else physically comes to an end when we die. Likewise, we also leave things behind from the spiritual realms when we incarnate into a body. In either case, our relationships – our bonds to people – remain. They don’t change. And it’s what we continue enjoying and working to improve throughout our histories, whether we are on earth or on the Other Side.

What I came to realize this week is that the meaning of life … may be the meaning of our relationships. Earlier, I would have said it’s about becoming the most magnificent soul you can be – uncovering and harnessing all your abilities. That may still be true in a certain sense, but in the grand scheme, who you become will still have an effect on others, pointing to the realization that the concept of relationship is really what it’s all about. How does your change and growth not only affect you, but also others? This will be the marker for which you measure the success of your existence. It’s still what will be played back to you at the time of your life review.

What really makes our lives is the quality of our relationships. They can be good, bad, or indifferent. Much of what we feel inside is wrapped up with our bonds and cannot be stripped away. The nature of our relationships, in fact, is the real currency in our experience. For those whom we share nurturing and caring bonds, scientific studies have shown amplified effects when it comes to producing results with random number generators and intentioned healing in comparison to single individuals or strangers that get paired up without any history together. ESP studies also show better results when it comes to sending and receiving information if tested with bonded pairs.

The one thing that carries with us no matter whether we are on earth or on the Other Side are our relationships. When you strip all else away, our bonds remain. Our connections to people continue. It is what we engage in constantly. It is our eternal natures and provides the ultimate meaning for our lives.

This provides another reason why we must learn to love one another, for we cannot escape that it is our bonds that make our lives – and hence the quality of our existence and our universe.

Consider the wars. Consider the celebrations. Consider the little tiffs or a gentle smile. Either way, they are about bonding, our relationships, those things which give our moments meaning. And now that I think about it, they give our moments the greatest meaning possible.

It’s all about our relationships.

Til next time …

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