Sunday, May 8, 2011

Psychic Mediumship as Relationship

As a left-brain analytical kind of guy, when it comes to psychic functioning, the way I naturally approached it was like looking at parts of an engine: Part A goes into Part B which results in the functionality of C. In many cases, this kind of logic has won out – insights were gained, processes were learned, and development ensued. However, this kind of reasoning cannot account for unknown variables and has, on occasion, been used as a method at trying to find the elusive needles in the parapsychological haystack. Unfortunately, such things are incredibly hard to tease out and I’m still left with not fully understanding how certain functions operate. This ignorance sometimes fills my rational mind with an irrational conclusion of “Since you don’t understand the complete overall mechanism, you cannot perfect the usage of it.” This is like saying, because I don’t understand how the drive shaft of an automobile operates, I shouldn’t be able to drive the darn vehicle.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In my course to better understand or have a deeper connection and ability with uncovering psychic functions, the first step to gathering such data has always been by going into meditation and letting go of all the expectations, anticipation, and harbored belief systems inside my consciousness that might hinder revelation. By simply stating within myself “I do not know how such-and-such operates,” I can then let go of all things that I might introduce as filters to incoming information. In saying “I do not know,” I must be willing to release any and all barriers and accept that such filters may be the very reason why ignorance has prevailed over knowledge in my humble pursuits.

When it comes to communicating with spirits in the act of mediumship, I have learned a great deal about the process through my own decades-long career, as well as studying the literature of psychic investigators analyzing legitimate mediums going back over a century. Having this information has been truly priceless in understanding the theoretical processes of how information from the deceased is filtered through the medium to delivery for the sitter. But like most psychics (or I at least assume) I am always trying to find the puzzle piece that allows for more information to be revealed … more exacting data to provide greater, deeper, and more detailed communication. In essence, I have been studying the drive-shaft of my vehicle and forgetting that I am already steering the car with my foot on the gas!

Though I consider mediumship a process in terms of entry and understanding of information, it may not necessarily be so left-brain precise as looking at a schematic of a mechanical device. With mediumship, the sender and the receiver – the spirit and myself, respectively – are not machines. We are consciousness. And though sometimes consciousness can behave with a certain degree of predictability like a machine, that doesn’t mean we are cog-and-wheel devices. The act of communication, whether with someone who is deceased or with your best friend who is still alive, isn’t so much about knowing the intricacies of the quantum field network that allows for the vibrations of sound to hit your eardrums or how a frequency produces the sound or imagery deep inside the cortexes of the brain, it is about the relationship you are engaged in.

In talking with a friend, you don’t worry about how your friend transmits his voice and how you’re hearing it; you’re more in tune with the nature of the conversation and making that emotional and psychological bond with your partner. As you strive to connect, the both of you reach a state of synchrony – that is, your body movements react in tandem to the tone of the conversation. A bystander who cannot hear the words would still be able to see the connection the two of you share because of the way you move in concert with one another. If he could hear the general tone, he would notice how the inflections and style of speech also follow each other. Though the cadence may have been a bit muddled when the conversation started, scientists have discovered that people synchronize in multiple ways during conversations, and the longer they communicate, the more they connect and mirror each other. Through this mirrored behavior, the two have essentially bonded and become entangled. And this entanglement is not so different from the entanglement we hear about in quantum mechanics.

In quantum mechanics when two particles become entangled, they share data and mirror each other even after they have been separated – no matter what the distance. If you separate two entangled particles to the tune of a million miles, if you switch the spin axis on one, the other particle will immediately spin in suit, even though the span of an entire galaxy may exist between them! In conversation with another individual, fortunately the distance isn’t that vast – just a few feet really – and this allows for a type of macro version of relational entanglement similar to our quantum cousins.

How does this help us with psychic abilities?

By understanding that, yes, there is a process going on during communication with a spirit, but what is also happening is the building of a relationship. The communication between spirit and medium is theoretically no different than you talking with your friend. We may believe a “barrier” exists that separates us, but in the end, that may be a complete misnomer when we consider how two people begin to synchronize and entangle through the bond of communication itself.

In attempting to understand the mechanics of communication transfer, the preoccupation of the process may inhibit that deeper connection that occurs when one is truly focused on the conversation and the relationship as it is occurring in the moment. As two people connect through the act of conversation, entrainment happens and several aspects of their minds, behavior, and even blood flow, begin to synchronize and move in harmony with one another. This happens naturally, and if one were to get too wrapped up in the analysis of the mechanics, the possibility of interrupting that harmony becomes greater.

Communication happens when the sender (spirit) and the receiver (medium) are in sync. We have heard many times that the energy of the deceased is faster than ours, and so they have to slow down; while conversely we on the earth plane attempt to “speed up” and meet with the discarnate in the energetic middle. It is at this space where synchronization, entrainment, energetic coherence – the hallmarks of entanglement — occurs. In other words, the energies vibrate at a similar frequency and it is at that point where information can begin to transfer from one mind to another. The similar frequencies allows the data to “leap” from Sender to Receiver because, essentially, they have bonded; a bridge exists through the act of synchrony. This doesn’t mean there aren’t obstacles or other variables that can create distortions and variances and invite occasional confusion in the course of psychic informational exchange. However, once synchronization has been achieved, it can be theorized that these obstacles are negligible and not massive barriers that completely confound reception and loss of the spirit’s intended meaning. The incoming information might be confusing with the inclusion of unintended distortions or psychic “static”, but with a little work, effort, letting go of expectations and internal strife, they may be overcome through the bond – the energetic entanglement – of the relationship.

Perhaps, then, another clue in psychic development is not only to understand the mechanical process of how a certain type of functioning theoretically operates, but also to engage in the depth of the relationship itself. The deeper and more meaningful the relationship is to spirit, the more that relationship might engage all the facets one is trying to figure out mechanically and analytically. It is through the entanglement of the relationship, that active bond, where the processes (perhaps unbeknownst to the logical left-brain mind) are inspired and emboldened to activate.

In the end, by pursuing that deeper relationship, the rewards may be greater than simply receiving a better or more enhanced opportunity for communication. Instead, you begin to acknowledge the ties that bind all life everywhere; that there is no distinction between where you end and where the world of spirit begins. By the nature of your entanglement through the act of such meaningful relationships, you are intrinsically bound, bonded, and wedded to all life, both seen and (typically) unseen.


  1. Communication = transference of love =)

  2. Jeffrey, this was so great! You know I always want better communication and connection. I'm always looking for that next way to advance myself as an indiviudal as well as a psychic. I love what you said here because for me, studying the mechanics has been fascinating and deeply educational, but in the end it was my spiritual state of mind and connection that's always propelled me to the next level. Once more you so well say what I 'knew' but had had never put into words before. Thank you for putting it into words because by doing so you helped me to 'see' what I knew in much clearer terms. Thank you, Carol