Sunday, August 7, 2011

Loving Yourself

How often have you paused to consider just how magnificent you are? And in that moment devour yourself with a sense of gratitude and love for all that swirls about your soul which gives rise to your experiences here on planet earth? Remember, you are a soul come here to this plain for living experiences and expression. You couldn’t fully accomplish all that without the cooperation of millions of cells and organs of your body. They work tirelessly to sustain you, as they have a vested interest in your evolution, and you in theirs. It’s one huge cooperative effort – keeping you here in this dimension for the soul’s life and expression. So love the cells and organs in your body.

Take a moment, and just sit. Sit and feel your body. You can feel it, even on the inside, because it weighs at least 100 lbs. How can you not feel it? And while feeling it, love it. Pass love from that nexus area where your soul meets with the physical inner workings of your body. You may not consciously know where this nexus is, so just imagine it. In imagining it, you may feel it. Tell your body how much you love it, and appreciate it, and are grateful for its continuing efforts in keeping you alive, healthy, and mobile. Your body will respond. It will love you back. You can build a rapport, a trust, between your soul and your body. You may actually be able to use the rapport as a guide to loving and trusting your own outer relationships with other friends, co-workers, and mates. If you can learn to trust your body, you can also learn to love someone else.

Your body, like your environment outside of you, is a manifestation – and a highly cooperative one – of your expression of being. You know you create your body, but in cooperation with the creative forces of molecules and atoms, coming together to create the intricate workings of this vehicle. You provide the impetus, the energy, the power to magnetize and become a cohesive unit. Maybe you didn’t know this before. Perhaps you believed the body was provided for you to inhabit. Like all things, thought comes first and then physical expression. You thought about coming alive here in this Space and Time before your birth, and the desire was so strong that your energy was able to vibrate all the particulars into place to grow the body you now inhabit. This may at first sound quite absurd, but it is the metaphysical truth. Your body would not have come into existence without your desire to be here. Scientists are discovering that you are so intimately connected between body and soul that your very thoughts can heal yourself of any number of diseases (we’ve all heard stories of people curing themselves of cancer). The communication between molecules directly mirrors your most intimate thoughts about yourself. Let’s face it: your body is the most intimate connection between your spirit and this dimension. Your energy drives it! Therefore, your energy affects it.

Love your body, and you’ll love yourself. You will no doubt glow. Also, make friends with your ego. The two of you are here to work hand-in-hand. Just don’t let the ego become the god-force of your life. You two, your ego and soul, need to become best friends, who care and nurture each other, understanding that this life is a journey of evolution, expression, and expansion. If you start to hate and distrust your ego, you’ll start to hate and distrust yourself. Ego is not bad. It is part of who you are, and a part of your personality. Ego can sometimes tell you when you’re being taken advantage of, when you’re being abused. It can also tell you when things are not as they should be. It’s a flashlight that likes to highlight signs on the street of life. You must have a balance with it, so balance it with the wisdom and sense of the spirit. Teach your ego to say “I don’t like this. I think we should have this -- WHAT DO YOU THINK?” To which you check out the spiritual side, your soul mind and heart, for the answer. Work together. In tandem. Don’t deny yourself or your life will suffer for it. Though we talk of the ego as being somehow separate or its own entity, it really is not; it’s as much a part of you as a finger or toe, and yet we can also talk about the finger or toe as a separate part of a unified body.

Love deeply, and how deeply you will be loved.

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