Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nature as a Form of Developmental Awareness

When I come out of meditation every morning, I pull a series of three oracle cards as a way to augment whatever messages might have come through the meditative session. Typically, these cards will say exactly – verbatim – bits of information that I had received, providing another level of validation for the communication that had taken place. On some occasions, I will end up either pulling the same card or the same message will be delivered by both my guides and the cards multiple days in a row. Obviously, this is a big hint to “pay attention and do what we are telling you.” For months, I kept pulling the “nature” card, and had been told by my guides (as well as other people) you need to spend more time outside with the trees and plants. So a few weeks ago, I started doing just that.

When I made the effort and deliberately stepped out into my forested back yard, I announced I was doing it in accord with what “they” and the cards had been telling me to do, and that I was very curious as to what was going to come out of it. Immediately, I was being asked to notice how much higher the vibration of energy the plants and trees were exuding and how it saturated the air, versus how the inside of the house felt. They said, “This is nature, and because it does not have the same mental blocks that constrict its passage of life through reality as humans do, they can be considered a higher vibrational energy and aid in your development to raise your own vibration, which you do when you communicate with the Other Side.” As we’ve all heard before, in mediumship, the medium has to raise their vibrational energy, the spirits need to slow theirs, and the two meet in the middle for information transfer.

So being the overly curious guy that I am, I figured if I had to connect better with nature, I had better do more than just simply soak in the feeling of the air. So I started touching the plants. I would hold the leaves of the shrubs, touch the wood of the tree bark, and really try to be aware of what I was feeling. When I touched the foliage, I really thought about how I was touching the hand of another living being and not some inanimate object. In bringing the notion of the plant kingdom to the status of sentience in my consciousness, I quickly noticed how different plant species gave off different “personalities.” Some felt giddy, others content, others more “weighty” in acknowledging issues with the soil or surrounding vegetation. It was a wonderful experience, standing there holding the “hand” of another species and feeling the energy of personality – and occasionally some messages. (Naturally, you can’t help but think to yourself, “If people saw me standing here ‘talking to plants,’ they would put me in the nuthouse.”)

At one point, I decided to experiment other than my back yard and went to a secluded location elsewhere in town. There was a small patch of older trees of different varieties at the spot. I touched one and it showed me “having twins.” I was like, “Having twins, what do you mean?” It gave me the feeling of “look up.” So I looked up, and sure enough, two of its upper branches were incredibly thick, like trunks themselves, and they paralleled each other in their reach for the sun. They were identical in size, shape, and orientation.

Then I decided to touch the next tree, which was about 8 to 10 feet away. When I soaked up its energy, I was astonished to feel that it was complaining about the tree I had just talked to. I thought this was remarkably strange – first, because I had never considered trees or shrubs to dislike one another, and second, there was another tree that was less than a foot away, yet he wasn’t complaining about that one. So in my own way – and this sounds completely nutty – I asked, “Why are you upset at this other tree that’s way over there?” The response was, “Its roots are crowding mine.” Logically, I thought, if he was complaining about that, certainly he must be completely furious at the other tree right beside him. When I mentioned that, he said “No, this one respects my space. Look up – you will see he has no branches on the side that is facing me.” I was blown away. When I looked over, sure enough, the side of the other tree was bare until the very top, confirming what the tree had said.

Then, just for fun, I touched a holly plant. The energy of that bush was so vastly different from the trees. It was like it was having a party about itself! Very frenetic.

A few days later, I took the opportunity to visit a park in North Everett. As I was walking along a path, I came across a wonderful patch of rose hips. I figured, “This has got to have some interesting energy.” So I touched one of its leaves and allowed its presence to soak into me. Immediately, it started saying “There are three of me.” I looked rather strangely at it, as I couldn’t see anything more than the patch I was standing at. But it was insistent. Instead of arguing, I let go and continued on my walk. Sure enough, less than 20 feet away, there was a break in the path, followed by two more big patches of rose hips.

So now when I go walking outside, I make a point of touching as many plants and trees as possible. Given enough time (and privacy so it doesn’t look so goofy), I’ve discovered that not only do we have the ability to sense each different personality a species radiates, the plants can also impress us with what they are thinking and “speak” to us in their own ways. In a couple of cases, some of the shrubs have told me about their history and how they felt about what happened to them, which I have been able to confirm – at least in terms of the events they described.

There were also a couple instances that when I tried to pull away, the branch I had been gently grasping moved to keep connection with my hand. That was wild!

Being outside and communing with nature has definitely opened me up to greater possibilities. It has certainly expanded my sense of awareness. And this is what my guides said it would do.

What time is it? I think it’s time to go outside and play!

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