Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Draw of Earth from Spirits

When paranormal investigators enter a location, it is usually with the idea that if the place is truly haunted, the ghosts must have either died there or are stuck. It conjures up the image of a person locked in a prison cell, and because of the nature of this incarceration they are acting out in anger or frustration, thus the haunting activity.

A place isn’t haunted necessarily because a spirit is “stuck.” When I have gone on investigations with the Washington State Ghost Society, I have discovered that some spirits so enjoyed certain locations, they have chosen to remain behind at will. And since they are no longer affected by Time, is it not possible that the energy of certain locations can become saturated with the vitality and joy “spread out through Time” yet concentrated in potency from the hub of eternity that locations can become “hot spots” for spirits?

I think so.

When we have investigated old theaters and pubs, we usually discover a high concentration of spirit activity. That is, it’s not usually just one or two spirits hanging around, it can be several dozen. We’ll capture their voices in EVPs, potential images as strange lights or orbs in photographs, and no doubt someone always walks away with a personal experience of either being touched or hearing something – such as knocking or footsteps. Upon interviewing these souls, the spirits reveal that they had such fond memories and good times at the place, they just love to hang out in the location.

It is a common perception that if a spirit is tethered to a locale that they have not traveled through the light and really made it to the “Other Side.” This, too, may actually be a misnomer. This last weekend, my wife and I were hiking a trail up at Mt. Baker when I heard the jingling of what sounded like jewelry. I thought it might be someone following behind us, just around the bend. But no one ever showed up. A few moments later, another pack of hikers crossed paths with us, going the other direction. As I knelt down to snap a photo of the scenery, I keenly felt a presence behind me and heard the scraping of gravel. I instinctively peeked to see if it might have been a person from this other party. It wasn’t, for they were already a good three or four yards behind us – much too far to have heard those feet or felt that presence. When I stood up and continued down the path, I knew I was being followed by a spirit.

When I told my wife about it, she asked who it was. I had wondered if it was a Native American, but when I asked, I clearly got “No,” and was shown the image of a park ranger. He showed me his brown fatigues and told me he used to work here; that he really cherished the environment of the mountain and loved to view it often. When I passed this information on to Heidi, she wondered if he had died there or if he had made it to the Other Side. The answer the spirit told me was that he had fully crossed, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back and visit. Which may be exactly what is happening at other haunted locations.

Modern day research into remote viewing has demonstrated the capacity of the human mind to transcend the body and go anywhere around the world. Those who have had out-of-body experiences share the same ideology – they can go anywhere by thinking and feeling about a location. Why would it not be possible for someone who has already shed the physical body to transcend dimensional barriers in a similar fashion? In some ways, I think it would be easier.

Since spirits aren’t confined to a particular Time, it appears they can choose to occupy a particular Place, if they wish. And even though we might think such occupancy would hinder any chance or opportunities for growth (or otherwise make us feel isolated), what we have failed to consider are the emotions attached to the spirit’s consciousness – the whole reason they are there at all. Trapped? Hardly. Joy? In some cases, definitely.

I would also postulate that because a spirit is not confined to Time, the potency of an environment may be vastly more enjoyable from a non-Time symmetry than a single linear moment point. Using the Mt. Baker trail as an example, imagine eighty or so years of people saturating that trail with positive emotions from their travels along its paths. From a linear perspective, that energy impresses the environmental field only for the amount of time the people are participating; however, from a non-time perspective, that energy and feeling is eternal. In other words, it’s permanently “recorded” in the environment. And when you compound years of energy and emotions onto a single location without the construct of Time – WOW! Imagine what that must feel like … Eighty years of joy and happiness from hikers, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts – soaked up like a sponge and fully accessible to the non-Time eternal consciousness. The draw of such locations must be awesome.

No wonder spirits like old theaters and bars.

And maybe sometimes a house.

Compounded energy of joy would certainly compel me to visit a location back here on earth – even if I have already Crossed Over. And I think the more we study and speak to our friends in spirit, the more we are realizing that just because they have died and gone to the Other Side doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed the choice of a Visit.

(If you’ve ever visited an old Cathedral or Holy Site, you can get a glimpse of what that compounded energy somewhat feels like. I wonder what those places feel like to a spirit, as they would have much better “access” at the energy level than the filtering system of our physical bodies.)

Oh – and the jingling I heard, I think it was from the ball-bearing in the ranger’s whistle that he used to wear while he worked.

By contrast, is it possible that some places harbor a compounded history of negativity that it might attract “lower” spirits? Could compounded negativity also be an attractor for eternal beings? I think so, but I don’t want to talk about that right now. I’d rather consider the draw of such places as the Great Pyramid or a luscious waterfall.

Til next time!


  1. Great topic and I'd love for people to understand the notion that spirit activity is usually not linked to on-site death. For me, it was about three years ago that the WSGS mediums Georgia Kalasountas, CaryLyn Miles, Chris Sinconis, Leah Treml and you (Jeff) usually stated that spirits present were "visiting". There have been a few investigations where that spirit did "die", but they came back to communicate w/us. The majority of the paranormal TV shows still adhere to this rigid "death at the site" mentality and rarely do they consider that the spirits may only be visiting. Maybe these investigators prefer to stay within these limited parameters because to makes a site seem more scary instead of them merely visiting. Add to that the unnecessary antagonizing, props and you have a haunted house TV show appearing to be real. Unfortunately, the wonderful spirit communication that could be possible is overshadowed by the thrill factor of the scary atmosphere of carnival-like antics.

  2. Don't think I could have said that better myself. Although sometimes they may be "stuck" or in a state of limbo or in some mental "loop", there's nothing to say someone isn't hanging around simply because they are attracted to the location on a personal/emotional level; with that attraction taking on a more dimensional pull than simply nostalgia.