Saturday, November 5, 2011

Elevators Revisited!

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned how I use the elevators at City Hall as a way of working my precognitive abilities. I visit this location every day and am always carrying correspondence that requires me to travel to an upper floor. The elevator bay has three doors and it is always a test for me to determine which one will open, more often before I press the call button. In the past, I used to receive the precognitive answer in my mind’s eye or feeling it somewhere on my body. Eventually, I had “mastered” the ability to where I could predict which door would open before arriving at the building!

Eventually, the elevator tests began exhibiting what scientists studying ESP have called “the decline effect.” This is when the participant has done so many trials that their scores start to diminish. This is because the test had become too “routine,” the novelty had worn off, or somewhere in the person’s consciousness they felt they had “done it enough.” Indeed, when my scores started to decline, I noticed I was confused. I wondered if whatever I was seeing and feeling was simply my consciousness recalling results from the past and hoping to superimpose them on the present. Trust in my psychic ability became less and less in determining which elevator door would spring open, so I simply put the tests aside.

But “seeing” and “feeling” for psychic information aren’t the only routes to gaining knowledge. As I stood in front of the bays a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I could use them to help me develop another form of psychic ability: clairaudience. This is when you “hear” your answer, instead of seeing it and feeling it. So I tried it. I completely ignored my visual and feeling centers and paid close attention to what I was hearing inside. I distinctly heard a hard “T” sound, which I interpreted as “Two.” Lo and behold, Door 2 opened. On my next trial, I heard an “Nnnnnn” sound, which to me is the dominant phonetic sound in “One.” Swoosh! Door 1 opened.

On that particular day, I had three different floors for a total of four trials (three floors, plus the ride back down). This equates to twelve possible outcomes, with only four being correct. I’m not a mathematician, so I have no idea what the odds really are, but I decided to log my hits and misses nonetheless. I figured if I were getting more hits than misses over the long-run, then that would show statistical evidence for precognitive functionality.

So far, my log covers ten days for a total of 39 trials. Out of those trials, I have correctly received the elevator door 25 times. When I divide my outcome with the trials, my percentage rate is 64% - an excellent score scientifically for saying that I have gone beyond chance average – at least for 10 days. Ultimately, hundreds to thousands of trials would be needed to justifiably validate the phenomena for real scientific scrutiny. Like I said, I am not a mathematician, so my scoring could be potentially higher or lower, considering each trial needs to account for all the possible doors available and I am just simply counting hits and misses for one event – either I got the door or I didn’t.

When it comes to the misses, I have noticed that some have been the result of distraction. The upper floor offices have windows that look out onto the elevator bay, so it’s hard for me to relax and receive information if I think someone is watching from their cubicle. I can’t imagine how goofy it would be to see some guy staring at the elevator doors for a minute or two before punching the call car button, cocking his head and darting his eyes to hear that inner voice. (Keep in mind, less than a handful of people at my job know I am a psychic medium. And none of them work at City Hall). On a few occasions, even though my clairaudience was inaccurate, my clairvoyance was spot on. That is, I might have thought I heard my clairaudience telling me “three” for door three, yet my clairvoyance clearly showed me Door 1 and was correct. In those cases, I jotted my score as a miss, as I am specifically working on clairaudience.

The other thing I have discovered in this process is that trying to “precog” which elevator door will open really has no bearing on my skills as a medium, per se. In mediumship, the spirit connected to the sitter supplies you with the information; in precogging an elevator, I am not in touch with spirit, but rather my own consciousness reaching out through Time. I think there are some related factors – such as being present in the Now moment and paying attention to what is coming through your awareness – but I have noticed a huge difference in functionality. When spirit communicates, the spirit is actively trying to engage my consciousness, and likewise, I am engaging theirs, and so the information transfer has the combined effort and intention of us both. Precogging an elevator door does not. The only intention, the only energy being given to the exercise is my own; I am not receiving help from spirit – there is no other consciousness helping to shape the outcome. This is a huge difference (and no wonder why I have so many misses compared to the hits! It’s so much better when spirit is actively engaged).

One might be compelled to say “Why not ask spirit to give you the answer for which elevator door?” There are really two reasons. 1) I prefer to engage spirit when I have a sitter present, as my left-brain prefers the identification process to be validated; only a sitter can assist with that; and 2) Without connecting to spirit, I can still learn to develop the inner senses and feel proud of these accomplishments – they are a testament to learning more about interaction with my own soul and my capacity to become better aware of my eternal nature through Time and Space.

Time to go stand in front of some elevators …

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  1. What a fascinating transition into the clairaudience. Please keep us posted on the progression and clarity of the messages.