Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Spirits of Healers

For those of you who are regular readers, you know that I am always on the look-out for new situations where I may be able to work on my psychic/mediumship development and discern for myself “just what is possible.” What a wonderful and fortuitous event to be asked to observe a handful of healers as they practiced Reiki and other energy healing modalities a few weeks ago!

With a massage table set up in the area where I also hold my weekly Development Circle groups, the healers remarked how “charged” the environment was. That was exciting, as not all the ladies considered themselves psychic, but each could feel how the energy of the space was unique in comparison to other areas of the house. It was a great confirmation to what myself and others in my Circle feel when we get together and open up the room for Spirit.

On this particular evening, the group of energy practitioners began with an opening prayer, at which point I flipped my psychic senses on and could see a beautiful field of light envelope the table and everyone standing around it. They each took turns being a recipient on the table while the others placed their hands over them; sometimes touching, sometimes not. No matter what the case, I could occasionally see waveform patterns emanating from the practitioners’ hands or see an energy field undulate like water around the recipient. This was incredibly exciting, because I don’t usually “see” things like that while working!

As the night progressed, I circled the healers as they worked and was amazed to receive quite a bit of information – stuff I don’t feel I normally perceive, such as spirit guides. On several different occasions, I could detect the presence of higher energies connecting up with the healers as they worked. In one instance, I saw a spiritual helper standing behind one of the ladies, and this helper kept moving his left arm in a crooked fashion. I first thought, “Are you trying to tell me you have an arm problem?” He shook his head “no.” Then I mentally asked “Are you telling me the healer has an arm problem?” Again, no. And then it happened – the healer moved her arm in the same crooked motion the helper had shown me to reposition her hands elsewhere on the recipient’s body. In other words, the spirit helper was relaying to me how he was assisting the healer in directing position and energy.

The more I watched, the more intriguing it became to see and feel multiple spirit guides connecting with the workers and guiding them through the energy. It was also interesting to note that when people switched positions – going from healer to recipient – how different the energy shifted. This, of course, is quite logical as each person would have need of a different type of healing in comparison to another. But it’s one thing to left-brain analyze that notion and another to feel that energy as it happened. What a trip!

Of course, the night wasn’t all about spirit guides. With the type of energy being expressed (I think of it kind of like candy), and since it was also in the same location as my Development Circles, there were those deceased friends and relatives who wished to take advantage of the energetic space to get their messages across from the Other Side. At one point, all of the ladies’ grandfathers entered at once, so I went around the group like a merry-go-round, as each grandfather relayed a past historical memory demonstrating the survival of their consciousness with an overall group message of love and support. Mini-readings occurred throughout the evening, eventually making the room feel very crowded – literally stuffed with spirits. There were guides, past loved ones, and even other spirits who could use the healing energy. The most vivid imagery was when the ladies were “billowing” the healing energy across the recipient. In one case, I clearly saw several hands reach in from surrounding spirits and obtain a dose of that spectacular power. I can only surmise that not only does the healing energy interact with the body/aura of the recipient, but also with surrounding souls who might like a taste of it themselves. It didn’t seem like they were stealing anything, but rather taking advantage of any excess.

All-in-all, the psychic senses had a great workout and it provided the healers with validations from their guides and relatives, which on some level they could already feel, but had not (to my knowledge) been directly told.

I am incredibly grateful for the experience and I look forward to observing future healing gatherings. For those of you who have never had a Reiki or other type of healing-energy session, I highly recommend it, just from what I have observed. Of course, I was placed in the role of recipient and could feel the energy waves ride over and through my body while lying on the table, but I wasn’t psychically open to anything else (I wanted to enjoy the moment instead of receiving messages). Nevertheless – if you’re working on developing your intuition, psychic senses, or just wanting to feel energy, it’s definitely worth hanging around healers. You’re guaranteed to experience something magical!


  1. Great Topic. Coming from a scientific perspective, it would have been interesting to see what a Electromagnetic meter (K2 or Mel Meter) would have picked up. The purpose isn't to validate the spirits presence only to measure the energy levels.

  2. I received this email from Tracy, one of the practitioners. I am so honored!

    As one of the healers present during this particular evening, I can also say that your ability to connect with our guides was an incredibly validating experience for all of us that night. What an amazing gift you gave each of us! I now have the wonderful knowledge of knowing who is with me as I do my work and I cannot thank you enough. It truly was a magical night on so many levels. I look forward to exploring future healing gatherings with you and anyone else that has an interest. After all, that is what it is all about. As I told your beautiful wife today .... energy healing (for me) is reconnecting and reminding you of what you already know. And anything we can do to help remind each other of who we truly are is the greatest gift we can share. Thank you for owning your gifts and encouraging us to do the same. I am blessed to share this journey with you. With love & light, Tracy

  3. Wow! That is a great email from Tracy!