Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Ghost of a Chance

Two weeks ago I participated in the paranormal investigation of a private home in northern Snohomish County. The Washington State Ghost Society (I am a member), had been to the location a couple of times prior and the homeowners were gracious enough to allow us to come back to gather more data. Obviously, if the Society is going back several times, it’s a “hot spot.”

As is typical on an investigation, you’re always asking the ghosts you encounter “Why are you here? Did you see a tunnel of light? Why did you not go into it?” Usually, such responses by wandering spirits range from “I was too afraid of being judged by God” to “I just like it here and don’t want to leave.” This weekend, however, I got the most unusual response that I simply had to share.

I was picking up the impressions of a male; it was as if he was just swooping in to see what all the commotion was about (we were having quite the interactive experience that evening). When I posed the questions, he responded with:

“Since I know I have eternity, I’ll go into the light when I’m ready. Until then, I’m still learning about things on earth.” Then he gave me quick visuals of himself popping in and out of various places across the globe, as he was on a quest of exploration. The message was clear: he wasn’t ready to leave until he had satisfied his curiosity about certain aspects of living, types of experience, and energy vortices existent around the planet. It was as if he was a scientist and now – in death – was able to put earth under a different type of microscope and get at some very intriguing mysteries.

The other thing that made this so interesting was that he was so casual about it. It felt as if he knew (or at least had an idea) what would happen upon entering the light and it just didn’t interest him, at least not yet. It wasn’t that he was afraid of the light. It was something he knew he would eventually get to, but wasn’t going to waste time dwelling on. There were more probing questions about planet earth to this wandering soul that compelled him to explore – and since he was no longer confined by the crunching maw of time, by golly, he was going to explore them! “I’ll get to the light when I’m ready. I have all the time in the universe.”

What a refreshing response to a condition we most usually come across as being a result of fear, misinterpretation, or simple ignorance. But in this spirit’s case, he didn’t want to lose moments of precious experience that could be robbed from him were he to go into the light and out of this dimension. His impulse to continue learning – and learning from direct contact – was fuel to keep him here. And since time was no longer a factor in existence, why not? He wasn’t motivated to remain because of unfinished business, attachment to a location, or any of that. Instead, he had ideas or thoughts about earthly existence that he could now investigate from the framework of discarnate infinity – and that was an opportunity he wasn’t going to squander!

Here was somebody that definitely gave himself permission to live life on his own FREE time and by his own desires.

In some ways, we almost feel obligated at death to enter the light and “move on,” yet is it completely out of the question to explore other facets of earthly reality before actually doing so? Is there really a law that states “You must enter the light”? In this gentleman’s case, the answer was clearly “no” and he would go into the light eventually, but it would be at a time of his choosing. In the meantime, his mind was ripe for more learning.

I got the distinct feeling you wouldn’t find this guy knocking things over in your house or manipulating the hot/cold switches in the air to get your attention. Nope. In fact, I bet, you wouldn’t even know he was around. He’s not interested in haunting or doing all those things “dead people do” to connect back to the living. If anything, the world opened up more to him in death than it ever did in life, and he was going to take advantage of it. The earth, it seems, has charisma and faculties even from a non-physical perspective which are just as fascinating as what we can see and experience within the narrow bandwidth of our ordinary bodily senses. Chances for mind expansion – a better understanding of life from this unique perspective (and not groveling to the living about disappointments surrounding the past as some ghosts haunt to do) – was far too alluring and provocative to simply leave behind for the exploration of another universe.

Besides, when you shed the mortal coil and have all eternity, why not stick around and take another whiff of the roses and perchance learn more than what you did before? It’s not like the light is going to go away and leave you stranded.

Death, for this spirit, literally gave him “A ghost of a chance …”

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  1. I was hoping you'd write about this topic. Could it be possible that this fellow wasn't bogged down by religious dogma? How did he know about the light as another portal and decide to enter it at a later date? I am hoping that some of the EVPs I gathered from that fellow during the Question and Answer session will provide some more answers about his identity.

    This topic also broadens our investigation questions to ask during the EVP sessions. The insight from this fellow was extremely valuable and I'll look forward to seeing if we meet up with him on other investigations. Maybe we'll help us or find our investigations interesting.