Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: What About Evil Spirits?

Halloween has arrived and I thought it would be an excellent time to talk about something that I get asked about every so often: What about evil spirits?

Yes, indeed, there are those spirits or entities who would like to do some people harm. However, when it comes to the word “evil,” we must realize that such a term is relative to the observer. In many cases, there’s a fine line between evil and good. We all know the term “one person’s good is another person’s evil.”

“Well, when you have a ghost throwing things at you, hitting you upside the head, or trying to gain possession of your body, is that not an evil spirit – or worse yet – a demon?”

It is certainly frightening and harrowing to the person being harassed, and in line with traditional thinking and storytelling, we would want to label such an entity as “evil.” In fact, anyone (dead or alive) wishing to harm another could truly fall under such a designation. There are certainly bad people in every walk of life, so why shouldn’t there be bad spirits?

The trick lies in the label “evil” or “demon.” We have created an entire industry around such titles and descriptions (thank you, Hollywood), and it has really done a disservice to our wiser selves and how to handle such entities if they are encountered.

“Evil,” as alluded to earlier, is assigned based on the ego-value systems we have set up. In other words, if the person being harassed were a fine upstanding citizen, we would say the spirit was “evil.” However, if the victim were to have just committed adultery, theft, or something much worse, others might argue he was getting his just rewards at the whims of a righteous angel. In this case, we’re just talking semantics, but in the end, what about those entities that do seem to instill utter dread, fear, and seemingly attack the living? Do they not reveal the truth of evil in the universe?

No, they reveal the truth of what evil is only a messenger of: Ignorance.

Spirits or entities that engage in behaviors designed to be destructive, divisive, or otherwise steal another person’s power from him/her and are meant to invoke fear are displaying an effect labeled “evil,” however this effect clearly highlights the real problem with such forces – the entity’s ignorance of everything being connected and One Being. This is the Spirit’s ignorance, that It fails to recognize the interconnectedness of all things and would rather play upon the illusion of separation. The thrust of anger, hate, or whatever negative things the spirit is engaged in directly relates to how the entity thinks and feels about Itself in relation to the universe, and is thus acting out in these manners, in my opinion.

In metaphysical terms, things in the spiritual realm (to which we are an outgrowth of) are not seen in terms of good or evil, but rather knowledge or ignorance. If someone is knowledgeable, they are aware of the divinity and interconnectedness within all life; if someone is ignorant, they do not, and indeed their behaviors reflect such lack of wisdom. Evil spirits and demons are the embodiment of this ignorance.

The other end to this spectrum falls upon the person in the role of “victim.” Here’s where “evil spirits” make their play – if someone is in the right vibration to be effected by their deeds. If the victim, too, is ignorant of their own divinity and validity throughout the multidimensional universe and attributes themselves to being “separate from” or “cut off” from the “forces of good” and also believes themselves to have “lesser power” than forces unseen, and worse yet, believes somewhere within themselves that they simply “are prone to bad luck” … You can see how an ignorant spirit could play havoc with such a person harboring this kind of psychology.

It could also fall to ignorance woven within a bad belief system. For instance, if a person believes in a hierarchical system where humanity is at the bottom, and then angels and demons above (in terms of abilities, strengths, etc.), instead of realizing it’s all wrapped up and interconnected, again we have the perfect mix for an ignorant spirit to display his foolishness through wicked means.

I’m not saying wicked spirits don’t exist or that things they do can’t scare the holy bejeezus out of you. I’m just saying the nature of the behavior reflects the level of knowledge they have regarding the nature of Being in the universe. Such spirits delight in tormenting only those they know will respond in the manner they are seeking. That is, if they were to try and attack someone who IS knowledgeable about interconnectedness and the validity of their own individual self in the universe in combination with everything else – the “evil” spirit would lose, hands down.

Put simply, if someone is knowledgeable of their divinity, their immortality, their interconnectedness to all life, then they know at any given nanosecond they are At One With All Life Everywhere, are Eternal, and Can Never be Limited. This person, in essence, accepts the ignorant entity and its existence, and instead of reeling against it in defiance, actually calls it in to themselves to dissolve it within the vastness of the entire cosmos – of which the enlightened individual is part and parcel of, and a gateway to; there is no separation, no division.

Or, if the individual isn’t interested in “dissolving” but is still looking for a form of personal protection, can still “link up” to the vastness of the multidimensional universe (they already are anyway) and simply say to the evil spirit “There’s one of you, but now I’ve called my brothers and sisters – and look how HUGE we are. You wanna play?” I believe this is what’s happening in those instances where (if the situation is legitimate and not mental) an exorcist calls upon Christ to dispel an evil spirit. At that moment, the priest is connecting himself to that which he perceives as the greater spirit of the universe, and thus gains the interconnectedness and vastness of power great enough to frighten an ignorant entity away. There are tales going back thousands of years prior to the gospels where evil spirits were dispelled by calling upon the name of the chosen god, be it Ra, Zeus, Zarathustra, what-have-you. It isn’t that these gods or saviors are really dispelling the entities themselves, it’s what they represent within the minds of both the person making the call and the evil spirit doing the deeds. It becomes a drama of beliefs, energies, and vibrations.

Evil spirits and demons are strictly the ignorant aspects of unwise individuals who still have much to learn about his/her nature, divinity, and connection to all else in the universe. And as is the golden rule, in hurting others, you are only hurting yourself.

It will, indeed, take them a long time to grow – but they will, as all life moves through stages of evolution. The good thing about ignorance is that it can be completely wiped out through education; ignorance can (and will) eventually be transmuted into knowledge. Unfortunately, for some, they will still do heinous acts that reflect stupidity in the face of a much larger, grander, and connected cosmos, and their education may proceed at a slow crawl ...

… At least to those who live in a universe bound in Time, hierarchies, and believed-of separation.

Until next time …

P.S. In many poltergeist cases, researchers have discovered that the ghostly activity may actually not be the result of an angry spirit, but rather the undeveloped aspect of a living person’s psychokinetic abilities. Fascinating!

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  1. Very well said and written. I wish people would really understand this concept and learn to embrace their own power. I also knew the theory of the real cause behind poltergeist activity and it's why I also believe we need to understand our own psychic natures so as to help put aside these notions of 'evil'. And what a great day to write about this too. Happy Halloween!