Saturday, December 17, 2011

From the Heart

One of the most elusive psychic functions for me is clairaudience – this is where you hear the information being spoken to you, not unlike hearing the words of a song in your mind. Those who have attended my group readings or who have had a private sitting know that I am mainly clairvoyant and clairsentient – visual and feeling – so to be able to hear information is sporadic and not the norm for me.

Several weeks ago, I came across the story of a well-known British medium, Gordon Higginson, who was renowned in his mediumship for astounding clairaudience. He would call out first and last names, complete addresses, even telephone numbers that were being relayed to him audibly from Spirit. The story goes that, when Gordon was a youngster, his mother would place cotton or other substance in his ears to drown out the sounds of the room and force him to listen for the words of spirit. By age 12 he was already doing platform demonstrations and he went on to serve spirit until he died at age 75. He was the longest running president of the Spiritualists Nationalists Union, presiding over that post for 23 years.

Well, since I have been working to further develop clairaudience, I bought a pair of earplugs and eye-covers to try my own meditations in bringing out this faculty. I have been doing this for over a week now, and though I can’t say whether or not my clairaudience has improved, my sense of purpose, value, and dignity has shot through the roof.


My heartbeat. When I put the earplugs in, the sound of my heartbeat became amplified. Not only that, I could hear the blood rushing through my veins (probably just through the ear canal). Then factor in the rhythm of breathing – in, out, in, out. It was an intriguing opportunity to listen to all this from the aspect of a meditating observer.

When one focuses on the heartbeat, it takes perception out of the monkey mind (which is usually chatting up a storm) and places it on that which keeps our body functioning day in and day out. THUMP-THUMP … THUMP THUMP. To sit back and observe the sound of the heartbeat, the sound of blood flowing, the sound of the breath, it is quite an amazing moment. We usually take it all for granted.

For 30 minutes I bathed in that union. I was floored. I had a sense of gratitude for my body and being that I never had before. When you listen to your heart beat – steady, strong – THUMP THUMP … THUMP THUMP – and realize it beats like that not just for the 30 minutes that you’re listening to it, but for the length of your whole life … Well, it really spoke to me on a spiritual level. It shouted “You are here on purpose! You are meant to be here! You are worthy! If you weren’t, I would not be beating for so long, keeping you alive, no matter what stress you were creating in your mind!”

Listening to my own heartbeat was like listening to the voice of God, declaring my life’s mission; that I wasn’t here as a random happenstance, nor was I just fluttering about completely oblivious to what I should be doing. Something inside that sound and the automatic pumping – THUMP THUMP … THUMP THUMP – said to me that when I didn’t know what to do or when confusion clouded my mind, just stick in the earplugs and listen. Let its cadence seduce my curiosity, for somehow it knew what my mind did not.

There are many people who meditate using a mantra – repeating the same phrase or sound over and over. Through this repetition, it silences the mind and places one in a deep meditative state, which can then be opened up to various spiritual energies or dimensions. It can be quite effective. We come with our own organic built-in mantra – THUMP THUMP … THUMP THUMP. To me, it far exceeds any other phrase or sound we might adopt. It is also highly life-affirming – something you’d hope your mantra would be.

The beating of the heart is currently being attributed to how the body communicates with itself. Though the brain does play a significant role, the beating of the heart creates a pulsing magnetic field which transmits information to the body’s systems. THUMP THUMP … THUMP THUMP. There is truth to the belief of living a better life if one comes from the heart rather than the mind. The mind may inform the heart, but it is the heart which informs the body -- or at least, that is what some of the current research is suggesting.


I encourage you to put some earplugs in and just focus on your heartbeat, your blood flow, and the sound of your breath. Be an observer. Notice it happens without any assistance from your mind. And then consider this has gone on for decades and will continue to go on until you pass into spirit.

You are here on purpose. You are worthwhile. You are a spiritual being manifested from the heart-center of life. THUMP THUMP … THUMP THUMP.

Something tells me this is why the ancient Egyptians left the heart intact in the mummies and instead removed the brain.

They knew the heart was the true seat of wisdom.

Oh – has my clairaudience improved? Only time will tell. I have heard some things come through in-between beats and had a very successful time catching a few names in my Development Circle last week. Was that a result of listening to my heartbeat or the realization of intention? I don’t know.

But I will continue to listen to my heart for answers.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for this i thought i have a condition but you’ve opened my eyes... very insightful. Is it possible to send me yr articles thru to my email?
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