Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peering Back, Looking Forward

2011 is history! What an amazing year filled with accomplishments, education, and more work to look forward to. The year began with the publication of my first book “Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality.” This, of course, was a huge milestone, as it took over two years to complete – from writing, editing, getting permissions, to finally seeing it printed. It opened some doors in learning how to talk on radio, both broadcast and internet. It also taught me about the pitfalls to marketing and PR when you are not represented by a huge publishing house who can handle copyright legalities. Fortunately, my second book will not need to deal with such hurdles and will be a better opportunity to explore the possibilities of promotion without having to pay so close attention to the permissions granted by rights’ holders.

“Your Magical Soul” really gave me an opportunity to get myself more out into the public. I really love talking to crowds – especially if the audience can walk away with something about themselves or the nature of consciousness they may not have considered before walking in. This desire to ignite the curiosity surrounding consciousness and spirituality morphed later in the year to “Ghosts – What Have We Learned?” In this presentation, I teamed up with current Washington State Ghost Society president, Dave King, as we took a wide angle view of the nature of spirit activity from our years of investigations and contrasted it with what the public has been force-fed on television and in Hollywood movies (which has also become a blueprint for emerging paranormal groups, which may or may not be the most beneficial way to obtain results in an investigation). As we move forward in 2012, Dave and I will continue to give this presentation throughout the area – so be sure to check out the Events tab for dates and locations.

It’s also been a year filled with education, on both the paranormal and mediumship fronts. We are learning from spirits on investigations more about what life is like as an earth-bound entity; how they can manipulate their energy to affect detectors; how they view those of us in Time and Space while they are outside of it; and just what the heck is an orb?? These are questions that we are getting some very good answers to directly from the spirits through the combination of EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and the Society’s mediums. It will take years more research with plenty more questions and tests to reach conclusive answers, but we have learned the spirits are definitely willing to communicate and give us points-of-view.

On the mediumship side, I finally received some formal training, lots of practice, and am growing at a decent pace. In August, my wife and I took a week long course with internationally renowned medium and bestselling author James Van Praagh, who told me I was already a talented medium and just needed to own it and go do the work. Easier said than done, of course, but I have been moving in that direction. I will be seeing James again in February for even more instruction, as he is giving the class here in Seattle. In the meantime, a friend introduced me to a UK medium, Martin Twycross. His 12 DVD instructional course has been such a fantastic eye-opener – I wish I had it 12 years ago when I got started.

The upside to all this learning has been the creation of a weekly Development Circle which has turned into my spiritual family. Made up of a combination of wonderful people Heidi and I met at the Van Praagh course, coupled with other developing mediums in our circle of friends, this weekly gathering has given us amazing tools, allowed us to express our fears, our doubts, but above all – grow and become better at honing our talents. Without the Circle, I’d still be shuffling my feet to get out the door!

Of course, the other wonderful addition that came along this year was teaming up with Carol Geiler to do the “Explorers of Consciousness” radio show! We have a whole load of people to thank for bringing that together. When Carol and I would get together to talk about consciousness and psychic abilities, anybody else in the room (my wife, for certain) always found the banter entertaining, and so the suggestion for a radio show came up. And since I was already working to get myself more out into the public and Carol has been emerging with her psychic gifts, it was a natural fit and we haven’t looked back since! Additionally, we also want to be available in-person, and so in 2012 we will be holding monthly psychic/spiritual support groups – one in Everett at VisionQuest and another in Bellevue at Friends, Philosophy & Tea (see Events tab for details).

Yes, it’s been an amazing year – and 2012 is going to be even better! In this next year, I will be doing public mediumship demonstrations (known as “platform demonstrations.”) The first one is being held at the Venus Moon on February 4th. This one I am considering an “experiment” as it has been several years since I’ve done readings using this type of format. But once I’ve gone through the process, expect that there will be many more to follow throughout the region.

Additionally, later in 2012 you will see the release of my second book, which will be Volume I of a two volume set regarding what life is like on the Other Side, as based on a series of replicated sittings done over the course of 14 months. No medium has ever done this type of research or reporting before in this manner (at least, none that I know of), so naturally, I am really excited to share it with everybody. It’s another one of those things that has been life-changing for me. There’s also the possibility of meditation CDs coming out later in the year (recording is already completed).

So … I hope you will come and share this journey with me in the New Year. You can hear me on-air twice a month with Carol on the “Explorers of Consciousness” radio show; you can catch us monthly in-person in Everett and Bellevue (depending on where you live); watch out for me and Dave as we talk about our experiences with ghosts; and please come experience the possibilities of communicating with loved ones and friends on the Other Side at any of my demonstrations.

Oh – and if you’re curious about 2012 predictions/viewpoints, then come out to Friends, Philosophy & Tea next Friday, January 6 at 7 p.m.

Thank you to everyone who has been in my life throughout 2011.

Happy New Year!

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